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The Braun CoolTec CT4s is a revolutionary electric-shaver that will deliver any man with an outstanding shaving performance because of its advanced technologies. The main feature that makes this shaver stand-out of others is the advanced cooling technology whereby it features an aluminum cooling-bar that is integrated into its head which helps to actively cool down the skin when shaving thus minimizing on redness, burning and itching-sensations that are associated with shaving.

Braun - CT4s CoolTech Premium Shaver Wet - DryThis will in turn leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed offering thus offering you with some of the best shaving experiences. On the other hand, this CoolTec features a stylish design and ergonomic shape whereby it will very comfortable when held into your hands as you shave and it has other quality features that you can only find in high-end electric-shavers. All in all, Braun CoolTec CT4s is a great, new, revolutionary dry-shaver that is equipped with the technology to take heat out of shaving by putting shaving-irritation on ice.

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  • This electric-shaver really works great on the sensitive-skin because its equipped with a cooling bar that helps to cool the skin as you shave and even comes with compromised, longer hair cutters that are in-between the blades in order to ensure a comfortable and quick shaving experience.
  • The battery life of this electric-shaver is great whereby it takes only 1-hour to recharge the shaver from zero in order to get enough to get 45-minutes of shaving-time. This shaver even features a fast-charge option that offers the user with a few minutes of shaving when in a rush.


  • The major downside about the Braun CoolTec CT4s shaver is that it cannot be used while plugged into a power outlet. This implies that you will have to wait for it get fully charged or use the quick-charge function in case you wish to shave quickly. However, this is meant to ensure safety because this shaver is waterproof and someone can easily forget and use it in the shower while plugged into a power which is not good because it leads to electric shock.
  • Secondly, this electric-shaver is not that ergonomically designed and this implies that it does not feel hefty and comfortable when held into your hands as you shave. However, this is not such a big problem because with time you will get used to this shaver.


Braun CoolTec-CT4s Shaver

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Features overview:

  • Active cooling technology: The secret element in the Braun CoolTec CT4s is the innovative Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology (TEC) which features an innovative aluminum cooling-bar that is integrated into shaving-head in order to actively cool down the skin while shaving thus minimizing redness, burning and itching sensations so as to ensure a cool and refreshed shaving experience.
  • Flexible cutting elements: the Braun CoolTec features an advanced foil-system with flexible cutting elements that can easily adapt to the skin contours in order to easily cut both short and long hairs with every stroke taken. This ensures that user achieves a smooth and comfortable shaving experience every time he shaves.
  • Triple action cutting system: this advanced electric-shaver is designed with an adaptable 3-stage cutting system which features Twin-foils and an integrated middle-trimmer which work together to shave progressively closer for an efficient, effective and smooth shave.
  • Optimized cutting elements: Braun’s proprietary cutting-elements are actually optimized to offer the user with outstanding closeness and skin comfort while shaving. In fact, this shaver uses a SensoBlade with specially designed shaving-blades in order to ensure an ultimate-smooth shave.
  • Middle Trimmer: In addition, this shaver features an interesting cutter down the center of twin-foils. This middle-trimmer actually moves back and forth for 130-times per second between the twin-foils while lifting flat-lying hairs in order to cut them comfortably below the skin-level.
  • Wet and Dry technology: the Braun CoolTec CT4s has a well-sealed body and this means that you can use it in the shower for a refreshing wet-shave or shave under dry conditions for added convenience. In fact, the CoolTec is the most technologically advanced dry-shaver in the world.
  • Full wash-ability: this electric-shaver is Waterproof up to 5-meters for full wash-ability after shaving by simply running it under clean water while using a cleaning-brush to ensure thorough cleaning. This makes it easy and quick to clean than shavers with cleaning systems.
  • Precision trimmer: the CoolTec even features a pop-trimmer that helps the user to groom and style their beards and mustache easily in order to achieve a more defined look. This pop-trimmer is very sharp but comfortable enough on the skin and this means that you can even use it for other detailing purposes while shaving.
  • Battery indicator: It even features a LED-display monitor that helps to show the battery status. It also has a cleaning indicator and travel-lock indicator which all help to ensure that this electric-shaver remains in an excellent condition.
  • Powerful battery: it features a strong Li-ion battery that gets fully charged in 1-hour in order to facilitate the user with 45-minutes of running-time. This battery also supports a 5-min quick charge function that provides the user with enough power for one, quick shave in case he is in a hurry. However, this shaver can only be used cordless and it’s impossible to use it when corded like with some shavers on the market today.
  • Automatic voltage conversion: the Braun CoolTec CT4s uses an Energy-efficient SmartPlug which enables it to easily adapt to AC-power ranging from 100v-240volts. This means that it can easily be used in almost any region around the world making it a perfect travelling companion.

Braun - CT4s CoolTech Premium Shaver 1

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Product Quality:

I think in terms of quality the Braun CoolTec CT4s is an advanced electric-shaver that will deliver any man with an outstanding shaving experience. This revolutionary grooming gadget comes equipped with unique and advanced cooling technology that helps to minimize heat from your shaving while putting irritation on ice for a refreshing shave at all times. This shaver is capable of doing so because it features an innovative aluminum cooling bar that is integrated into its shaving-head which helps to actively cool down the skin as you shave while minimizing burning, redness and itching-sensations that are usually associated with shaving hence ensuring that one gets a cool and refreshing shave. Additionally, the Braun CoolTec CT4s is designed with a high-quality 3-stage cutting system that ensures every man gets an efficient and close shave. This system actually features twin-foils and middle-trimmer which all work to remove both short and longer hairs gently and efficiently in order to achieve the best shave.

On the other hand, the Braun CoolTec CT4s also has a SensoBlade with specially built shaving-blades in order to ensure an ultimate close and smooth shave. On top of that, the shaver comes with an in-built LED display that indicates the battery status, cleaning-status and a travel-lock indicator that lights when to show the user that the shaver is ready and safe for travelling. The Braun CoolTec CT4s even has other amazing features like: a pop-up trimmer, a powerful Li-ion battery, a fully-sealed body, world-wide voltage conversion and much more. in conclusion, i can only say that the Braun CoolTec CT4s the first electric-shaver with an active cooling technology and it even features a stylish design with amazing engineering that any man would expect from Bran.


Who does it benefit?

  • Best electric-shaver for dry-shavers: the Braun CoolTec CT4s is actually a revolutionary, new dry-shaver that has the capability to eliminate heat from your shaving hence offering dry -shavers with the most comfortable shave. This is because it uses the Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology that features an aluminum cooling-bar that is integrated in the shaving-head in order actively cool down the skin while shaving thus minimizing burning, redness and itching-sensations for a refreshed and cool shaving experience.
  • Works great for men searching for close and smooth shave: this electric-shaver will offer a perfect shave for guys looking for a clean and smooth shave because it’s equipped with an advanced 3-stage cutting system that features twin-foils and a middle-trimmer which all help to trim longer and short stubble for a close, smooth and comfortable shave. Additionally the SensoBlade found on this shaver features high-quality shaving-blades that ensure an ultimate smooth and comfortable shave. This even makes the CoolTec perfect for men with very sensitive skin-types.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Braun 40B CoolTec Replacement Foil: Braun actually recommends changing the shaving-head foil and blades for at least once every 18 months. This implies that you need to purchase a replacement foil and blades in order to prepare yourself in advance incase time comes for replacing the shaving head. Additionally, replacing the shaving-head also helps to optimize3 the shaving performance especially for men who always wish to achieve a close, smooth and comfortable shave.

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