Braun K650 Multiquick 600-Watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor Review

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Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor Review

From one of the most respectable brands when it comes to quality, you cannot expect anything more than the best performing food processor. All machines made from Braun have always met customer’s satisfactions and this time round the with Braun K650 Multi-quick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor it is no different. Featuring a really powerful 600 watt DC motor the machine is able to prepare the best food without making too much noise and leaves all control in your hands with over 14 speed settings.

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It has a patented dual safety lock that makes sure the food processor’s bowls do not open while the unit is under operation. On the front panel is a usage guide which acts as reference on the suggested speed range for all the different attachments as the tightly sealed lids allow you to process large volumes of liquids with no leakage or overflow at all. This food processor is good enough for any medium size family due to its 9 cup capacity bowl, this k650 has lots of attachments that you will need for all your cooking needs as we shall see in this review.


  • The k650 comes with very many attachments so for those that like to get creative while preparing your dishes, you will have a lot of fun while using this food processor.
  • It is very easy to use, it delivers several controls but all of them are easy to understand and use, the mere fact that it even has a usage guide on the front panel.
  • It is an amazingly durable process because it is made with some of the greatest quality and from company like Braun you definitely cannot expect less that high quality.
  • Cleaning it up is overly simple as all parts are dish washer safe.


  • It is very large so if you are thinking about buying it you better have enough space for it in the kitchen, it is a 9 cup capacity processor that is why it is that big.
  • It lucks the coarse slicing blade so if you need to use it often the you will have to buy separately.


Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor Review



Features overview:

  • 600 watt power motor:for all the best food preparations, this food processor is designed with a really powerful motor that processes ingredients in the shortest period of time
  • Unique dual safety lock:different from the safety locks that other food processors have, this K65O processor from Braun is engineered with dual safety lock that makes sure the bowls do not open while the machine is running. This is very risky as it can cause accidents both to you and the machine but with safety lock that is completely sorted
  • 9 cup capacity:this is large enough for those of you with medium to large families as, this allows the food processor to accommodate enough ingredients hence reducing saving a lot of your time as you do not have to wait for different cycles to prepare everything you want.
  • Variable speed control:it is electronically controlled and features such a wide variety of settings so that you have maximum control over your machine to make usage more than easy. In addition to the 14 settings, it also has a pulse function with an accessible push button for accurate control when you are preparing very soft or delicate foods.
  • Cord storage:this not only leaves you counter neat with no wires hanging around but also makes it easy to put the machine away as you simply have to fold the machine’s cord into its cord storage.
  • Quiet operation:there is no more need for you to worry about the noise produced by the food processor for the reason that, the k650 is designed to operate with no noise at all. You can now prepare your dishes in a very peaceful and calm environment.
  • Dish washer safe parts:many people recommend that whenever you are going to buy a food processor, you should buy one with dish washer safe parts so that cleaning is easy for you. You will therefore have made a perfect choice in choosing this Braun K650 Multi-quick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor because all its parts are dish washer safe.
  • Usage guide:this is located right at the front panel since it acts as a quick reference to the most suitable speed range for the different attachments that this processor comes with. This is a very user-friendly food processor.
  • Plastic bowl with sealed lid:it is not just the plastic bowl but all bowls have seal lids that perfectly fit to make sure that there are leakages and overflows when you are preparing your dishes.
  • Versatile slicing system: this Braun food processor has a very flexible slicing system comprising of a fine shredder, cheese grater, coarse grater as well as a fine slicer.
  • Included accessories: there is a whole lot of attachments that come with the food processor, some of these include, universal chopping blade that does most of the tasks like chopping, blending, mixing, pureeing and others. A dough hook for kneading dough plus a cream attachment.

Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor Review - 2

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Product quality:

The Braun K650 Multi-quick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor is a processor in its own reason being it has all the things anyone can ever look for in such a kitchen appliance yet it comes at a really affordable price. The device has a very powerful 600 watt DC motor which helps you out even in the most difficult food preparation yet it remains very quiet all through the session. It delivers 14 speed settings along with a soft pulse function to give you maximum control over your device. A very unique safety lock guarantees that you will or the device will not suffer any accidents because it does not allow the bowl to open while the food processor is under operation. This is a very versatile machine which is the sole reason as to why you are looking for a food processor, using the machine’s different cutting blades you can shred, chop, slice and grate among many others. A good food processor must be easy to control that is why this food processor is designed with an electronically controlled variable speed.

On its front panel, you will find a usage guide which acts a fast reference on the suitable speed range for different attachments so that you do not go wrong with your machine usage. All the bowls that this food processor comes with have very tight seal lids that help to eradicate any chances of the unwanted over flow and leakages. You will also fall in love with the versatile slicing system involving a fine slicer, coarse grater, cheese grate and fine shredder, you can now prepare an entirely personalized meal. The 9 cup capacity makes it an ideal food processor for medium size families yet cleaning is very easy with all parts being dish washer safe.

Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor Review - 2

Who does it benefit?

  • It will nicely fit medium or large size families:for families that have between four to 9 people this is definitely a perfect decision food processor. It has a 9 cup capacity processing bowl so you can make prepare enough servings for all members in your home without wasting too much time.
  • It is very good for people that easily get irritated by noise:  for some noise is not a problem however we all have different preferences and if you cannot stand too much noise you will love every bit of the K650 Multi-quick food processor. During operation this machine remains quiet producing just a slight sound that will not irritate you or anyone else around you.

What else do you need?

SPT Countertop Dishwasher:  I am putting this as one of the things you will need along with having a food processor after going through food preparation you will probably be very tired to hand wash the food processor parts so you will definitely need a dish washer. Good enough, this food processor has dish washer safe parts with such a dish washer that does not take up too much space in your kitchen it will be very easy to clean up all your staff.

Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor Review - 1

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