Braun Silk Epil Female Lady Shaver Ls5160wd Review

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Braun Silk Epil Female Lady Shaver Ls5160wd 2

The Braun Silk Epil LS5160wd Shaver is a new, amazing tool that will gently shave and exfoliate your entire body. This dual-care Braun Silk-épil Shaver includes a unique exfoliation attachment which helps to revitalize the skin for a smooth, radiant appearance. The rounded, gliding head on the shaver was specially designed to work on the unique contours of the female body like the legs.

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On the other hand, the combination of a floating-foil and long-hair trimmer system also guarantees an extra close shaving result that ever before. In fact, you can shave the legs and sensitive areas like underarms and bikini-line quickly and conveniently with this shaver. in conclusion, the Braun LS-5160 is a wonderful women’s shaver which is especially designed for an efficient shaving result. This Braun LS-5160 shaver comes with many features and among these include a special Integrated Soft-Strip which stretches the skin as you shave for better results, it can be used both on dry and wet skin for ultra-convenience and it even has a cutter block blade which offers you with a safe shave while protecting the skin by avoiding any rashes and injuries.


  • It ensures that one gets a very close shave because it is designed with a Silk&Soft system that even captures problematic hairs, an integrated Soft-Strip that stretches the skin for closer reach and a floating shaver foil and long-hair trimmer that all work hand in hand to ensure that you get a perfectly close shave.
  • This shaver is also very easy to use and clean, leaves the skin very smooth, slows hair growth, works perfectly on sensitive skin and it even a very good shaving tool in terms of saving time.


  • The problem about this shaver is that it makes a loud noise while shaving and this actually irritates many people. The other thing you won’t like about this hair-removal tool is that it has no speed options thus you will just have to switch it on and use it the way it is. On the other hand, this shaver runs on double AA batteries and this is actually a big weakness since they cannot take long before getting drained.

Braun Silk Epil Female Lady Shaver Ls5160wd 1

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Features overview:

  • This shaver performs in both wet and dry conditions: this shaving tool is fully sealed and this actually implies that it always ready for use in the bathroom or showers for maximum comfort and versatility. However it also performs well when dry shaving but you should be very careful since the chances of irritating your skin while shaving dry are much higher than those when shaving wet.
  • It features a rounded head: the Braun silk Epil is designed with a rounded, gliding head that gently adapts to the body’s natural contours thus ensuring that one gets a very close and smooth shave with each stroke taken. This head also ensures that you can be able to shave the legs and sensitive areas like underarms and bikini-line conveniently and quickly.
  • It has rounded trimmer tips: these are actually designed to smoothly glide over the skin and this actually reduces on the occurrence of skin-irritations. These tips also work with the easy-glide cushion that also ensures smoother gliding as remove any hairs from your body.
  • The shaver comes with an exfoliation attachment: this helps to gently scrub the skin inorder to remove any dead skin particles hence revitalizing your skin. This will in turn help to enhance the general look of the skin surface so that you can achieve a smooth and radiant appearance. But always remember not to over-use this exfoliation pad because it may lead to skin-irritations.
  • It’s equipped with a bikini trimmer attachment: the attachment helps to gently shape and safely groom unwanted hair thus making it a perfect tool for use on sensitive skin areas. This trimmer will actually help you to shave and style underarm and bikini area but always make sure that you shave on a stretched skin in order to avoid getting injuries.
  • It uses two AA batteries: the Braun Silk Epil Ls5160wd shaver is battery operated whereby it runs on 2 AA batteries hence it does not have to be charged like any other electric shaver. This actually means that you will have to acquire at least a pair of AA batteries for replacement in case you are travelling with shaver but this is also good because you will not have to get worried of charging this trimmer whenever and wherever you go.
  • It’s designed with a floating foil and long-hair trimmer: these ensure that one gets a perfectly close shave. The long hair trimmer actually raises long hair and after cuts it off then the floating foil will follow in order to remove any stubble thus leaving you with a clean and smooth shave.
  • It features an optishave attachment: for optimum shaving results, you have to use this amazing tool because it really offers an extra close and comfortable shave. However, this optishave is just attached onto the shaver’s head and it will then ensure perfect closeness at an awesome shaving angle. But you should try to move the shaver slowly against the direction of hair growth when using this optishave so as to achieve best results.
  • This Braun shaver is dermatologically recommended: the Braun Silk Epil shaver is medically tested and approved for use by any one because it offers a gentle, smooth and clean shave. This is possible because the shaver is equipped with features that help to make electric shaving more comfortable and convenient.

Braun Silk Epil Female Lady Shaver Ls5160wd 2

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Product Quality:

  • The Braun Silk-Epil Lady Shaver is a new, ergonomically, designed shaver that help anyone achieve a closer and smooth shave. This shaver was built to gently Shave and exfoliate your skin as you groom your body hairs whereby it is equipped with a unique exfoliation attachment that helps to revitalize the skin for a smooth and radiant appearance.
  • This shaver also comes with 3 additional accessories which include: an Exfoliation attachment, a Bikini Trimming attachment and an Optishave Attachment whereby all these attachments paly a big role when it comes to shaving and grooming your body hairs. The shaver also has a rounded head that gently and perfectly adapts to all the body contours for a clean and closer shave. The extra-gentle rounded trimmer tips on this shaver smoothly glide over the skin inorder to reduce on skin-irritation. This trimmer even has a fully sealed body that enables wet and dry performance hence you will be able to use the shaver in the shower for ultra-convenience or under dry conditions for a quick, dry shave.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Perfect for ladies with sensitive skin types: this is possible because the shaver’s silk and soft system is capable of capturing hairs gently even in problem areas. the soft-strip technology on this shaver also gently stretch the skin inorder to ensure a closer shave coupled with a floating shaving foil that ensures a perfectly close and comfortable shave.
  • It’s a perfect tool for those who want to keep their skins looking fresh and new: the exfoliation attachment on this shaver helps to enhance the general look of the skin by gently scrubbing it inorder to remove any dead skin particles and this greatly helps in revitalizing your skin.

What Else Do You Need?

  • A pair of AA batteries: this shaver is battery operated and it’s not rechargeable like some electric shavers whereby it runs on 2 AA batteries in order to provide you with that clean and close shave. This implies that you will have to purchase a pair of these batteries from any store because you will actually need them for replacement when the old batteries get used up. However, it is recommended to buy batteries that are strong enough so that they can support your shaver for quite a longer period of time.

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