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This Edwin Jagger De89bl double-edge safety-razor is described by most men as a top-quality shaving product that is capable of competing with the best razors on the market today. This modern razor has a wide range of standard features which have been incorporated to offer comfort and durability with continued use.


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It is also a reliable razor for providing men with a more closer, comfortable and smoother shave with reduced ingrown hairs and skin-irritation. This razor has a brass tubular-handle which is chrome plated hence this means that the razor will be able to last for a lifetime without even rusting.

This Edwin-Jagger Safety Razor is ranked amongst the best new double-edged razors because it offers a great shave experience and that is why I can only say that this razor makes a great gift for a friend or loved-one and you may even add it to your current razor collection.


  • Edwin Jagger De89bl is nicely weighted and this implies that it offers any man with good balance while shaving. The razor will also provide a closer and more accurate shave because it has a comb like head. However, you will be able to enjoy a good wet-shave only if you use high-quality blades and these are available on the market today at an affordable cost.


  • Not good for big hands: This safety razor will disturb you in case you have big hands because you will find that its handle is a bit shorter and very smooth. This means that when the razor becomes wet, it is somehow slippery hence making the shaving process hectic.

Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor 3

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Features overview:

  • Classic closed-comb head: this razor features a closed comb head with expertly engineered caps , this means that the razor will provide any man with a closer and smoother shave with less skin-irritation compared to straight-razors. The close comb prevents the razor blade from interacting directly with the skin.
  • Solid-brass tubular handle: It has a highly polished chrome-plated handle with an Edwin-Jagger name or symbol embossed around its collar. This handle feels sturdy and solid in the hands as you shave thus providing enhanced balance that is needed to achieve a more precise shaving-experience. This razor also offers an extra grip by using a double-lip near the top end of its handle.
  • Its head fits all standard double-edge blades: the Edwin Jagger head fits virtually all standard double-edged blades that readily available on the market today. Double edged blades provide a very smooth and clean shave for some good time yet they come at an affordable price.
  • It’s made of brass: the entire safety-razor is made of a solid brass material and this is actually a very strong metal that can last for longer period of time. This material also gives the razor a weight of 2.1-ounces and this makes it to feel sturdy and hefty while shaving. This weight will also offer the razor with excellent balance in order to achieve close and clean shave.
  • This safety-razor features a beautiful chrome finish: this chroming gives the razor a shiny and smart look while further protecting the razor against the development of damage like rust which develops over time due to wet shaving. All in all, I can only say that this razor is just durable it will do the shaving job for a long period time.

Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor 4

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  • This razor is well-designed with a sturdy and solid handle that will provide enhanced balance that is necessary for achieving a more precise shaving experience. Infact, this razor is specially developed to be a smart and durable product and this means that it will be the perfect razor to use by any classy men out there.
  • This stylish safety-razor has a beautiful chrome finish which protects it against any damage and this chrome-plating will keep your razor in good shape for a lifetime without becoming rusty.
  • The brass tubular handle and well-angled shaving head on the Edwin Jagger double-edge safety razor will greatly help any wet shavers to achieve a very close shave with reduced ingrown hairs and skin-irritations.
  • It is easy to use this safety-razor and its even considered tobe attractive and durable because of the chrome finish. Actually, this razor was designed for those who desire to get a smooth and more comfortable shave because of it has enhanced features that make it kinder to your skin.

Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor 2



  • New Safety Razor Users: This traditional double-edge safety razor is ideal for beginners in the wet-shaving industry because it features a head that delivers mild to moderate aggression while shaving hence this is just perfect for the new wet-shavers. But it’s also recommended to use new and quality blades with this razor for best results. Avoid using old blades because they tend not to offer a closer shave and may even cause more skin-irritations
  • The balance and weight of the Edwin Jagger De89bl razor makes it exceptionally easy to use for both experienced and novice wet-shavers. This is possible by placing the razor at the right angle and after use its weight to do rest as you shave.


  • This innovative double-edged safety razor will give you a closer and a more accurate shave because its developed with a classic comb-like head which covers a wider surface area as you shave while its brass and chrome plated tubular handle provides you with a firm and solid grip when shaving under wet-conditions. The razor has a weight of 2.1 ounces and this makes it to feel sturdy when held in the hands hence offering you enhanced balance which needed to achieve a smooth, clean and precise shave. In fact, this razor will cut through your beard and the rest of your facial hair smoothly with less skin-irritation because its head places the blades at just an appropriate angle against the skin during the shaving process.

What I need

  • Standard double-edge blades: you will have to purchase a pack of quality and standard double-edged razors in case you have this razor because it uses these blades as replacements when the old ones become rusty.
  • Shaving-soap: this is a must for wet-shavers because you will need to lather-up the face before shaving it in order to achieve a closer and smooth shave. You may apply this soap with your plain hands or with a badger brush in case you have one.

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