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If you have been using the old Braun series 7-790cc, you might need to replace it with this New Braun series 7 799CC-6WD CC4 Wet & Dry Shaver. It’s an advancement of 7-790cc dry shaver, this time you don’t have to be limited while shaving, you can switch to dry / wet shave any time you want.


PERFORMANCE:- 98% of customers who have used this shaver have liked its performance and this makes it the best shaver for men.

If you have been searching for the best wet & dry electric shaver by BRAUN, look no further than this; because this is the best they have got, but never know, as time goes on, Braun will invent a new model which performs better than this one. Some of the most notable features of 7 799CC-6WD CC4 include (wet & dry functionality / a self cleaning system / smooth foil system which glides over your skin smoothly without causing any irritation or pain)

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  • It’s a wet & dry shaver: Users of Braun shavers have waited for so long and their patience has finally paid off. Their is no more switching of brands any more, stick to to this new Braun because it has both wet & dry shaving options. It is 100% water so you can still shave while in the shower. If you’re in a hurry, you can charge it for only 15 minutes and get 1 hour of non stop shaving. However, it is better to charge it fully before shaving because over charging it might reduce on its longevity. 1 hour full charge will give you 45-50 minutes of non stop shaving.
  • This is the best electric shaver for sensitive skin (smooth foil)
  • Nice gripe, very easy to hold and comfortable to use.
  • Glides over the skin smoothly without irritating or pulling hair under the skin.
  • Moderate noise is made when the shaver is cutting hair, I’m okay with that because I get to know that the machine is at work.
  • Super close shave with zero irritation. (This is very important)
  • The cleaning system is big enough and it adds to the convenience of cleaning the shaver after wet shaving.
  • You can charge it either in its cleaning base / with a cord.
  • Its battery lasts for long than most Foil shavers on the market.
  • It has a sturdy and easy to use beard trimmer.
  • Its replacement head is cheap – It only costs $30 and it will take you 18 months to replace shaver head.


  • Every good thing has its own dark side, so much as I say good things about this 7 799CC-6WD CC4, I will not close my eyes when I see a red flag, if you’re an American user, you might not find the $250 high, but for the rest of us, that might ruin our pockets, I know it’s an advancement of 7-7900cc, but the price is ridiculous, those who can afford this price tag – buy it here….
  • Braun cleaning cartridge is expensive, but it smells good and it does a very good job.

Braun Series 7-799cc-6WD CC4


  • Difference Between 7-790cc and 7-799cc:- This 7-799cc has replaced 7-790cc, though some men will still use the old model because it has proved to be a good dry shaver and very effective on course beards. However, (1) Braun 7-799cc is a wet & dry shaver; this gives you more shaving options. Not everyone does well with dry shaving, so having a chance to wet shave with the same machine is a brilliant idea. (2) Braun 7-799cc is water proof, it can be used in the shower.
  • Voltage:- It features a dual voltage system making it usable in all parts of the world. It supports voltages, 110v or 220v, so the voltage issue should not stop you from owning this new Braun series 7 while it’s still stock.
  • Do you get a Cleaner? Yes, this electric shaver comes with a self cleaning system, but at the same time, it comes with a free cleaning cartridge which lubricates and sharpens the blade. This cartridge can last for 2 months but this will depend on how often you use the cleaning system. Once its over you can order for more cartridges from Ebay.
  • Using shaving gel with 7-799cc:– Since this new model is a wet and dry shaver, it is possible to leather up with shaving gel / cream and get aa comfortable smooth clean shave. 
  • Changing Cleaning Solution:- The cleaning system comes with cleaning solution which is used to clean the shaver after use, so you have to change this solution at least twice in a year.
  • Accessories Needed:– After your first purchase of this new model, you don’t have to spend any coin on any accessories because everything will be working perfectly, but after some time, you need to replace cartridge, renew refills and change blades. But for the blades, it will take like 18 months without changing them.
  • Number of Foil Blades:- This advanced Braun series 7 features only two blades. I know most of you are used to 4 – 5 blades offered by Panasonic shavers, but having too many blades does not guarantee you with a clean close shave. Braun has tailored these two blades to offer more than what 4 – 5 bladed shaver can offer, and that makes it every man’s best choice.
  • Don’t use it when its charging(cordless):- You can charge this shaver with a cord or with its cleaning system. However, never get tempted to switch it on when it’s still plugged in power. By default Braun configured this shaver to work in cordless mode only, so wait until it charges full, unplug it and start wet shaving. 

