Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine Review

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Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches - 5The Brother CS6000i is a feature-rich Sewing Machine that will work perfectly sewers and quilters of all kinds by offering great stitching results yet it’s even affordable. This sewing-machine actually features over 60 built-in sewing stitches coupled with 7 styles of 1-step buttonholes in order to accomplish all your sewing and quilting projects as desired. It even comes includes 9 presser-feet each meant for doing a particular task while the detachable, over-sized-table will be of great importance when carrying out larger projects.

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Additionally, the Brother CS6000i features backlit LCD display for viewing the selected settings, an automatic needle-threader, printed threading diagrams and an adjustable sewing speed control whereby all these features make this sewing-machine easy-to-use and user-friendly. Lastly, the Brother CS6000i includes a printed quick-start guide coupled with a complete instructions-manual that provides all the instructions while the included hard carry-case enables the user to take this sewing-machine along when travelling.

The good:

  • The Brother CS6000i Sewing-Machine features an easy-to-use LCD display stitch-selector whereby you only have to select the desired stitch-setting and it will then be displayed on this convenient LCD-display.
  • This sewing-machine also enables the user to adjust the sewing-speed because its equipped with a stitch speed-slide which gives you control on how fast or slow you would like to sew.
  • The Brother CS6000i is also designed to ensure easy threading whereby the user just has to follow the diagram printed over the machine and he/she will easily thread it in no time.
  • It even has an automatic needle-threader whereby the user just has to use the lever on the side of the sewing-machine in order to automatically push the thread through the needle.
  • This sewing-machine ensures easy bobbin-winding because it features a diagram on it that shows the user where to exactly place the thread.
  • The Brother CS6000i is a great sewing-machine for accomplishing larger-projects because it comes with an oversized table that provides the user with more working-space which is actually needed when doing such projects.
  • It features a built-in LED light which brightly lights the sewing-area and it’s of great importance when working in dark-areas or on dark-fabrics.

The bad:

  • The first drawback about this sewing-machine is that the LED-light which lights the work-area is badly placed and it will actually require extra effort to see when working in dark-areas although this light is present.
  • Secondly, this sewing-machine may not be able to stitch-up heavy-fabric since it’s not a heavy-duty sewing machine. In fact, the user will have to roll-up excess fabric tightly so that it can fit into the small-section of needle and needle-plate hence this means that won’t be able to use this sewing-machine for sewing heavy-wool, lined-coats and other heavy fabrics.
  • Thirdly, this sewing-machine comes with a narrow, plastic foot-pedal that feels so cheap and its even poorly designed.
  • Lastly, this sewing-machine can’t embroider your clothes and this can actually be a huge drawback for people who do some embroiling within their sewing-projects. However, you may do some embroidery-work on this sewing-machine by simply learning free-motion embroidery.

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches



Features overview:

