Defender 2.4″ Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

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Defender 2.4 Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Intercom - Review 1

The Defender 2.4 inch Digital Video Baby Monitor does not allow your ears or eyes to miss out on anything from your baby’s room. Even from a distance of 12 feet away, you can still be able view whatever id happening with your baby reason being this baby monitor is designed with 8infrared LED lights. You can now monitor your baby full time for up to 72 hours in power save mode as it is made with a very unique and strong lithium ion battery that performs for such a long period of time.

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Utilizing clearVu digital wireless technology this defender baby monitor offers a very clear signal that is 100% secure even from a distance of 750ft away from the baby’s room. Its two way communication allows you to keep in touch with not just your baby but anyone thatyou would like to talk when you are not home be it staff, visitors any other family members and even your pets. Because it easily mounts on the wall or desk, the camera that comes with this baby monitor gives you the most perfect view. There are many more features that any parent will be amazed to have from a baby monitor as we shall in the full review of the defender 2.4 inch digital video baby monitor.


  • It has a really clear and quality microphone on the camera so you can be perfectly heard as you talk even when there is some loud noise.
  • Even in total darkness you can still spot what is happening 12 feet away due to the invisible infrared LEDs that do not cause any kind of distraction.
  • It is inexpensive yet it performs a perfectly as anyone would expect their baby monitor to, for this baby monitor you do not have to pay a whole fortune just to enjoy its great features.
  • It is not just easy to use but also extremely easy to set up, the camera is very to mount on the wall both horizontally and vertically for you to have the most perfect view.


  • It tends to lose signal sometimes meaning it will not work, although when it starts working it works really great there is a possibility of missing out on what is going on in your baby’s crib when the baby monitor stops working.

Defender 2.4 Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Intercom - Review 1



Features overview:

  • Remarkable clearVu digital signal:from up to 750 feet away you are always assured of an exceptionally clear and accurate signal. This makes this monitor very different from other analog frequency signals reason being its wireless signal is very private secure so that only you can access it and it is free from interference of other digital signals.
  • 72 hour battery life in power save mode:when set to power save mode, this wireless monitoring device will hold battery for over 72 hours. It is only when sound is detected that video monitoring will be reactivated which helps to save up on battery therefore if sound is not sensed after a certain period of time by the camera, the monitor will power down to standby mode automatically.
  • Two way communication:with just the touch of a button you will be able to use the monitor’s two way intercom to keep in touch with children, visitors, staff, pets or anyone else at your house that you would like to talk to. With this wireless system there is a lot you can get done with only by pressing a button like for example being able to see, talk and even hear whatever happens from a distance of 750 feet away.
  • Visible LED night vision:the camera is designed with 8 infrared LEDs that are invisible so that you do not get distracted by their red glow in the dark, however the main importance of this is that when it is totally dark the light will help you view anything going on 12 feet away. This way you can monitor your baby’s room when you are not there without necessarily putting all your attention to the camera.
  • Simple adjustable wall mount:you can easily attach your camera to the wall to have the most perfect view, it is therefore up to you to find the most convenient place to monitor your baby from. Horizontally each camera can be adjusted 240 degrees and vertically to 65 degrees. When it comes to set up, you will find very easy to find the best angle to get everything in your baby’s crib.
  • LED volume indicator:the volume indicator simply shows you if there is any distracting sound in the area you are monitoring. If there is any noise that is too loud, the volume indicator will light yellow, orange or red depending on how loud it is but when it is the atmosphere is typical it will display green.
  • Convenient and compact design:everything about this device makes it very convenient and very easy to use even for first time parents. It comes with a removable stand that allows to conveniently using the monitor while it’s attached to tabletop or when you are on the move you can simply detach it since it is sleek and portable.
  • Adjustable brightness:depending on the condition in which you are, you can always increase or reduce the brightness of the monitor. To prevent doing any damage to your eyes it is best you decrease the light when it dark and when you are lighted up areas or under the sun increase the brightness.
  • Linkable to over 4 cameras:this baby monitor allows you to view up to four different areas since it can link to over four cameras all at once. You can do all this with great ease.

Defender 2.4 Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Intercom - Review

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Product quality:

The Defender 2.4 inch Digital Video Baby Monitor is a handy wireless featuring a very strong battery that will provide you with over 72 years of performance in power save mode without recharging. There is no way your eyes and ears will miss a thing from your baby’s crib all due to the clearVu technology which deliver crystal clear and accurate digital signal from 750 feet away securely and without any interference from any other digital signals. The cameras have 8 infrared invisible LEDs that will help you view each and everything even at a distance of 12 feet away in total darkness. You have the chance to talk, listen and watch your children, pets, visitors, staff of anyone else that may you may want to get to with the help of the talk back feature and two way intercom.

It is now much to view your baby in the most perfect spot whether it is vertically or horizontally reason you can easily mount this wireless system to the wall. It is therefore almost impossible for you to fail to get the clearest view of your child. Linking up to four cameras, you can get to view what is happening in over four places and since it is very convenient and easy to use, you can mount it either on the table or take it with you when you are on the go. Feel free to always increase or reduce brightness of the monitor to whichever feels most comfortable to your eye sight.

Defender 2.4 Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Intercom - Review 3

Who does it benefit?

It is much recommended for homes with very many family members: if you have a big number of family members, this baby monitor will help you remain in perfect contact with absolutely everyone and at the same see or hear whatever is happening in your house. On the other hand it is expandable to over four cameras that means you will be able to have a clear view of four different areas in your home. You will have more peace of mind knowing each and every member of your family is safe and sound.

What else do you need?

Camera table stand: just in case you do not get a clear view of your baby with the camera mounted on the wall, mounting it on to the camera table stand will be a much better option. On table stand you will be able to perfectly position the camera where you can easily but clearly see what is happening in your baby’s crib.

Defender 2.4 Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Intercom - Review 2

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