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Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review 1

In case you have been looking for boss-like, executive chair for your workplace or home office, then the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair is the right sitting tool to consider. First of all, the Boss Black Executive-Chair is luxuriously upholstered with a black LeatherPlus material hence ensuring total comfort and durability while sitting compared to most office chairs.

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Additionally, this office-chair features an ergonomic back with a lumbar support and waterfall seat design which plays a great role in preventing leg fatigue while sitting for longer hours. On top of that, this chair has an upright position lock and a pneumatic gas-lift which helps to adjust the seat-height smoothly for optimum comfort while sitting. All in all, this office chair appears great because it features an elegant LeatherPlus material yet it’s very cheap compared to any office chair you will ever find on the market today.


  • This Executive-Chair is very strong and durable because it is made of a black LeatherPlus leather which is polyurethane infused for extra durability and softness. Additionally, it features strong base construction coupled with hard plastic caster-wheels which are capable of lasting for quite a long period of time.
  • The Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive-Chair features an ergonomic design whereby it has ergonomic back with a lumbar support so as to reduce on back-stress while sitting. Additionally, it features a waterfall seat design which greatly helps to eliminate leg fatigue when seated.
  • Thirdly, this office-chair offers great comfort because it equipped with several adjustable functions like; a pneumatic gas-lift seat height adjustment, an adjustable tilt-tension control and an upright locking feature. On top of that, this chair has a large nylon-base that ensures great stability when sitting.
  • Lastly, this executive office-chair is very easy to assemble whereby it does not require any tool to assemble like with most office-chairs. In fact, it will only take you about 10 to 15 minutes to assemble this office-chair and it even comes with a simple instruction sheet that will guide you when assembling this chair.


  • The first weakness about the executive office-chair is that the leather outer-surface will begin shedding or peeling making this chair to look bad while leaving a mess of black-flakes on the floor around this chair. But this will happen after using this office-chair for about 3-years.
  • Secondly, this chair can occasionally get stuck or even lose range of movement while adjusting it. For example, it can stop reclining backwards until you fix the areas that attach the back-section but this will happen after some good time of using this chair like 2-3 years.
  • Lastly, the executive chair can be a little loud and squeaky while turning, reclining or even shaking it. However, this can be solved by spraying it with a lubricant in the adjustment and joint sections but this must be done regularly because if you don’t, this chair will begin squeaking again after only 2-3 weeks of usage.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review 1



Features overview:

  • Lumbar support: this office chair comes with a built-in lumbar support and headrest so as to ensure total comfort while sitting. In fact, this chair’s ergonomic-back design coupled with the lumbar cushioning will help to support the back for less stress while sitting. However, in case you are taller than 6-feet and 4-inches, then it’s recommended to find other types of office-chairs to support you.
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment: The pneumatic gas-lift, seat height control on the Boss LeatherPlus chair will allow the user to raise or lower the seat for a proper height while sitting thus ensuring maximum comfort while working.
  • Black LeatherPlus: The Boss executive-chair is designed with a special kind of leather called LeatherPlus. This Black LeatherPlus material is actually infused with polyurethane in order to ensure extra softness and long-lasting strength. In fact, you will love this LeatherPlus material because it feels softer than a real leather and it’s even durable, strong that a simple rake across won’t scratch or damage it.
  • Reclining ability: This chair can actually swivel and recline (tilt) like any other gas-lift office chair. In fact, this chair can recline to a rear of about 20-30 degrees but all you have to do is to unlock this feature. To achieve this, you will need to pull outward the height-adjustment lever that operate the height for the air-cylinder then the lock will set-free in order to get the tilt ability hence you be able to recline on this chair the way want.
  • Waterfall seat design: the waterfall seat design found on the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair helps to eliminate leg fatigue while sitting especially for longer hours. Actually, this is a great feature for people experiencing leg and back problems because it will help to eliminate such issues by ensuring proper blood circulation.
  • Upright locking position: The Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive-chair can actually lock-in the upright position while sitting for secure support while working. This will help to keep your back in the right posture thus eliminating any back issues even when sitting for long hours.
  • Adjustable tilt tension control: the adjustable tilt-tension control on the Boss Black LeatherPlus chair enables the user to adjust the rocking motion so that he or she can find the best sitting angel for optimum comfort while working.
  • Strong base construction: this chair features an aluminium base construction but some sections on this chair’s base are made from hard, structural plastic which is very sturdy and durable. In fact, with such a durable construction, this office-chair is capable of lasting for about 10+ years if used with care.
  • Easy assembly: with the Boss executive-chair, no tools are required for assembling and it will only take you approximately 5 to 15 minutes to complete assembling this chair without using any tools. Additionally, there is even a simple instruction sheet comes along with this office-chair that can help you when assembling it.
  • Wide nylon base: this office-chair features a large 27-inch, nylon-base which ensures greater stability while seated as you are working. This base is very strong and durable coupled with quality caster-wheels that ensure proper movement from one position to the other while working.
  • Well packaged: it comes well-packaged and protected with lot of form insulation around the casters and metal-components. In fact, it comes in a very sturdy double-corrugated, cardboard-box which is very durable and protective.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review 1

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The Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive is a high-quality office-chair that is upholstered in soft, luxurious LeatherPlus synthetic leather that combines great comfort and durability yet at an affordable price. Likewise, this office-chair features an ergonomic back design coupled with a lumber cushioning that helps to support your back while sitting by eliminating any back-stress. Additionally, this chair’s waterfall seat-design greatly helps to eliminate leg fatigue while sitting thus ensuring proper blood circulation through the body while working for optimum comfort.

On the other hand, the pneumatic seat height control on this office-chair helps the user to raise or lower the seat in order to achieve a perfect height while the adjustable tilt-tension control enables the user to adjust the rocking-motion in order to achieve the best sitting angle. On top of that, this office-chair features an Upright locking-position for secure support when sitting in an upright position while the wide base construction made of aluminium and some hard-plastic makes this chair to feel very sturdy when sitting and the caster-wheels ensure fluid movement from desk to another.

Lastly, the Boss Black Executive Chair needs no tools for assembly and it looks so premium and intriguing yet you actually have to pay less for it compared to most other office chairs on the market. All in all, try to give your office and yourself a new touch by acquiring the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair in order to enjoy maximum comfort throughout your working days.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review 1

Who does it benefit?

  • Works for people looking for an affordable office-chair: the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair is actually very cheap yet it feels very comfortable and even has almost all the features required to keep y someone in an awesome sitting position. In case, you have been looking for a nice and affordable office-chair, then just buy this one because it will work for you.


  • Good for people who like executive and nice looking office-chairs: if you have been searching for an executive, nice looking office-chair, then the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive-Chair is meant for to fulfill your needs. This is because the Boss Black LeatherPlus chair is upholstered in soft, luxurious LeatherPlus synthetic leather material which looks amazing and even offers great comfort and durability at an affordable-price.



  • WD40 or silicon spray lubricant: this lubricant will help to keep your office-chair flexible when making any adjustments or sitting in it hence eliminating any squeaks and noise which usually occur when the chair’s joints are not lubricated.
  • Flash Furniture Carpet Chairmat: if you don’t want to place your office-chair on a plain floor, then it’s recommended to buy a carpet or Chairmat on which to place your chair in order to keep its caster-wheels in a good condition for a long period of time.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review 1

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