Choosing the Right Electric Lawn Mower:

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If you own a home with yard/compound then you will have to mulch it at some point inorder to keep it looking nice and this can only be done by a lawn-mower. However there are several types of lawn-mowers on the market today and it may actually give you a hard time choosing the right lawn-mower to use at home. However, in this article I’m specifically listing for you some of the steps that you can follow when choosing an electric lawn-mower to use at home or commercially. In fact, most people today are working hard to reduce on their carbon footprint by improving on energy-efficiency within their homes and why they are opting to using electric lawn-mowers than gas-powered lawn-mowers. All in all, below are some of the factors that you will need to consider if you wish to choose the right electric lawn-mower.

SECTION-1: How To Evaluate Your Yard Before Choosing An Electric Lawn-Mower:

  1. Calculate the size of your yard: Before you acquire an electric-lawn-mower, you will need to know the size of your yard in-order to be sure whether an electric lawn-mower can handle it. In fact, most electric lawn-mowers are designed to handle small-to-medium lawns under ½ an acre. In fact, there are very few cordless electric lawn-mowers that can handle large lawns that exceed ½ an acre.


  1. Take note of the slope of the yard: you will need to observe the slope of the yard inorder to help you determine whether you need a self-propelled electric lawn-mower or push electric-mower. In fact, self-propelled electric lawn-mowers are good for mowing hills while push electric lawn-mowers are best for mowing flat-areas.


  1. Determine type of grass in the yard: in case you have a well-maintained lawn with less weeds then consider using a standard electric lawn-mower but if you have an overgrown lawn with many different weeds then consider using a heavy-duty, high-performance lawn-mower inorder to achieve effective mowing results.

SECTION-2: How To Determine And Choose The Right Lawn-Mower:

  1. Make some research on different brands of electric lawn-mowers: there are actually different brands of electric lawn-mowers on the market today and this implies that you need to make some research inorder to know what brand makes the best electric lawn-mowers and where you can service them from.


  1. Choose an electric lawn-mower you need to get the mowing-job done: there are actually 2 types of electric mowers on the market which include corded and cordless electric lawn-mowers. So, consider choosing a type of lawn-mower that will help you achieve optimum mowing results.


  1. Choose a corded lawn-owner for small and flat yards: in case your yard/lawn is small and flat, then consider buying a corded lawn-mower because it will be capable of mowing the entire perimeter easily detaching its cord. However, make sure that the electric lawn-mower your about to buy is equipped with an extension-cord that long-enough or can reach across the entire yard for best results.


  1. Choose a cordless electric lawn-mower for large yards: you will have to acquire a cordless electric lawn-mower incase your yard is larger than 1/2 an acre inorder to achieve effective mowing results. In fact, you can’t use a corded lawn-mower on larger yards because the cord may not be long enough to let the mower access certain sections of the yard and that’s why a cordless lawn-mower will do the mowing job perfectly. On other hand, you should consider choosing a more powerful cordless electric lawn-mower in case your yard is over 1-acre and beyond.


  1. Consider choosing an electric robotic lawn-mower for smaller-yards: robotic lawn-mowers are actually powered by electricity and they are actually designed to move themselves around the entire yard but with the specified perimeters. However, robotic lawn-mowers provide a less-quality trim and they are even more expensive than conventional electric mowers.


  1. Consider choosing a 3-in-1 electric lawn: an electric lawn-mower that features a 3-in-1 cutting system will actually be capable of mulching, side-discharging and bagging the cut grass-clippings thus making your mowing routine more efficient and effective. In fact, such an electric lawn-more will save you a lot of time and money you would have spent on mulching and bagging while mowing.

Tips To Consider When Choosing An Electric Lawn-Mower:

  • Cordless lawn-mowers are perfect choice for people owning large-yards and those concerned with the dangers of running over the cord while mowing.
  • Always make sure that a corded lawn-mower that you have chosen is equipped with a long-enough extension-cord that can reach across your entire yard while mowing.
  • Make enough research on electric lawn-mowers before making a purchase. In fact, you should know that the more features an electric lawn-mower has the more costly it becomes.
  • Cordless lawn-mowers are much heavier than corded lawn-mowers and this mainly because cordless mowers rely on an inbuilt, rechargeable battery for power but these batteries are heavy thus making cordless lawn-mower heavier than the cordless one.
  • Electric lawn-mowers are more costly than conventional gas-powered mowers or push-mowers. So, you should be willing to spend more money on lawn-mower before choosing an electric-powered lawn-mower.
  • Electric lawn-mowers will not work perfectly for you in case you have a very large yard that is over 2-acres. So, it’s recommended to go for gas-powered lawn-mower inorder to achieve effective results while mowing a larger yard.
  • Always take an electric lawn-mower to professional mechanic incase it gets a mechanical problem. This is highly recommended because it very hard for an individual to repair an electric lawn-mower by himself at home. In fact, if your electric lawn-mower has a major mechanical-problem then it’s recommended to just buy a new one for best mowing results.

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