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Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver 1

To some extent, I’m getting this strong attachment to Braun foil shavers, I have to admit I can’t afford the new Braun series 7, but I can foot the bill for this Braun Series 5 5090cc, it’s a wet & dry shaver just like the new series 7, so I might not miss alot and at the same time I will get a close shave. To put my frustration on the side, I want us to dig deep into this series 5 5090cc and see if it is really worth our money, it’s not that expensive, but it does not go below $50. According to Braun, this 5090cc is very flexible and powerful, you will get a close shave within a few minutes and your skin will adapt to its ultra-thin foils and blades within a few days. It was crafted for men with very sensitive skins.

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Performance: At the moment, this Braun series 5 5090cc has scored a rating 4.4 out of 5. In simple terms, it has got 94% up-vote from men who have tested it. This rating puts Braun 5 5090cc in a category of the best rated electric shavers for men. It is not as popular as Series 7 but that should not stop you from owning one of the 1st world’s number one foil shaver. According to what is in the news, it is the official electric shaver of the NFL. Its motor power is 20 times faster than most Braun shavers.  Men with dense beards you should try out this shaver.



  • Optifoil (this will effectively capture hair to offer you with a close shave)
  • Flexmotion Technology
  • Micro Motion
  • Macro Motion
  • Power Drive
  • Ultra Active Lift Middle Trimmer
  • Cross Hair Blade
  • Automatic clean & charge station
  • Multi Head Lock
  • Powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Full recharge in 1 hour – This gives you up to 45 minutes of cordless shaving
  • Dual voltage (100v- 240v) – uses a smart plug
  • LED Display (5 levels which show battery level, travel lock and hygiene)
  • Waterproof
  • Precision trimmer (for your sideburns & mustache)
  • Wet & Dry functionality ( this gives you the opportunity to shave with gel or without gel)
  • Pivoting head
  • 3-stage cutting system
  • Free floating system
  • 3 automatic program selection modes (you can choose from Short Eco, Normal & High Intensive)


Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver Review - 2


  • It will give you a real close shave without irritating your skin. This Braun series 5 shaver succeeds where other shavers fail. You should expect maximum performance and skin comfort if you use this shaver.
  • Efficient shaving with less skin irritation. I guess that sounds right. Every man would like to use an electric shaver which treats their skin well and clears all beards in no minutes, leaving it smooth and clean.
  • Good on heavy / dense beards. At a glance it looks pretty and I think it is the most beautiful electric shaver for men. But looks don’t count that much. Braun Series 5 5090cc has got enough testosterone under its hood to master any type of beard. So if you have a dense / heavy beard, this shaver will clear it in no minute. It is equipped with enough power and sharp blades to shave any dense beard.

Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver 1

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  • Shaves your neck and other problematic areas very well:- This shaver uses Ultra Active Lift Middle Trimmer which captures underlying hair and exposes it to sharp inner blades for cutting.
  • Shaves flat-laying hairs and leave you with a clean & smooth skin:- When beards are growing, some will grow upwards yet others will lay flat. So when you use a non premium electric shaver, it will fail to shave those flat-laying beards / hair. However, when it gets to this 5-5090cc Braun shaver, flat-laying hair will be lifted by the active lift technology and expose it all to sharp blades for cutting. The other interesting part about this active lift feature is that you will not feel any pain or skin irritation when flat-laying hair is being pulled and this makes it an ideal shaver for men with sensitive skins.
  • It is flexible and easy to use:- If this is your first time to shave with an electric shaver, you will find it very easy to use 5-5090cc Braun shaver. Your skin will adapt to this new shaving tool very quickly and you will also enjoy using it. The head is flexible, it can pivot to different angles / directions hence follow each and every contour on your face, leaving you with a close clean effortless shave. Most features are automated, so the only job you have to do is to charge / switch on the shaver and start shaving.
  • Ability to customize a shave:- I call this a personalized shaving mode. When you use this Braun series 5- 5090cc, you will have a chance to customize your own shave. For example, you can choose from; Short eco to shave short beards, Normal shaving mode to shave an average beard and High intensive mode to shave a dense / thick beard.
  • It knows how to treat a guy:- I know this might sound ironic to you but it’s a fact. Every man should own 5-5090cc Braun shaver and create a long time relationship with it, because their will be nothing like disappointments or heart brakes. It does what you tell it to do and it never makes any mistake. So far, it is the best electric shaver ever produced by Braun. The motor is powerful, no-neck rash / irritation, shaves dense beards like fine beards, does not freeze while shaving, it has a good battery life, charges fully within 1 hour, no red dots left on your skin, hassle free cleaning. And the shaver its self looks beautiful.
  • Well Balanced and it feels comfortable to use:- At a glance this shaver looks heavy, but once you hold it in your hands, you feel the balance and comfort. Its well designed and user friendly. The head pivots very well and it maneuvers over the skin smoothly without making noise or irritating the skin. If you have flat-laying hair / whiskers, the active lift tech will lift them up for cutting. Trust me, your first shave will come out well, I can compare its results to that of a manual razor.
  • It is a good head shaver:- Not only does it perform well on beards or chest hair, it also does a very good job when it comes to head shaving. I think it is among the best electric head shavers on the market. I have tried different razors from Panasonic, but none of them give a close head shave like Braun Series 5-5090cc shaver.
  • It deals with coarse hair very well and it will retain its perfection:- Men with thick coarse chest hair / beards. You will fall in love with this Series 5 because it is very powerful and crafted to tackle any type of hair. Ladies can also use it to shave course hair on their legs, it will offer them a very close shave.