Cleaning System



  • Since it’s a premium model, you have to take care of it very well. After using the shaver, clean and dry it very well before storage. But don’t forget to remove that clean & renew cartridge found at the base, do this after each use; it will make the shaver last for long.
  • When it comes to cleaning, you should not use that cleaning station every time because cleaning cartridge costs money (If it becomes too dirty, the hygiene indicator will inform you about the shaver’s status and request you to run a full wash cycle using a cleaning system). This shaver is 100% water proof, so you can clean it with running tap water, however, you will need aid of a brush and it’s included in the box. Once in a while you can use that cleaning system to lubricate the blades, kill germs and renew the shaver. To save money on cleaning solution, I suggest you buy it in Bulk via Ebay. This cleaning solution lasts for 30 cycles.
  • Its pop-up trimmer is tailored for trimming & grooming your sideburns & mustache; please don’t use it as a beard trimmer.



  • Equipped with Wet & Dry Pulsonic Technology: – In most cases, men with very sensitive skins, do well with wet shaving. This new model of Braun will not limit you; it will give you the freedom to choose from dry / wet shave unlike 7-7900. This means those with normal skins can opt for dry shaving yet those with sensitive skins can go for wet shaving. You perform all these tusks with one machine. When it comes to speed, its motor rotates at 10,000 CPM enabling the shaver to cut through any thick beard.
  • Features 3 Personalized Modes: We all have different shaving needs and no one would like to use a shaving machine with limitations. 7 799cc has 3 personalized modes, these will allow you to customize the shaver and get that desired shave.
  • Modern and Flexible Shaving System: This new Braun shaver was crafted to give you the best shaving experience, it’s fully flexible so it can shave in any area / angle without causing you any nicks or cuts. If you always have trouble shaving your neck, try out this new series 7. It’s a foil shaver and its shaving head is slim so it can reach most areas.
  • Powered by an Activelift: Most electric shavers can’t trim flat-lying hair, that’s to why majority of men who use electric shavers complain that they never get any close shave and  most of them accompany their shavers with a safety razor, to me that would be a total disappointment, because electric shavers cost more than $45, yet at the same time a good safety razor will cost you $35, If I do the math, you will have paid $80 to get a close & clean shave. This Braun 7-799cc-6 features an active-lift which captures flat-lying hair and expose it to the blades for cutting, but during this process, you will not feel any pulling / stretching of the skin, everything will go on smoothly.
  • Comes with an Optifoil feature: If you have been disappointed by some low quality electric shavers, it is time to forget that frustration and use a shaver crafted for clean smooth shaving. Braun knows what men want and they promise to give them just that. This new model features an Optifoil which enables the shaver to cut each and every single hair / beard on your facial skin. If you have always wanted to get a very smooth clean shave, this is the best option for you.
  • Cleaning System: This new version of Braun series 7 features an automatic cleaning system; it cleans the blades, lubricates them, sharpens the them and dries the shaver. As a user, all you need to do is to concentrate on getting a close shave and let the cleaning system cater for the rest.
  • Perfect Design: This model features the same design and shape like the 7-790cc, so you will not miss anything from the old Braun series 7. The curvy shape makes it easy to hold in hands and the rubber featured on the sides gives it a strong grip.



Braun Series 7-799CC vs Philips Norelco 3D 1280 & Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95

Braun Series 7-799CC vs Philips Norelco 3D 1280 and Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95

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I have reviewed these three models but all of them are 5 star electric shavers, I doubt if you can fail to get a close shave with any of these models, but let us see the difference between Brain 7(799cc) and Philips Norelco 3D 1280/47 & Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95.

