Braun Series 1 – 190s Review- Men’s Shaver

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Braun Series 1 - 190s Men's Shaver

The Braun Series 1-190 is a perfect shaver for demanding beginners because it’s designed with some of the best features an entry level shaver can have. This electric shaver also has an ergonomic design and an extra-wide, floating-foil, slim-precision shaving head that will be able to give any man an efficient, comfortable and closer shave.

The Series 1-190 also comes with Braun’s Smart-Foil technology that helps to capture hair that grows in different directions so as to provide a closer shave in fewer strokes. It is even fully washable so that you can get a clean and efficient shave on a daily basis.


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In fact, the Braunthe Series 1-190 foil electric-shaver is reasonably priced and sure that any man can afford to have one its kind. However, you should know that this trimmer has basic features like a beard-trimmer, Free Float shaving-system and a quick-charge function whereby all these will help in achievement of a close shave. All in all, the Series 1-190 is a simple, affordable electric shaver that will provide any man with a close shave and in fact it rivals with some of the more expensive models or shavers on the market today.


  • The Braun Series 1-190 shaver is exceptionally easy to clean either with a brush or by simply rinsing it under flowing water in your bathroom sink. the shaver also has a powerful battery that really performs well in corded and cordless modes, it has a strong but quite motor that does not generate a lot of noise or buzzing as you shave and it even very easy to handle in the hands since it has a compact design coupled with an anti-slip grip for a comfortable and quick shave.


  • This Braun electric-shaver will experience some difficulties when it comes to shaving thicker or coarser hair textures. This means that you will not be able to trim the hair on the head with this trimmer and you will have to shave your facial hair more often so that it does not over grow.
  • The other disadvantage about this trimmer is that its LED battery indicator only lights up when the shaver is connected to a power supply in order to show the charging level but this LED will not display the battery status, or anything else about the shavers status when not connected to a power supply and this is not good because you won’t get to know when to charge your shaver.

Braun Series 1 - 190s Mens Shaver

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Features overview:

  • A free-floating shaving system: this system is incorporated into an extra-wide foil which is capable of adjusting to all the facial contours inorder to achieve a smooth and close finish. In fact, this floating-foil effortlessly follows the contours of any face inorder to minimize on the level of getting skin-irritations like skinburns or nicks which normally occur with poor quality shavers.
  • It has a strong rechargeable battery: the Braun series 1-190 can be fully charged within 1-hour and it will get enough power to provide you 40-minutes of running-time and this is just enough for one complete shave. This battery can also support quick-charging whereby you can you can charge it for only five minutes inorder to get power to do a quick shave in case you are in a hurry.
  • The shaver is fully washable and dust-proof: because this Braun shaver has a sealed body, it is capable of resisting any water and dust from entering it hence this implies that you can thoroughly wash it under running tap water with ease and without getting worried. This makes the trimmer a very convenient shaving tool because is even very easy to clean.
  • It features an extendable long-hair trimmer or pop-up trimmer: the Braun Series 1 – 190s is designed with a long pop-up trimmer which is positioned at the back and this trimmer is really sturdy and it does pretty good job when it comes to trimming long and tough hairs like the beards. Thistrimmer will even help you to define your beard style or moustache by creating well-defined edges around them after finishing trimming.
  • This trimmer has a LED display: this electric shaver has an in-built LED battery indicator that will show the battery status only when charging it and it will not display the battery status after unplugging the shaver from the power supply. But still it will help to show you when the battery is full so that you can remove it from the power supply.
  • Supports corded and cordless use: this actually means that you can use this electric-shaver while it is plugged into a power supply and this will really help you when you’re in a hurry yet your battery is down. However, you can use this shaver in the cordless mode only after fully charging it and this makes the shaver a perfect tool for anyone to have when going for a trip.
  • Has a slim precision head: this shaver is designed with a slim head that is capable of reaching even hard-to reach areas thus you will be able to achieve an even, smooth and closer shave with just a few strokes taken.
  • It is designed with a smart-foil technology: the unique foil pattern on this Braunelectric-shaver plays a big role when itcomes to capturing hairs that grow in different directions. This will help to ensure that you get a closer and clean shave with just a few strokes taken. This smart foil technology also makes the shaver comfortable on the skin as you shave hence limiting on the levels of getting skin irritations.
  • It has a streamlined, ergonomic design: this shaver fits perfectly into any hand size because it is developed with awesome ergonomic curves where the hands can rest comfortably. In fact, the shaver’s body is coated slip resistant rubber substance that makes the product to feel more solid and comfortable in the hands especially when wet-shaving.

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Braun Series 1 - 190s Men's Shaver

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  • The Braun Series 1 – 190s really has a unique, nice design coupled with awesome features that can ever get from an electric shaver. When using this shaver for the first time it may feel uncomfortable because it kind of has a wide body but trust me with time it can become really easy and comfortable to hold in the hands. Its body is coated with slip resistant rubber substance that makes it feel comfortable and solid to hold in the hands especially when shaving wet.
  • This shaver has a powerful battery that can be fully charged within 1-hour and it will be capable of offering you with 40-minutes of cordless shaving. This shaver can also be used while into a power source in case the battery is low and it even features a LED battery indicator that only works when the shaver is connected a power source.
  • It is even built with awesome technologies like free-float shaving system, and a smart-foil whereby these will ensure that one achieves a close and smooth shave. The shaver also has a powerful motor which produces less noise as you shave hence making it the best option for those who hate trimmers which make a lot of noise as you shave.


  • Works best for those with sensitive skins: the Braun Series 1 – 190s is very delicate on the skin because it has a free float system with foils that effortlessly follow the facial contours so as to achieve a smooth and clean shave.
  • It will also do a great job for men with fine short hair because it will be able to cut through it with ease and quickly. Those with thick, overgrown hairs may experience some difficulties while using this trimmer because its foil is not strong enough to handle thick hair textures.


  • Braun series-1 foil and cutter replacement pack: this is a pack is very essential especially after using you’re the shaver a long period on time. this is because with continued usage, the foil and cutting blades will wear out hence you will probably need to replace them and its recommended to do the replacement after one year in order to continue getting awesome clean and smooth shaves.

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