Bosch GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measurer Review

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The Bosch GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measurer is made with the technology, the durability and above the back lit color display to work on absolutely any job that you want it to work on. This incredible device is loaded with lots of functions such as indirect measurement which is ideal when points A and B are not accessible, as well as the less complex ones like area, volume, real time length and length. You will use this measure for a really long period of time all because it is detailed with soft grip protection all over to ensure maximum protection from all kinds of damage. The GLM 50 C also displays a user friendly key pad with illuminated display for enhanced visibility along with easy readability of all measurements and fast operation of the device. This is the most convenient measurer as it is easily fits even in the smallest spaces and you can just throw it in your pocket when you need to go.

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What we like;

  • Sturdy and accurate; the Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Distance Measurer is a very tough device designed to last for a really long period of time. Since it is made with such a strong construction, the device can be used under rough job site situation with water and dust and you will still not be worried about it getting damaged. Additionally it is also rounded up in soft rubber grip protection which also maximizes the device’s protection and thus makes it last much longer. At range of 165 feet, this laser delivers 1/16inch accuracy.
  • Built with lots of functions; this is the device you will need for anything because it has a lot of action going on yet it is extremely easy to operate and access each one of its functions. It includes the basics such as volume, area, length, real time length and indirect measurements and at the same time also works well with more complex ones such as minimum/maximum stakeout, double indirect and angles. As other measure offer you only the simple staff, the Bosch GLM 50 C Distance Measurer goes ahead and offers you everything you need.
  • Backlit color display; together with an extremely easy to use key pad display, this measure also comes with a backlit color display which makes it even simpler for you to explore the different functions and also enables you to read various measurements without having to strain your eyes too much.
  • Stakeout measurement; while using this mode, repeated markings are made every after six inches, it also makes letters larger and more colorful enabling you to read off measurements even when room lighting is off and the place is completely dark. This way absence of light will be no hindrance to your work. With stakeout measurement whenever the device reaches the identified spacing it will make both visual and audible indicators.
  • Real time measurement; real time measurement is the default measuring mode for the Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Distance Measurer. In this mode the device maximum and minimum lengths are displayed, you can see measurement tracking depending on what your target is. This is the most appropriate mode for those who are working on quick measurements.
  • Small and compact size; with such a small size, the Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Distance Measurer even fits in your pocket so it is that effortless to transport to any place of your choice. It features small square shape to enable it fit nicely even in the tightest spots and measure in any direction or angle yet it is also very compatible with tripods.
  • Bluetooth technology; to make the Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Distance Measurer an even more appealing unit it allows you to connect the device with your phone and control it from your comfort zone. You can take several measurements or increase working range using your phone and this has given this device added advantage over many others on the market.
  • Floor plan App; using the Bosch floor plan App you can improve existing floor plans or better yet get creative and make your own floor plan. This app will also help you a lot in measuring digital blueprints of a floor plan or an entire room. Also through this app you can always keep your photos and measured values.
  • Measure and document App; this helps in making the Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Distance Measurer much more accurate than it already is. This is through giving you the freedom to record and save your measurements with completely no errors and no need for calculating manually.
  • Memory function; this device has the ability to store up to 30 of your last measurements, this means that you will not have to repeat some measurements all over again. I told you this device just makes everything super easy.

What we don’t like;

  • Buttons are hard to push; one issue that I have found about the Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Distance Measurer is that even though it comes with an easy to navigate key pad it will require some effort for you to get a response. Its buttons are hard so you need to ouch hard enough for them to work.


The Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Distance Measurer is one measuring device that everyone ought to try out reason being it is not just easy to use but also 100% accurate and overly portable. This tool beats so many others because it takes versatility to a whole new level as it delivers lots and lots of functions for you to choose from. It Bluetooth technology makes controlling the device very easy and comfortable while the Apps make increase its functionality. It delivers a long working range of up to 165 feet and creates as many as 10,000 measurements in each battery supply. It has ability to store over 30 last measurements and with the small size and sturdy construction you can be able to use the Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Distance Measurer in all kinds of job site conditions.

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