Braun 3 Series 340S-4 Review – Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver

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Braun 3 Series 340S-4

If you have been looking for an efficient, branded and cheap Braun electric shaver, then this Braun 3-Series 340S-4 Wet and dry shaver is most likely to be your ultimate choice.

The Braun 340S Wet and Dry Shaver is the latest generation of Braun’s Series-3 foil shavers these were designed for men who do not want to compromise during their shaving routine. This shaver comes with improved technology whereby it is capable of delivering a better shaving experience even on a three-day grown beard and it is also incredibly smooth and gentle on the skin. The price of this shaver is great for any man who just buying his first electric foil-shaver but it also has features similar to those of high end shavers like 7-790cc.

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It is equipped with high-quality features like the Triple-Action free float system, SensoFoil-Technology and is capable of operating in a dry and wet mode. This implies that whether you are interested in a quick 2-minute dry shave or a smoother wet shave, the Braun 340S-4 will be capable of handling it all. So, in case this is the type of shaver you are looking for then why pay more when you can get it all at a lower price.


  • This shaver is very comfortable and this is mainly because it’s equipped with SensoFoil technology that offers this extra comfort without leaving any skin-irritations. The Braun 3-series can also provide a very effective and close shave because it’s built with a triple action free-float system and a triple action cutting system ensures that most hair is cut even in very tricky areas.
  • The other nice thing about this shaver is that its built with a powerful, long-lasting battery that does not suffer from memory defects which normally due to repeated battery-charging.


  • The Braun 3 Series 340S-4 shaver does not support corded shaving thus you cannot shave with it for longer periods in case the battery was not adequately charged. This means that you always have to fully charge the shaver before you start trimming off your hair.
  • the other bad thing about this shaver that it’s a bit noisy whereby you can hear the buzzing from this electric shaver even from an adjacent.

Braun 3 Series 340S-4 Wet-Dry Shaver 1

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  • It features Senso Foil technology: the Braun 3-Series 340S-4 comes with SensoFoil technology whereby shavers foil efficient way with maximum precision, control, and comfort as one is shaving off any hairs. the shaver foils will even protect the skin during the shaving process and this will ultimately reduce on the levels of getting skin irritations compared to when using a rotary shaver head.
  • The shaver has a triple action cutting system: the Braun 3-series shaver is designed with three cutting heads which move independently from each other whereby each head adapts to the skin surface contours thus ensuring that every hair on the skin is effectively accessed and cut. These 3 cutting-elements also ensure that both long and short hairs are smoothly and precisely cut.
  • It supports both wet and dry use: the Braun series-3 340S-4 was designed to perform in both dry and wet conditions. This means that you can use this shaver to shave off your hair while in the shower with gels or foams in order to achieve a very close and comfortable shave or you may even use it dry and trust me you will still achieve a very close shave causing any damage or irritation to the skin.
  • Has a precision long hair trimmer: this shaver comes along with a unique precision long hair trimmer which is actually an essential tool for trimming hair behind the neck, sideburns and even precision-cutting and styling the moustache. This precision trimmer will also come out when you need it by simply pressing a button and it will go back in by following the same procedure.
  • A precision head lock: this is another amazing feature on this shaver that you can use when working on sensitive hairs that really need precision trimming.
  • Its 100-percent waterproof: the shaver is fully washable because it comes with a fully sealed body that is dust and waterproof. This actually implies that cleaning this Braun shaver is every easy and the cleaning brush that comes along with it makes removing any dirt from the shavers foil head extremely easy. You may even clean the shaver’s blades in the sink by leaving water to run over these blades as brush through them gently. This shaver will not be damaged if exposed to water or by any amount of moisture because it is 100-percent waterproof and also sealed.
  • The Braun 340S-4 is designed with a LED display: this great electric-shaver has an in-built LED light indicator that helps to update the battery level and charging status at all times. This is actually a very important function or component that is often taken lightly but it actually lets you know when you need to charge the shaver and to it also shows you when to disconnect the shaver from the power source when it is fully charged.
  • It is equipped with a rechargeable battery: this new Braun 340s electric-shaver a powerful battery that supports cordless usage and in fact you can even use this trimmer outdoors because it does not require a corded power supply. The Ni-MH battery used in this shaver is very good and long-lasting and it cannot wear-out due to repeated charges. With this battery, you can achieve a full charge after charging the shaver for one hour and this can in turn offer you with 45-minutes cordless shaving time. You may even go for a quick charge that usually takes 5-minutes and this will be capable of providing you with enough charge that can last for quick-shave.
  • It designed to support a universal power-voltage: this Braun wet and dry shaver is an awesome shaving tool for travellers because of its versatility of accepting a universal voltage rate that ranges from 100 to 240 volts. This means that you can probably use the shaver in almost every country you go to that uses the specified voltage rates.
  • It’s ergonomically built and portable: the electric-shaver features an ergonomic and user-friendly design which makes it very easy to use. This shaver is also light and its design conforms perfectly to the palm of any man’s hand and this means that you can shave with it for a long time with getting any discomforts or becoming tired. It small size also makes it easy to pack in its convenience travel pouch so that one can travel with it.

Braun 3 Series 340S-4

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  • Braun Series 3 is a quality shaver that offers both dry and wet shaving. This means that with this shaver you are able to shave at your own convenience in the showers with a gel or foam and you can dry shave in case you’re in a hurry. It is also built with quality, strong materials and these are readily available on the market and at a lower cost incase you need to replace any of these Parts.
  • The shaver also looks portable and this makes it a convenient tool for one to travel with and in fact it has a travel pouch which makes it storage very easy. On the other hand, the battery in this shaver is of high-quality and performs well hence this makes it good for travel.
  • The unique foil design on this shaver is built to capture hair that grows in different directions with ease and it also works efficiently when trimming both short and long hair because of the incorporated triple-action cutting system. In fact this shaver has many quality features and among them includes SensoFoil Technology that helps to direct hair and captures it easily than ever before, the middle precision trimmer on the trimmer also works hand in hand with other elements inorder to lift low-lying hair so as to cut hair to a desired length.


  • This is a great shaving tool for men who want to achieve a clean and close shave every day when going for work. Even if a man has a thick beard, still this shaver will work well like its being used on day old stubble. The shaver also works great on thin beards and even on a 2-3 day beard growth.
  • This shaver will work effectively for men with a 3-day beard growth because its equipped with a triple action cutting system that will eliminate both long and short hairs and the head foils design feels comfortable on the skin as you shave hence making this Braun 3-series shaver skin-friendly.

What I need

  • Electric shave solution: this acts as both a pre-shave and aftershave hence it will help to facilitate for close and smooth electric shaves. In fact it will lift your facial hair in order to achieve a closer and more comfortable shave and will even refresh and treat your skin after finishing shaving.

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