  • External power smart plug:- I’m not sure if I’m the only one who hates carrying those long smart plug charging cables. I wonder why Braun has to make them this long. In this new world of a billion small chargers to move with every time, I can’t see myself adding this new smart plug on my luggage. I wish they opt for small USB chargers, these take small space and you can’t fail to get a power source. Braun tried to shorten the length of this smart plug’s cord by coiling it, at least this makes it shorter, but still it looks bulky to me.
  • Automatic cleaning system is a cash making system for Braun:- When you make your first purchase, you will get free cartridge and cleaning solution. But after a few months, you have to keep on buying Braun’s cleaning solution & cartridge to use that automatic cleaning station. Okay, I like the system; it cleans the shaver very well and kills all germs. But all grooming companies (Braun, Norelco, Remington and Panasonic) have figured out a way to tap money from our pockets after buying electric shavers from them. Truthfully, you have to spend money on cleaning solution & cartridge every after 2 months. Is that fair?.. NO. But it is a brilliant money making idea.

Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver Review


[box] This model has a sleek curvy design which features rubber on the sides making it easy to hold while in the shower, so at least you don’t have to worry about this shaver slipping off your hands while shaving from the shower; it has a very strong & stable grip. The led light will clearly show you the status of the battery, so at least you can charge it before it runs out of battery. The size of the head is just perfect, you can reach every area with this shaver, and it can shave your neck, armpits, above the neck and all other sharp angled areas.[/box]



In this comparison chat, we shall look at different Braun brands and see how they compete with Series 5-5090cc.

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  • Braun Syncro Shaver System Clean & Renew Refills
  • Braun Series 5 Shavers Replacement Foil and Trimmer Head Cassette with Ultra-Active-Lift Middle Trimmer


  • Braun Series 5-5090cc vs Braun 390cc:- According to our chat above, 5-5090cc is far much better than 390cc. These two share some features like; Foil tech, Floating cutting system, wet/dry shaving options/ automatic cleaning stations, 3 stage cutting system, charge time and a lockable head. Braun 390cc might look like an ordinary shaver but I think it has some of the most relevant features a premium shaver would have, so if you can’t afford 5-5090cc, you can invest your money in 390cc. To put that aside, 5-5090cc pulls in position 1 because it has more relevant features which 390cc lacks and these include; Pivoting Head and Advanced Middle Trimmer. You can easily shave your neck & jawline with 5090cc because of its pivoting head, it can rotate to many directions giving you freedom to shave from any angle / direction of your choice.
  • Braun Series 5-5090cc vs Braun CoolTech 5cc:- Much as this review is about 5-5090cc, It might lose some popularity for a minute to Braun CoolTech. When you shave with a normal electric shaver, you will feel some heat on your skin caused by friction between the shaver’s blades & your skin. Sometimes this friction results into skin irritations. Advanced shaving tools like Braun CoolTech will save you from unnecessary irritations because it cools your skin after each pass. On the other hand, It also lacks some essential features like; Intelligent Pulsonic Technology, Pivoting Head and an Advanced Middle Trimmer. If you can do without these features, you should invest your money in Braun Cooltech.


My Opinion:

In the above chat, you can see that 5090cc gets some stiff competition from 790cc. It lacks an intelligent pulsonic technology which improves on the performance of 790cc but still I can’t ignore Braun CoolTec, it might lack some relevant features but it features an active cooling technology which is a very relevant feature when shaving. If you use Braun Cooltech shaver, it will cool your skin after shaving and this technology prevents skin irritation and bumps. I don’t why Braun never included this feature in 790cc & 5-5090cc, but it’s a very relevant feature that you might miss if you use 790cc & 5090cc. Overall I will put my money on only two shavers (Braun 790cc & 5-590cc). In terms of price 590cc is cheaper than 790cc, so my wallet can decide on that.


Braun 5090cc Vs Braun 790cc:

Braun 5090cc Vs 790cc-compressed


In this comparison, we shall look into the similarities and differences of these two Braun shavers, at least by the end of the comparison; you will know which model is right for you. I will also make my final verdict at the end of this comparison.


