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Vacuuming can be extremely difficult or easy depending how bad or good your vacuum cleaner is. These are expensive machines so before choosing one you should have a guideline that will help you choose one that will be worth your money. There are very many types and models on the market today so if you are not well versed with which features to look out for you will end up going in for the wrong vacuum cleaner. However I hope some of the tips that I am going to provide will help you choose the perfect vacuum cleaner and how to good care of it.




  • Weight of the vacuum cleaner: people who have the time to clean their houses every single day should choose a vacuum cleaner that is light. This will comfortable for you to use every day compared to a bulky one. But if you vacuum your house just once in a while then a large upright vacuum cleaner that has a stronger motor will be a better option.
  • Size of your home: if you have a very big house buying a small vacuum cleaner will such a big mistake. It will cover a smaller surface area which means you will take a lot more time cleaning besides you have enough space to store a large vacuum cleaner so a large vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice. On the other hand, small vacuum cleaners work best for those with small apartments.
  • Suction power: always look out for a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power, one that will scoop even the tiniest bits of dust. The vacuum cleaner should be able to deeply penetrate through the carpet to suck out those stubborn dust particles that seem very difficult to remove. In addition to suction power the vacuum cleaner must also have a high level of filtration that makes sure dust particles are blown out into the air.
  • The type of vacuum cleaner: they are basically two types of vacuum cleaners these include bag less vacuum cleaners and those that have bags. Those that are bag less are because you easier to use and you never get to touch the garbage when empting it, you just press a button and that’s it. Vacuum cleaners that have bags need more attention as you have to remove the bag and replace it with a new before it gets too full. All in all bag less vacuum cleaners are the best because they do not lose suction when they get full unlike those with bags.
  • Exceptional features: before buying the vacuum cleaner, look out for the exceptional features that it comes with for example a special brush for cleaning hard floor, a stiff brush that can penetrate through that carpet to remove tough dust particles, self-adjusting cleaner head such features make a vacuum cleaner exceptional from all the rest.
  • Type of usage: this involves corded or cordless usage, if you have a small apartment a corded vacuum cleaner will be good enough since they come with cables that are long enough to reach different parts of the house. But if you have a large house with very many rooms, a cordless vacuum cleaner that can hold charge for long is better as it will make it easier for you to cleaner those different rooms.
  • The cost of the vacuum cleaner:different vacuum cleaners come at different prices depending on the features and specifications it has. So it all depends on your budget, choose a cleaner that fits into your budget. Before spending too much on the machine make comparisons, check out all its features and if you find it worth its price, fits the needs of your house then you go ahead and buy it. I always advise people to go in for bag less vacuum cleaners because they are cost efficient as you do not have to spend on washing or buying replacement bags.


How to care for the vacuum cleaner:

Due to drastic changes in technology, every year that goes by vacuum cleaners are made with more innovative features however one thing that never changes is how you should take care of them. The more you take good care of the vacuum cleaner the longer it lasts and the better it performs.

  • Take instructions seriously: epilators come with a set of instructions but most people ignore them because they think it is just a bunch of crap. I personally think this is very wrong because those instructions contain very important information that will help you learn how best to use the vacuum cleaner. Following the instructions will help you behaviors that may spoil you vacuum cleaner faster than you expect.
  • Ensure it is plugged in while you work: this is very important when you are using a corded vacuum cleaner to clean a large house reason being when you are cleaning different rooms the cleaner will plug out without you noticing. This means that you will continuously plug the cleaner in and out which is very dangerous for its engine. Plugging the cleaner in and out every now and then weaken its engine causing it to get spoilt quickly.
  • Pay attention to dust bags: for those of you that have vacuum cleaners with replaceable dust bags, you should always check out the dust bag to ensure it is not torn or excessively full. A torn duct bag deposits dust into the vacuum cleaner causing it to get clogged.
  • Empty the vacuum cleaner early enough: most people actually empty their vacuum cleaners after they have become completely full which is very wrong. Whenever the bag gets extremely filled up the vacuum cleaner is less effective since it tends to lose suction and instead blow out dust into the air.
  • Ensure to clean the filters: in case your vacuum has filters, ensure to always clean them. These are very important for your safety as they work on separation of dust. For best results you are advised to change the filters every once a year.
  • Store the vacuum cleaner properly: do not just throw the cleaner anywhere when you are through with cleaning, yes you will be very exhausted but storing you cleaner well will save you more serious costs.

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