Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System Vs Series 790cc (REVIEW)

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Braun CoolTec Mens Shaving System 1 count -

According to BRAUN, this is the first electric shaver to put the irritation from shaving on ice. It’s engineered with active cooling technology which makes it the best dry shaver so far on the market, however, I will not base on what Braun says, I want to make a detailed comparison between this Cooltec Shaver and Series 790cc because these two electric shavers fall in the same category, I want us to see what’s the best.

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  • Active cooling technology
  • SensoBlade technology
  • Clean & Renew system
  • Wet and Dry shaver
  • Adaptable 3-stage cutting system
  • Precision Long-Hair Trimmer
  • 100% Waterproof
  • LED Display
  • Rechargeable Battery



[1] If this is your first time to use an electric shaver like Braun Cooltec, I advise you to shave before washing your face, because this model is a dry shaver not we shaver so it might not do well on wet beards. [2] When shaving, hold the shaver at a right angle which is (90 degree), so far this is the best shaving angle; it will guarantee you with a quick close shave. [3] You might need to stretch your skin and shave against the grain (direction to which your beards grow to), but don’t use too much pressure when shaving.




Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System Vs Series 790cc

Braun CoolTec Mens Shaving System Review - Vs Series 790cc

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In this review, we shall look into the similarities and differences of these two shavers.


  • Contour Adaptive Shaving Head: – By default, your face has more than one contour, so if you use an ordinary electric shaver, you might not get an even shave, however, these two models (Braun Cooltec & Braun Series 7900cc) feature a contour adaptive shaving head which automatically detects any change in the contour of your face and adjust blades to cut hair in those areas.
  • Triple Action Cutting System: – Both Braun Cooltec and Series 790cc feature an adaptable 3-stage cutting system; this will ensure that no hair is left un-cut. Two blades are on the exterior and the other blade is on the inside, so of blade misses the other won’t miss. But make sure you stretch your skin when using any of these two models, in that way the skin will be flat and very easy to shave.
  • 100% Waterproof and Fully Washable:- Even though Braun Cooltec & Series 790cc are dry shavers, you can still clean them via running tap water, this feature makes it very easy to clean any of these two models and it makes them user friendly. Their bodies are fully sealed giving you the opportunity to shave while in the shower.
  • LED Battery Status and Cleaning Indicator:- This is a very small feature but it is very important. Both Cooltec and Series 790cc have this LED Display which updates you on the status of the shaver; you will be in position to know when the battery level is down, when to clean the shaver and when to lock it. If you follow what the LED display tells you to do, your shaver will last for long.
  • Rechargeable Battery:- By default all Braun electric shavers are rechargeable, but not all of them charge fully within 1 hour, most of them take like 5 – 8 hours to charge fully, but these two models (Braun Cooltech & Series 790cc) have Lithium batteries which charge within 1 hour and you will get 50 minutes of cordless non-stop shaving.
  • Precision Long-Hair Trimmer:- Both models have a precision long-hair trimmer which is responsible for trimming your sideburn, mustache or beard. At least you don’t have to invest money in a beard trimmer if you own any of these two Braun shavers, this is a cost saving feature yet at the same time it improves on your grooming process.
  • Automatic Clean & Renew System:- Both models have a unique automatic cleaning system, it will ensure that the shave is 100% clean, it will also renew and lubricate blades. The cleaning solution will eliminate 99.9% of all germs protecting your skin from infections.