  • LCD screen: the Brother CS6000i features an easy-to-use, LCD-display stitch selector whereby the user will be able to select the desired stitch-setting with the touch of a button and then see the stitch selected on a convenient LCD-display screen.
  • 7 styles of 1-step buttonholes: the Brother computerized sewing-machine features 7-styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes which actually play a great role in creating holes within buttons in order to fully accomplish your sewing project.
  • An automatic needle-threader: it also has an automatic needle-threader whereby the user just touches the lever on the side of this sewing machine in order to automatically push the thread through the needle.
  • Built-in thread cutter: the Brother CS6000i sewing-machine has a built-in thread-cutter which is used for cutting thread during and after the sewing process.
  • Fast and automatic bobbin-winding: this sewing-machine even ensures easy bobbin-winding because there is a printed diagram on the Brother CS6000i showing the user exactly where to place the thread.
  • Easy threading system: the Brother CS6000i features a numbered diagram printed on top which the user can simply follow in order to get this sewing-machine threaded in no time.
  • Adjustable sewing-speed: it even features a stitch-speed slide that offers the user with control over how fast or slow he/she wants to sew.
  • Oversized table: this sewing-machine features a detachable, oversized table designed which is just perfect for doing quilts and other large-projects. In fact, this oversized table provides you with extra space you needed to maneuver your project while working.
  • Built-in LED light: the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine has a built-in, super-bright LED-light which illuminate the work-area with enough light and this happens to be very useful when sewing in dark-areas or on dark-fabrics.
  • Dual-operation: the Brother CS-6000i 60-Stitch Sewing Machine can actually operate with or without foot-control. In fact, it features a Stop/start button that allows the user to operate it without using the included foot-control/pedals.
  • Built-in free arm: the sewing-machine even has a built-in free arm which is just perfect for sewing sleeves, pant-legs on children’s-clothing and other small cylindrical-fabrics.
  • Quilting guide: there is also a quilting-guide on this sewing-machine that helps the user sew evenly-spaced rows of quilting-stitches in order to easily create beautiful quilts.
  • 60 built-in sewing stitches: the Brother CS6000i Sewing-Machine features over 60 built-in sewing stitches to select from which include; decorative-stitches and 7-styles of 1-step buttonholes. in fact, the CS6000i sewing-machine has 27-stitches specifically designed for sewing clothing and some of these stitches included are: Overcast and zigzag stitches for preventing fabric from fraying, Basting-stitch for temporarily securing seams and even perfect for getting the right-fit, Triple-stretch stitch for reinforcing the seams, Blind-hem stitch for creating virtually-invisible hems on pants, skirts and sleeves, Buttonhole stitches with over 7 different-stitches for stitching buttons onto lightweight, medium-weight and heavier
  • Hard protective case: the user can also take this sewing-machine along for classes or when travelling since it’s provided with a hard carry-case which ensures convenient storage and transportation.
  • Drop-feed: the Brother CS6000i features a drop-feed that can be used for free-motion quilting so as to create free-form or traditional quilt-patterns easily and quickly.
  • Built-in stretch stitches: with this sewing-machine, the user can sew fleece, elastic-cloth and any other stretchy-fabrics while using the built-in stretch-stitches.
  • Built-in decorative stitches: it also features built-in decorative stitches which are just perfect for embellishing clothes, pillows, towels and much more. In fact, these stitches are perfect for creating awesome and crazy quilt-designs.
  • 9 included presser feet: the Brother CS6000i is provided with 9 presser-feet whereby each of these feet accomplishes a particular sewing-project. These presser-feet include; a spring-action quilting foot, overcastting-foot, Monogramming-foot, Walking-foot, Zipper-foot, Zigzag-foot, Blind-stitch foot, Buttonhole-foot and a Button-fitting foot.
  • 1-step bobbin replacement: this sewing-machine ensures 1-step, bobbin-replacement with a quick-set, drop-in bobbin. In fact, this jam-resistant quick-set, top, drop-in bobbin makes accessing and setting the bobbin-thread a breeze.
  • Stitch width and length control: with the Brother CS6000i, the user can easily select stitches and even adjust the stitch-length and stitch-width while using the in-built settings which are later seen on the LCD-display.
  • Built-in storage compartment: your accessories can actually be safely stored in the built-in compartment found on the arm of the Brother CS6000i Sewing-machine.
  • Accessory pouch: this sewing-machine also includes an accessory-pouch with a seam-ripper, needle-set, cleaning-brush, screwdriver, 3 spool-caps, spool-pin, 3-bobbins and an eyelet-punch.
  • English/Spanish operation-manual: the Brother CS6000i includes a printed Quick-Start guide coupled with a complete instructions-manual in English and Spanish in order to thoroughly guide the user on how to thread, operate and maintain this sewing-machine.
  • 25 year limited warranty: lastly, the Brother CS6000i sewing-machine is backed by a 25-year limited-warranty on all parts coupled with free phone-support for the entire life-span of this product.

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches - 2

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Product Quality:

The Brother CS6000i it a premium-quality, versatile and feature-rich sewing machine that is equipped with over 60 different stitch functions including utility-stitches, decorative-stitches and 7-styles of 1-step buttonholes so that the user can easily accomplish any sewing-project. In fact, this sewing-machine even has an LCD-screen coupled with an easy to use stitch-selector in order to easily select from the 60-different stitches so as to customize your work. On top of that, the Brother CS6000i has an intuitive speed-control slider which helps to control sewing-speed and this machine can actually sew up to 850-stitches per-minute.

On the other hand, this sewing-machine can also be operated with either a foot-pedal or by pressing a 1-touch button while the automatic needle-threader helps the user to easily insert the thread into the needle-eye. Lastly, the Brother CS6000i features a storage compartment used for keeping any accessories and hard carry-bag which keeps the sewing-machine in good shape while travelling.

Who does it benefit?

  • It benefits quilters and sewers of all skill-levels: the Brother CS6000i Sewing-Machine will benefit sewers and quilters at different skill-levels because equipped with over 60 different stitch functions and other advanced features. In fact, you can use this sewing-machine to add decorative-stitches on clothing create a neat row of buttonholes, sew a zipper and to even create virtually-invisible seams easily.

What Else Do You Need?

  • Style SA156 Sewing Machine-Bobbins for Brother (10-Pack): these are very crucial items that you will always need when it comes to threading your sewing-machine and this is why you need to buy them in order to prepare yourself for in advance especially when you’re a daily sewer.

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches

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