Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor Review

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Breville BFP800CBXL Sous Chef Food Processor Review

To get any slice size you want for your food, there is no way you can look further than the Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor, with this machine’s super unique design you can easily get the perfect size of whatever you want to prepare. Day by day technology keeps increasing this is why this food processor is extremely advanced featuring a super wide feed chute which can accommodate large and long ingredients cutting down on the need of you having to cut ingredients into smaller chunks before putting then  into the machine so you do not have to waste a lot of time. Its variable slicing disc is designed with over 24 setting to give the chance of modifying the size whether you want then very thin or thick.

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The Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor also comes with two different size bowls that is to say, the 16 cup processing bowl that lets you blend large portions together with the 2.5 cup mini processing bowl for blending smaller servings, with processor simply gives you the freedom any size portions of your choice.


  • It is large enough to accommodate huge loads of ingredients compared to many other food processors yet it still performs at a really fast rate. It is a 16 cup capacity food processor which makes it one of the largest food processors you can come across on the market.
  • It is time saving since it has a very wide feed chute that allows you to feed in large items hence getting rid of the old tradition of having to cut ingredients into smaller pieces before processing them.
  • This processor is extremely powerful to the extent even when you load with very many ingredients, it 1200 watt motor still ensures maximum performance.
  • It has a very wide variety of slicing settings on the variable disc and also has 5 other multifunction discs, this simply means that the processor can accomplish very many tasks.
  • Unlike other food processors, it is very easy to find replacement parts for this Breville food processor. Replacement parts are available in many stores and they come at fair prices which makes the machine really easy to maintain.


  • It is not suitable for first time users and people who need a food processor only for the basics, yes it has lots of features that will benefit an expert using these machines or a chef but for people that have small families and cook just a few things, this food processor is just not suitable.
  • It is takes up a lot of space and is extremely heavy, if what you want is a portable food processor then do not bother with the Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor because it is not anything close to portable.



Breville BFP800CBXL Sous Chef Food Processor Review



Features overview:

  • Feed chute safety system:this prevents your processor from getting any damages as caused by poor assembling as it stops the motor from functioning if by any chance the lid, bowl and large food pusher have not correctly been attached. With such safety you are rest assured that this processor will perform for a really long period of time.
  • Small food pusher:this regulates proper and improved processing for the smaller ingredients while serving as a measuring cup for adding ingredients into the wider bowl at the same time. Unlike the large food pusher, the processor will still continue to perform even without this small food pusher.
  • Direct drive motor: the 1200 watt motor is also designed with a safety braking system to ensure that the processor delivers peak power all through the session.
  • Large food pusher:this is one of the most essential parts of the food processor, it will therefore not operate unless it is has been perfectly fitted on to the machine. Its main purpose is to push food down the feed chute
  • Extra wide feed chute:the feed chute is 5.5 inches which means that you do not have to waste your time cutting large ingredients into smaller pieces before putting them into the processor. Place all ingredients the way they are no matter what size they are, this feature is what differentiates the Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor from all other processors.
  • Processing bowl:this food processor from Breville has a 16 cup processing bowl in which you can place all those dry ingredients and 12 cups of liquid just in case you are blending wet ingredients. It is large enough to accommodate all your ingredients at the same time and it locks on to the machine’s motor.
  • Solid die-cast metal base:this is simply explains the processor’s durability with such material you can use this appliance for a really long period of time.
  • LCD display count up and count down timer: the display also features a count up and count timer where the necessary time for processing it set. When the processor is in count down mode, the timer will stop as soon as the time your set for processing elapses.
  • Non-slip rubber feet:the material ensures that the food processor does not slip or slip when it is operating, it simply adds more stability and safety both for the machine and the user.
  • Silicone seal: you will not experience any leakages reason being the processor seals really tight so nothing can leak out even when you are processing a huge volume of liquid ingredients.

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Product quality:

With a wide variety of unique features, the Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor is one of the best kitchen appliances you will ever own. Featuring a 1200 watt motor the food processor is very good at each and every function it performs. It is built with highest quality for prolonged use and made very user-friendly so to make it very easy for anyone to use it. You can now slice the thinnest or thickest portions depending on what you want because the processor offers has a variable slicing disc with 24 altered settings. Utilizing a micro-serrated universal S blade it is very easy to cut through the toughest ingredients in just a few seconds while the extremely wide feed chute accommodates all ingredients however large they may be, you therefore don’t have to chop them into smaller pieces before putting them into the machine. The BFP800BSXL delivers both large servings processing and mini processing for smaller amount servings due to its 6 cup processing bowl and a 2.5 mini processing bowl.

Additionally, the count up and count down timer which allows you to set the required time for your processing. The feed chute safety system does not allow the processor to begin or run unless everything is rightly attached. This great combination of all the best features, slicing options and two size processing bowl is what makes the Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor stand out as the best food processor on the market. All your food is safe in this processor reason being all parts that come into contact with food are free from BPA.

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Who does it benefit?

It is suitable for people that like to prepare many different dishes: if you are going to prepare different dishes all at ago you will definitely need different food sizes and various choppings and the Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor is designed to make your preparations faster with its really great deal of slicing settings. Its variable slicing disc has 24 settings yet it also has many other discs like the reversible shredding disc, the French fry cutting disc, whisking disc and julienne disc. Furthermore this special processor allows you to process even large ingredients without wasting time cutting them into smaller pieces before.

What else do you need?

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Breville BFP800CBXL Sous Chef Food Processor Review

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