  • CoolTec Technology:- Braun Cooltec features an active cooling technology which automatically cools your skin while shaving hence reducing on skin irritation. This is a very good feature for men with sensitive skins, and it’s only found in Braun Cooltec shaving system not series 790cc.
  • Intelligent Pulsonic Technology:- This is the only feature which sets Series -790cc apart from Cooltec shaving system. This intelligent pulsonic technology ensures that you get a real close shave and it also ensures that blades perform at their best. Men with thick course hair, you will like how Braun Series – 790cc does its job, it’s very fast and efficient.
  • Active Lift technology: – This is another feature which sets Braun Series – 790cc apart from Cooltec shaving system. Your beards grow in different patterns; some lay down on the skin so it can be very difficult to shave them with an ordinary shaver even when you go against the grain. But Series 7 features active lift technology which lifts flat-laying hair and expose it to sharp cutting blades for shaving. However, all this is done without irritating your skin, making Series 790cc the best electric shaver for men with sensitive skin & course thick beards.
  • OptiFoil: – Braun 7-790cc has an optifoil which is very thin and smooth; it captures beards / hair and exposes it to inner blades for cutting. Both models have foils, but the quality differs.
  • SensoFoil: – This feature is found in Braun Cooltec, it somehow works in the same way as the Optifoil found in series 7, but this one harbors Senso-blades beneath it which captures growing hairs and shaves them close. I will not give credit to any of these two models basing on Senso / Opti foil feature; to me they seem to do the same job. But if I’m missing a point here, please correct me using the commenting box below this box.
  • Wet and Dry shaver: – When you use Braun Cooltec you will have the opportunity to shave either wet / dry, the option is yours, choose what works best for you. At least this feature separates it from Braun 7-790cc, so if you prefer wet shaving to dry shaving, opt for Braun Cooltec.



Braun CoolTec Mens Shaving System 1 count features

After making your purchase of Braun Cooltec shaving system today, you will find the following in the box:

  • Braun CoolTec CT5cc shaver ( this is what you see in the picture above, it’s a very nice looking shaver)
  • Clean&Charge Station ( used for charging the shaver, make sure Cooltec is fully charged before use)
  • Cleaning cartridge (1x) ( One free cleaning cartridge)
  • Charging cradle
  • Travel pouch (If you want to travel, store your Cooltech in this Travel Pouch)
  • SmartPlug
  • Cleaning brush

Braun CoolTec Mens Shaving System 1 count -

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use this Cooltec Shaver on my body?

According to Braun, this shaver was crafted for facial hair not body hair, they advise you to use a body groomer of your choice or a manual razor to shave body hair. The cooling technology can’t serve the all body; it’s supposed to work on a very small area which is your face.


Is it possible to use shaving gel / cream with this Cooltec Shaver?

Since this shaver uses an alcohol-based cleaning solution it might not react very well with shaving gels / creams. Also these shaving gels will block the Cooltec feature, so the only way you can experience a full Cooltec effect is when you don’t use shaving gels.


Tell me the difference between foil and rotary shavers?

Rotary shavers are designed to shave in a circular motion, most of them have more than one shaving head, but each hed features on outer blade, a good example of Rotary shavers is Philips Norelco 9700. On the other hand foil shavers are designed to shave in a sideways movement, they work better a certain angle (90 degrees) and their blades are hidden beneath the foil. Braun Cooltec has a smooth foil which protects your skin from irritations.


How to use Braun Cooltec shaving system to get a close shave?

According to Braun, you have to shave before you take a shower. Those with long beards, you have to trim them first so that they become short and then shave them close & clean with this Cooltec shaver. You might as well have to stretch your skin and shave against the grain. I’m always against this method, but it seems to be the easiest way of getting a close shave especially when using an electric shaver, however, you don’t need to use too much pressure.


When do you need to change shaving head?

All premium Braun shavers require shaving head replacement after 18 months. This will maintain the performance and efficiency of the shaver. Braun has included a replacement part indicator in the led display to notify you when to change parts that is to why I advise you to pay attention to that LED indicator.


How long does it take to charge Braun Cooltec?

This CoolTec shaver can be charged fully in just 1 hour and you will get 45 minutes or non-stop cordless shaving. The cooling function will work for 15 minutes if the shaver is in cordless mode. However, you can’t shave when it’s plugged into power, so you have to wait for it to charge fully and start shaving.


Where is this Braun shaver manufactured from?

I have checked product description; it states that Braun Cooltec is manufactured from Germany just like all the other Braun shavers. The place where a product is manufactured from adds value to it, we all know that products made in Germany are of high quality.


Why would I need a Clean & Renew System?

You might be confused why you should use a cleaning system which requires cleaning cartridge all time yet you can run tap water over the shaver and get it clean. Truth is that, when you use Braun clean & renew system it will clean your shaver 10x better than normal tap water. That cleaning system uses a special cleaning detergent which cleans and kills germs saving your skin from irritations.


When Do I change cleaning cartridge?

This will depend on how often you use this cleaning system. For example, if you clean the shaver twice a week with that automatic cleaning system, you should change cleaning cartridge every after 3 months.

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