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  • DESIGN:- When I compare braun with the other two competitors, it is less flashy however it looks great and it has amazing features. Its hygienic meter is found at the bottom but it has a nice touch, so even when you don’t have a base, you will find it very easy to use the shaver. On the other hand Norelco 1280/47 has a sleek design and a detailed LCD display. I have used Norelco shavers before but they feel nice in the hand, the sleek shape makes them worth using. Now when we get to our Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95, its design has been revised, it better than Arc4, also the size of the head has been reduced though it’s still bigger than that of Braun 7-799cc which makes it heavy.
  • BUILD QUALITY:- While all these 3 shavers feel solid in the hand and they all have a classic touch, Braun stands out as the best built shaver on the market. It’s not that fancy as Norelco 1280/47, but each part of this shaver has been well designed. All are made from plastic but Braun’s finishing feels more durable and nice looking. This is a personal review so you can make your own judgment that is if you get a chance to own all these 3 models. When it comes to GRIP, the grips of Panasonic and Braun are more rigid and solid, yet that of Norelco 1280 (series 8000) is smooth and nice looking. Each of these models has a sturdy weight which improves on the performance of the shaver; you don’t have to apply any pressure when using these 3 models.
  • CLEANING:- All three models have automatic cleaning systems which use cleaning cartridge. Every time you use a cleaning system it renews the shaver by removing dirt, killing germs and sharpening blades. When it comes to pricing, the cleaning solution for each of these models is almost the same; you might spend around $5 every month. But when it comes to performance, I think Braun cleaning system is the best, because it’s very fast, quiet and it also makes the shaver smell nice. On the other hand, when it comes to manual cleaning (via running tap water), I give credit to Norelco 1280 & Panasonic Arc5, these two models are very easy to clean manually using tap water & a brush. Braun’s head is compact, so you have to go very deep in there with a brush to remove hair / dirt.
  • DRY SHAVING:- I guess this is what you have been all waiting for. After several months of testing these three shavers I’m happy with results and I want to share them with you here. Let us start with Braun. This is a wet & dry shaver, an advancement of 790cc but it performs very well on dry shaving only, it offers the most comfortable dry shave. Its Pulsonic technology is an essential feature; it’s more than a sells pitch. 7-799cc glides over the face in a very smooth way and the face feels more like a massage than a shave. Its Optifoil captures every hair and cuts it appropriately (below the skin) without irritating / pulling the skin like a multiple blade razor would have done. The Active Lift feature perfects and concludes the job because it shaves even the flattest hairs on your neck. If I put all this together, Braun 7-799cc is so far the most innovative wet & dry shaver on the market, I have no doubt it will rank for many years to come.
  • FLEXIBILITY:- Much as I love Braun, I will give Norelco 1280/47 (series 8000) a vote on this. It has three heads which rotate to different directions making it very easy to shave around the neck and jawline. It’s not that perfect when it comes to close shaving but when it comes to flexibility Braun & Panasonic Arc5 don’t come close.



Many readers ask me where the shaver was made from. It is made in Germany and the station is made in Hungary.

This is what is included in the box;

  • Electric Razor (7-799cc Shaver)
  • Charging cord (comes when coiled)
  • An automatic cleaning station
  • A cleaning brush (use this brush to clean the head of the shaver)
  • Solution tray
  • Carrying case (leather case which looks pretty nice)




  • You might pay a little more when purchasing this new Braun series 7 , but in the long run you will save lots of cash because you don’t have to replace blades all time. If you have ever used Norelco, you must have noticed that blades fade so quickly and they need replacement after a few months, on average good Norelco blades will cost you $67.00, that is a lot of money especially when you’re a regular user. But when you own this 799CC 6WD CC4 Shaver, you will only replace blades after 18 months. So, not only is the shaver of a high quality, but it also saves you money in the long run.
  • It also features a smaller head compared to most Panasonic shavers, this feature makes it easy to shave sharp angles and it also improved on its maneuverability. When you use an electric shaver which has a very big head, you will find trouble shaving sharp angles.
  • It has a superior cleaning system which I can’t compare with the old version or even other models. The alcohol cleaner will do a very great job when it comes to keeping your shaver clean. It sanitizes and lubricates the blades within a very short period of time.



  • Men who can’t dry shave with Braun 7 – 790cc:- Customers who bought 7-790cc model where limited to dry shaving only. But much as that shaver is being rated as the best electric shaver for men, it somehow cuts out men who prefer wet shaving to dry shaving. But this new model caters for both dry & wet shavers.
  • Men who want to get a very close shave:- Without doubt, you will get a clean close shave with this new model, even the old model would give you a clean shave, but it was made for dry shaving only, this time you can try both options and see which one works best for you.
  • Guys with hard to shave beards:-  If you have a thick course beard, try out this New Barun Shaver, it has sharp blades and an active-lift technology which ensures that no hair is left on the skin. So, if you have been thinking of using a safety razor / straight razor to shave off that thick long beard, don’t waste your money, invest it in a machine which can do more than just shaving, it might cost you some serious dollars, but it’s worth it.