  • Both have an optifoil which is very effective at capturing hair hence giving you a very close shave.
  • Both models are water proof, though 7900cc is not a wet & dry shaver, so you better use 5090cc.
  • Both shavers feature an active lift technology which deals with flat-lying hairs so even those with 5 o’clock shadows will get a close shave.
  • These two braun shavers have pivoting heads which adapt to every guys facial contour giving you a very close shave.
  • Both models feature a 3-stage cutting system which is responsible for cutting very long hair, so if you have long / thick / course hair, you should use any of these two models.
  • You will totally be in control of these two models because they have a lockable head feature which ensures that the shaving head stays where you want it to be.
  • Both Braun 790cc and 5090cc can be cleaned and dried in just about 25 minutes. Simply use their cleaning systems; you will have results in very few minutes.
  • These two models have an automatic cleaning & renew system which cleans the shaver, renews it’s blades by sharpening & lubricating them, so your shaver will always perform as new even after using it for more than 1 year.


  • Braun 50900cc does not have a pulsonic technology like 790cc; so basically, it’s not as strong and fast as Braun 790cc. The pulsonic technology vibrates at 10,000 CPM which enables 790cc capture flat-laying hair offering the end user with a very close shave.
  • Braun 790cc features 3 automatic program selection modes which give you enough control when shaving. You can choose between these two modes; (1) Short Eco, (2) Normal and (3) High Intensive for men with very thick beards. This single feature makes 790cc better than 5090cc electric shaver.


It’s quite funny that a difference of only two features can put one shaver at a very expensive price than the other. Actually if you can do without those two unique features, you can buy Braun 5090cc, because it’s more affordable than 790cc.

Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver 1
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  • FlexMotion Technology:- This feature enables the shaver to move over your skin easily without causing any skin irritation. This makes it a good electric shaver for men with sensitive skins and ingrown hairs. You don’t have to use too much pressure when shaving with Braun Series 5090cc, all you have to do is to hold it from a right angle and move it gently to get a close shave.
  • MaroMotion – The head of this shaver pivots up-to 40°, this enables it to cover a wide area and at the same time reach all those sharp angled areas which guarantees you with a close shave.
  • Power Drive: The speed at which this shaver’s motor moves has been revised, it’s now 20 times more powerful than other shavers, so if you have a dense / thick beard, this is the perfect shaver for you.
  • UltraActiveLift Middle Trimmer:- The main function of this feature is to capture underlying hair and expose them to blades for cutting. Underlying hairs are very common on the neck and they really make it difficult to get a close shave, so the UltraActiveLift will pull those hairs up and make them easy to cut. However, you might need to make more than one stroke in such areas to get a clean close shave.
  • CrossHair Blade:- At first we saw the UltraActive Lift technology which captures underlying hair, now we have a CrossHair Blade feature whose purpose is to shave / cut hairs which grow to different direction. It also cuts the shortest stubble and leave you with a very clean close shave.
  • Automatic Clean & Charge Station: All premium Braun electric shavers come with an automatic cleaning system which is responsible for cleaning your shaver after using it. However, not only does a cleaning system make sure the blades & shaver stay clean and dry all the time, it also does the following;- Lubricates the blades making the shaver efficient, it charges the shaver all the time so the shaver will be ready for use every time you need it. According to the history of electric shavers, Braun was the first company to make these automatic cleaning systems, so I guess the experience they have is just enough to deliver something of high quality.
  • MultiHeadLock:- You have to alternate the position of this shavers head and shaving angle until you discover the right shaving angle. Braun series 5090cc has a pivoting head, but you can lock the head to a specific angle.
  • Powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery:- Battery strength is very essential when it comes to using electric shavers. This 5090cc will charge fully in only 1 hour and you will get 45 minutes of nonstop shaving. However, if you don’t have time to wait for the battery to get full, you can charge it for only 5 minutes, that will give you 1 hour of cordless shaving. It also has a 5-level battery display which shows the status of the battery and at the same time it shows the hygiene / status of the shaver.
  • Waterproof up to 5m for full wash-ability:- Much as this model comes with its own cleaning system, you need to wash it over the tap. This will remove dirt very quickly but at the same time it will leave the shaver in good condition.
  • Skin-friendly precision trimmer:- You can groom your side-burn and mustache easily with its skin friendly precision trimmer. All you have to do is to slide it upward and start using it.

Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver With Cleaning Center 1 Count Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver With Cleaning Center 1 Count


  • Braun Series 5—5090cc shaver
  • Automatic Clean & Renew System
  • Cleaning cartridge (1x)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • SmartPlug (100V–240V)
  • A Protective Travel Pouch



I wholeheartedly recommend this Braun Series 5-5090cc to any man who wants a close painless smooth shave.

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