Edwin Jagger De87bl Faux Ivory Double Edge Safety Razor Review

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This is a new, incredible traditional double-edge safety-razor that is manufactured by Edwin Jagger. The Edwin Jagger De87bl razor is fitted with latest precision double-edge razor blade head that ensure that every man gets a clean and smooth shave thus making this razor of great interest amongst experienced wet shavers who usually require an accurate and close shave with finished results similar to those of an original straight-razor.

Edwin Jagger De87bl Faux Ivory Double Edge Safety Razor Ivory

The most amazing thing about this razor is that it comes with a faux ivory finish handle that looks stylish couple with an expertly engineered comb head that ensures close and comfortable shave.  This razor is also embossed the Edwin Jagger name or logo around the color for extra attraction. In conclusion, any man who wishes to improve on his shaving experience should try out the Edwin Jagger De87bl faux double-edge safety razor because it actually provides a very close shave with reduced in-grown hairs.

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  • This safety razor feels hefty and comfortable when using it to shave because it is designed with longer but smaller handle that fits well into the hands and it does not slip even when one is shaving under wet-conditions. In fact, this razor has good weight, feels well-balanced and it even looks great hence this implies that it will be a good shaving tool for men who like using elegant things.
  • The Edwin Jagger De87bl safety razor will give any man a close and clean shave everyday incase its used with the right blades. It actually leaves the skin very smooth with no skin irritations like; razor burns or bumps.You won’t experience any pulling while wet-shaving with this amazing razor.


  • It is somehow difficult to change the blade angle while shaving with this safety razor and this actually implies that one may need some double-edge shaving experience to achieve the best angle when trimming hair with this razor. Likewise, this may even take one some good time inorder to achieve a perfect shave in case you are a novice user.
  • This razor’s handle is a bit slippery when being used under wet conditions compared to knurled all metal handles. This means that one will not entirely achieve a firm grip when wet-shaving with this safety-razor because it handle is all about style not firm grip.
  • In terms of longevity, this razor may not last for long if not handled with care. This is because it’s made of chrome plated cast metal that needs to be handled with care to prevent peeling of chrome and screwing breakages. This means that you should try as much as you not to drop or badly screw this safety-razor.

Edwin Jagger De87bl Faux Ivory Double Edge Safety Razor Ivory - 1

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Features overview:

  • It featured a double-edge design: the Edwin Jagger De87bl razor comes with a precision shaving head that fits all standard double-edge blades. These are the most commonly used blades in safety razor but you should ensure that you buy high-quality blades so as to achieve a smooth and clean shave.
  • A classic closed-comb head: this razor is designed with a classic closed comb head that it expertly engineered to offer one with an aggressive but smooth and comfortable shave. This head actually exposes a small portion the blade edges and that’s why it’s capable of providing a closer but comfortable shave that is perfect for men with sensitive skin types.
  • AnEdwinJagger logo: the head of this razor is actually coated with high quality chrome plating with an EdwinJagger name or logo embossed around the collar for added attraction and branding. This logo really makes the razor unique from other brands of safety-razors that don’t have a logo on them.
  • It’s a 3-piece razor: Edwin Jagger De87bl is a three-piece safety razor that can be unscrewed into 3 different parts which include the handle and the other 2 head parts. This makes it easy for any man to replace blades into this razor and also makes cleaning it quite simple. However, you need to be careful when replacing the blades to avoid any injuries and also take some extra attention when screwing the handle back onto the head if you wish to use this razor for a longer period of time.
  • The razor features a light-weight handle: the safety razor comes lightweight handle is made from ivory colored polyester that is highly polished whereby this handle is also capped each end with chrome plated brass components for added attraction. This handle is approximately 3.3-inches and this actually makes it long enough especially for men with wide hands because this makes the razor to feel hefty and comfortable while shaving. The ivory handle also feels firm in the hands even when someone is shaving under wet-conditions.
  • It comes well-packaged with double-edge blades: the safety razor comes well-packed in a smart EdwinJagger card presentation box that really looks stylish and elegant. On top of that, this razor also packaged with 5 derby double-edge, safety blades in order to make it shave ready immediately after receiving it. However, you will need to buy for yourself additional double-edge blades incase these ones get used up.

Edwin Jagger De87bl Faux Ivory Double Edge Safety Razor

Product Quality:

When it comes to speaking of quality, the Edwin Jagger De87bl is actually a traditional safety razor that is carefully fitted with the latest precision double-edge blade head that does a great shaving job. Actually, this is a closed-comb head that is expertly engineered to offer every man with a clean and irritation free shave and this makes the razor of great interest to most experienced wet shavers.

Likewise, the safety razor is designed with a lightweight handle that is created from ivory colored polyester with high-quality chrome plated parts on both ends. This handle is also 3.3-inches long whereby its long enough to fit in any wide hands and it even feels firm when held in the hands as one shaves. The other unique and quality feature about this razor is the Edwin Jagger name that has been imprinted along the collar of its head.

This razor accepts any standard double edge razor blades which are actually known for offering a safe and close shave. As i conclude, you should know that this razor is well designed and balanced with and awesome weight and feel hence this is the reason as to why it will provide any man with a satisfying close shave.

Edwin Jagger De87bl Faux Ivory Double Edge Safety Razor Ivory

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Who does it benefit?

  • A great razor for experienced wet shavers: this safety razor can be a good shaving tool for experienced wet-shavers who wish to achieve a close and accurate shave. This is because it’s equipped with the latest precision double-edge blade head that ensures a clean and comfortable shave.
  • An ideal razor for beginners or new wet-shavers: this traditional safety razor features a closed comb head that delivers a mild to moderate aggression shave that is perfect for men who are new to wet-shaving. Infact, this razor will ensure that someone gets a closer and irritation-free shave in a short period of time.

What I need

  • Double edge razor blades: though this razor comes with 5-blades, you will need to purchase more double edge blades that you will have to use when the other ones are used up. But to get a clean and smooth shave, go for high quality razor-blade brands like Merkur and derby extra double-edge razor blades.


  • Badger brush with drip stand: you can purchase an EdwinJagger badger brush inorder to use it for lathering up your skin with a shaving cream before you start shaving, this brush also helps to soften and lift beard hair for a closer and long-lasting shave. Infact, a good badger brush will generate a rich lather for a great shaving result. The drip stand actually plays a huge role when it comes to drying and storing your badger brush after using it.

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