Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling Line and Cross Laser Review

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When you are looking for the most appropriate laser for simple everyday use, don’t overlook the Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling Line and Cross Laser because it will give you the precision and accuracy you need. With its 360 degree line coverage and smart pendulum system, the laser can line up the whole room when placed at only one particular spot. It can be used both horizontally and vertically since it comes with the 360 degree horizontal line together with the 120 degree vertical line. With this combination of line and four different modes, this laser is ideal for various leveling, layout and alignment applications. Its modes include the single horizontal, single vertical, combination of vertical and horizontal and finally the manual mode. It features an out of level indicator to let you know when you level out of range and pendulum lock to protect the most delicate of the laser from getting damaged during transportation. Its BM3 positioning device easily grips to surfaces and perfectly holds the laser for ease of use and unquestionable precision.

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What we like;

  • Smart pendulum system; packed with the smart pendulum system, the Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling laser is a lot simpler to use as compared to other lasers that don’t have this function. With this system the tool self levels and setting it up is super easy, there is therefore absolutely no way you will go wrong when you are using a laser that is this simple to operate. As soon as the laser is turned off this system automatically locks.
  • 360 degree horizontal cross-line laser; the Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling laser allows more than one user to work at the same time but in different parts of the room as it projects a very visible and brilliant laser reference line all across the room. You simply have to place your laser in one part of the room and its line will cover up the whole room with accuracy.
  • Flexible tripod positioning; this laser comes along with a BM3 positioning device that perfectly hold the laser and grips on to objects to give you the most perfect positioning of the tool. For added grip, this tool is also made with retractable feet and infused with powerful magnets to make all jobs easier especially that need firmer grip like gridding the ceiling. The BM3’s height is adjustable for more individual comfort.
  • Four line mode functionality; the Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling laser is an overly versatile tool offering you up to four line modes to work with. It includes the single horizontal mode, single vertical mode, vertical and horizontal mode combination mode and the manual mode. The most fun thing about this is that you can choose to use two modes jointly for a wide variety of applications or project one of them independently. While using the manual mode, you will be able to project the line at absolutely any angle of your choice.
  • 120 degree vertical cross line; the Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling laser doesn’t work only with the horizontal line but also projects a 120 degree vertical line and this has made an amazingly versatile laser that gives you all the available options for you to choose from.
  • Out of level indicator; this laser allows you to work only with accurate measurements reason being as soon you level out of range, it is designed with an indicator that will notify you.
  • Pendulum lock; the mere fact that the Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling comes with a pendulum lock overly guarantees its durability. This is simply because the pendulum locks keeps the most delicate parts of this laser safely protected from any kind of damage. When your laser is this well protected it becomes quite simple and convenient for you to transport it anywhere you want.

What we don’t like;

  • Not really perfect for outdoor use; if most of the projects you plan on working on are outdoor projects then you will have to try out something else because the Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling Line and Cross Laser’s performance outdoors is not that good. If you are to use this under direct sunlight, its beam will be barely visible therefore you will have to use it either near a shade or else it won’t work at all. However don’t be too disappointed because its indoor performance quality is absolutely amazing.
  • It is not that sturdy; comparing this laser to many others, there are complaints about this laser not being sturdy enough which means that you have to be extra careful with more so if you plan to work under tough site conditions simply because it can easily get damaged.


The Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling Line and Cross Laser has stood out for its rare versatility, it offers you an option to pick from on almost each feature it has to offer. This laser can be used for lots and lots of alignment, layout and leveling applications all as a result of the 360 degree horizontal line along with its 120 degree vertical line. It features the smart pendulum system which not only notifies you when you level out of range but also has self levels and as soon the laser is switched off it lock automatically. Its 1/4inch thread detailed with BM3 positioning enables to use a tripod for better positioning of the laser as you work. Like I said, what most people love about this laser is its versatility, now besides being used both vertically and horizontally it also offers four modes functionality with different modes that you can select from. This laser’s durability can greatly be attached to the fact that it comes with a pendulum lock that ensures safety of the tool’s most delicate parts. All in all, what I can say is that if versatility is what you are looking for in laser, the Bosch GLL 2-20 360-Degree Self-Leveling Line and Cross Laser will definitely have you sorted.


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