Since I have not tried out the shaver myself, I will use ratings and reviews posted by its users on Ebay; this will give us a clear insight on how good this shaving machine is.

  • Product Rating: 4.6 out of 5, that means the almost 98% of users of this model are happy with end results. So you can be part of that happy community and enjoy a good close & clean shave.
  • Reviews: – So far it has gathered 77 customers reviews, that is not a lot of reviews compared to Braun 7-790cc, but this is a new brand and it’s price is a little bit high so not everyone can afford it, but 96% of those 77 reviews are positive, that is a good sign, so if you’re planning to buy an electric shaver for yourself or for your dad / husband, this is the best gift you can give them.


What I need

  • Zirh Aloe Vera Shave GelZirh Aloe Vera Shaving Gel: If you want to perform a wet shave, you need to use the best shaving gel for electric shavers, for example, you can try ”Zirh Aloe Vera Shave Gel”, it’s a non-foaming gel which protects sensitive skins from getting burns. Once you use it, your skin will be well conditioned and it will be protected from Dryness.


  • Braun Clean and Renew Cartridge RefillsBraun Clean and Renew Cartridge Refills: These will leave your Braun Series 7-799cc-6WD CC4 completely clean. You can use them on a daily basis to keep the quality of your shaver. The fluid will clean your electric shaver in no minutes and leave it super clean and ready for the next shave.









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This shaver has been on the market for a while, actually it was released in 2014 but it has gained dominance over 790cc and it’s ranked as the best Braun wet & dry shaver on the market. Since last year up-to today, let us see what customers say about this new Braun shaver.


  • It is the best shaver you will ever spend your money on. True it comes at a high price but it is worth your money. It will work without having issue and you only have to make blade / foil replacements after 18 months. It uses an automatic cleaning system, but since it requires you to buy new cartridges every after 60 days; you might clean the shaver via running tap water. It’s 100% water proof.
  • It does a fairly quick job: – This user appreciated the performance of BRAUN-SERIES-799CC-6WD-CC4, good thing they gave it a fair rating. You will get a very close and comfortable shave. It does not matter if you have a thick course beard, BRAUN-SERIES-799CC-6WD-CC4 will cut like short thin hair.
  • Great step up from Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System:- This customer waited for years for Braun to make a wet & dry series 7. They purchased their shaver from BB&B before Ebay stocked this shaver, but Braun 799cc has not disappointed them.
  • It has a much smaller head than Panasonic shavers:- Both Braun and Panasonic make foil shavers , but I can relate the quality of 799cc with that of Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5, however, when it comes to design , I give 799cc a thumb-up because it has a smaller head than  Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5.
  • Efficient Cleaning system:- I give an A+ to Braun alcohol cleaner solution. It does a better job than most cleaners; the shaver is sanitized and cleaned very well making it friendly to sensitive skins which don’t deal with dirt / germs. When I used the automatic cleaning system, the cleaning process was much shorter than I expected – it took a couple of minutes and the drying cycle is completely silent, though it takes 15 minutes to dry properly.
  • Wet Shaving:- This is what makes 799CC better than 7-790cc, I get a chance to shave with gel; smoother shave, less irritation = 799cc
  • Glossy smooth finish:- Braun has improved the looks of this new shaver.
  • Strictly a cordless shaver:- Unlike 790cc which I could use while being charged, this new Braun shaver can’t be used while being charged. You have to wait until it gets charged fully and then plug it out of power and start shaving. I guess it’s a default setting for all wet shavers because I also own Philips 1280/47 but it also does the same thing.
  • Durable cartridge heads:- Braun’s cartridge heads are durable and they cost less compared to Panasonic cartridge heads. A new user might not know this, but of you have ever owned a Panasonic shaver and a Braun, you will agree with me on this.
  • High quality lather case:- This is a minor accessory but it adds value to 799cc. If you want to travel, pack this new Braun in its fancy lather case to prevent damages. The case looks pretty and elegant.


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This is a great shaver and it’s worth upgrading from 7-790cc if you like wet shaving. However, men who do well with dry shaving, you should stick to the old 7-790cc because it still rocks at that. If you have a premium Panasonics Arc5 shaver, you might switch to 799cc because it has a better cleaning system and its head is a little bit smaller than Panasonic Arc5’s. Comparing Braun and Panasonic is like comparing BMW and Lexus. Each model has something unique.

Braun Series 7-799cc-6WD CC4

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