Cuisinart Spb-600 Smartpower Deluxe Die Cast Blender Review

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Cuisinart SPB-600MR SmartPower Deluxe Die Cast Blender Review - 1

From Cuisinart you can always expect nothing but the highest and most unique quality you can find in kitchen appliances and it is not different with the SPB-600 Smart Power Deluxe Die Cast Blender. This is blender is everything you have been longing to have due to its amazing combination of stunning features and blending power, it simply makes cooking fun. With this blender’s die cast metal base there is absolutely no doubt it has beat many of its competitors and offers you long lasting performance.

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It also has a large borosilicate glass which is shock resistant and 4 speed controls including high, low, pulse and ice crush that make the blender extremely easy to operate. Taking advantage of this blender’s ultra-sharp blades and high 600 watt performance, you can blend absolutely anything you feel like and not worry about the machine getting damaged. Unlike other blenders where you have to support the lid with your hand, the SPB-600 comes with a seal lid that tightly fits on the blender.


  • The SPB-600 blender is very effective when it comes to crushing ice, its heavy duty 600 watt motor and strong 4 surface stainless steel blades find no difficulty in chopping ice.
  • It does not shake too much like other blenders when you are using it, this is because of its very strong die-cast metal housing that offers stability when you are blending.
  • This blender is actually not noisy when you are blending with the low speed setting which makes it really exceptional from many other blenders that will make noise no matter which speed setting you choose.
  • The metal housing is extremely durable compared to plastic, the blender will last such a long while all thanks to the sturdy housing.
  • It has removable and dish washer safe blades that are very easy to clean hence maintaining perfect hygiene.


  • It is noisy if you are blending with the high speed setting, despite the fact that this Cuisinart blender is quite on low speed setting, the moment you change it becomes noisy.

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Features overview:

  • 4-speed sleek electronic controls:the Cuisinart SPB-600 Smart Power Deluxe Die Cast Blender can be operated by anyone due to its simplicity when it comes to operation. The blender has 4 electronic controls that is to say, high, low pulse and ice crush and with just the touch of a button you will be able to choose which one you wish to use. All these controls are further designed with a blue light indicator that will show which button you are using at the particular moment.
  • Patented ultra-sharp stainless steel blade:this blender’s cutting edge blades are made from sturdy stainless steel and four surfaces which provide you with superior and continuous mincing, whipping and chopping every other time. With this unique machine you are always guaranteed with special blending, these blades will crush perfectly without finding any difficulty.
  • Tight seal lid:to ensure safety not just for the blender but also the person using the blender as it comes with a really tight seal lid. While using this blender there is almost no need for you to hold the lid with your hands to prevent it from flying away when you start blending.
  • Automatic 2 minute stop feature:for any quality electric appliance this is a very important feature that promotes saving power and durability of the blender. In case you have forgotten to turn the blender off, it will shut itself after two minutes with the help of its auto-stop feature.
  • Strong and large capacity jar:SPB-600 is designed with a glass that is large enough, it measure 48 ounces. It does not only stop at that, the borosilicate jar has also been found thermal-shock resistant which gives the freedom to blend anything very hot and immediately after blend and ice cold beverage.
  • Exceptional performance:alongside this blenders versatile performance it is also designed to beat many of the competing blenders on the market. This Cuisinart blender is designed to offer you exceptional quality using a heavy duty 600 watt motor. With such a powerful motor, you get to whip smoothies, make soups and purees and even crush ice.
  • Simple clean up:apart from the base of the blender everything else is dish washable and removable, this will help you to thoroughly clean your blender in the shortest possible time and without too much fuss.
  • Die-cast metal exterior and stainless steel collar:this simply explains why the SPB-600 Smart Power Deluxe blender has won over many others when it comes to durability. The blender has a die-cast metal base that incessantly offers stability during the entire blending procedure.

Cuisinart SPB-600MR SmartPower Deluxe Die Cast Blender Review - 3

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Product quality:

The Cuisinart SPB-600 Smart Power Deluxe Die Cast Blender has managed to exceed that quality of all those close rivals using it exceptional blending quality and sturdy construction. It does not only offer long lasting performance but also guarantees the best blending time all thanks to its really unique features. The blender allows you to make more than enough of whatever you want to make since its jar is large enough, 48 ounces.  First and foremost, how easy the machine is when it comes to operation will always attract a wide number of customers to buying the machine and this has made the SPB-600 very popular. It features s speed electric touchpad controls that are clearly labeled and further detailed with blue lights that indicate show button you are using. It is then made with sharp stainless steel blades that are strong enough to cut through any ingredients of your choice.

More to that, is a tight seal lid that can assure safety of both the machine and the user so you can now blend without worrying about ingredients flying out of your blender at any one moment. Using its 600 watt power motor the blender whips up smoothies, crushes ice, makes purees and so much more. I almost forgot to say the glass jar is tested thermal shock resistant so you can blend both hot and extremely cold staff in the same time period. Cleaning the blender not a task anymore because the blender has removable and dish washable parts as the die-cast metal exterior offers reliable stability all through the blending time. Winning even higher priced blender, this SPB-600 blender can automatically switch itself using reason being it is designed with a 2 minute auto-stop features.

Cuisinart SPB-600MR SmartPower Deluxe Die Cast Blender Review - 1

Who does it benefit?

  • Perfect blender for time users: the blender has very clear and easy to read controls, these include high, low, ice crush and pulse, generally everything about the blender is self-explanatory to the extent that even if you have never owned or used a blender your entire life, you will require no help to use the SPB-600 from Cuisinart.
  • It also recommended is you tend to forget to turn off your appliances: each time you forget to turn your blender off, you are putting yourself at risk of electric shock and damaging the blender but with this high quality that is no issue for you to worry. It is designed with an automatic 2 minute auto stop feature that makes the blender shut two minutes after it has been used if you have not turned it off by yourself.

What else do you need?

  • Cuisinart stainless steel blender blade: without the perfect blade your blender is nothing more than useless which is why you will need a spare blade just in case the one currently in your blender gets damaged or blunt. This blade fits the Cuisinart blender perfectly; it is very easy to clean since it is hand washable and comes with its gasket. You don’t have to buy the gasket separately if you have this kind of blade.
  • Statko stainless steel pineapple slicer and corer: planning to use pineapple as an ingredient in whatever you are making with your blender, this pineapple slicer will make things much easier for you. With its stainless steel and sharp blade, it is can nicely peel and precisely cut pineapple into small pieces in seconds.

Cuisinart SPB-600MR SmartPower Deluxe Die Cast Blender Review - 1

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