DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer Review

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To make job approximations extremely fast and simple, calculate the volume and area without any difficulty look no further than the DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer. For this device it doesn’t even matter whether points A and B don’t show, it will still measure the distance using Pythagoras. The DEWALT DW03050 features a memory storage function which gives it the ability to keep your last five measurements so that the next time you use it you will not have to go through too much hassle repeating the measurements all over again. It flaunts a 2 line back-lit display which provides better visibility of the screen in all kinds of lighting, whether dim or bright. Along with all those gorgeous features, the unit also features a very long lasting design combing IP65 water and dust resistance with an over molded frame. It accurately operates all the way to a range of 165feet.

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What we like;

  • Indirect measurement; the DEWALT DW03050 laser distance measurer comes is perfect device making very quick and fast measurements even on instances where points A and B cannot be accessed. This is simply because the device uses Pythagoras to measure distances. Therefore if you have been finding it hard to measure a particular distance because you have no idea of where to begin, simply use this simple but overly efficient tool, it will give you the results that all other lasers weren’t able to give you and most interestingly without you using too much effort.
  • Durable design; even rough site conditions can’t stop the DEWALT DW03050 laser distance measurer due to the extra tough body that it is designed with. It combines an over molded housing which cannot easily be damaged by droppings together with IP65 rated water and debris resistance to make this tool very durable since it provides a really special kind of protection against water, dust and debris. This is a device that is worth you spending some money on because it returns value for money with long lasting performance.
  • Backlit display; you can read information off the DEWALT DW03050 laser can be read even you are not so close to the device all as a result of its 2 line backlit display that enhances visibility on the screen. In all types of lighting conditions, whether dim or bright, this laser still remains very visible.
  • Memory function; the DEWALT DW03050 long distance measurer has the ability to store five of the last measurements that you took in your previous session. This means that of you need to use those same exact measurements in your next session they will gladly be available saving you the difficulty of have to repeat them all over again. Taking those measurements is not an easy task so if you found a laser like the DEWALT DW03050 that can store some previous measurements for you then you are definitely lucky.
  • Long distance range; this laser is ideal for long distance projects as it delivers a working range of up to 165feet with accuracy of +/-1/16inches. Not many lasers are this effective to offer such a long range but since the DEWALT DW03050 provides that long working range you job will be made easier and quicker.
  • Protective pouch; this laser comes in a very convenient and protective pouch that makes transportation of the device much simpler and at the same time safer. Besides you will always have the perfect place to store your measurer.
  • User’s manual; to make using the laser easy even for the novices, the DEWALT DW03050 comes with an easy to follow manual that helps you find where to begin on using the device.

What we don’t like;

  • It is completely invisible outdoors; if by any chance you were having plans of using the DEWALT DW03050 laser long distance measurer for outdoor tasks then you surely got it wrong because this laser has been found to remain completely invisible outdoors by the customers that have tried using it before. Everyone praised its visibility indoors even at long distances but when it comes to outdoors usage, this is just not the tool you need, you will have to look out for something with better outdoor visibility.
  • Quite difficult to replace batteries; removing and replacing is another con of the DEWALT DW03050, several customers found it quite difficult to replace this laser’s batteries and yet changing batteries is one of the things you must do to keep it in excellent working condition. This should be something for the makers of this laser to improve on all next productions of this device.
  • No accuracy indicator; the DEWALT DW03050 is said to be very accurate however there is actually no way you can know if the measurements you are making with it are actually correct. This laser misses out on an error indicator that other lasers have, which would be important in ensuring that the measurements you make are completely free of any errors. So whether you are accurate or not, you are always going to have these doubts in mind.


The DEWALT DW03050 laser distance measurer is a very simple to use and accurate device for making calculations and measurements. This tool is greatly loved by surveyors, engineers and other professionals for the way it makes their jobs easier. It has the ability to make job approximations quicker and simpler as it uses Pythagoras to measure distance where points A and B cannot be accessed and also automatically calculate volume plus area. Infused with an internal memory feature, this compact device can actually keep five last measurements eliminating the need for you to re-do the measurements all over again if you are going to use the same ones. It also shows off a two-line backlit display that delivers visibility in both bright and badly lit situations whiles its tough construction makes it stand all job site conditions. This device is well protected from dust, debris and even water.

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