Edwin Jagger De89lbl Double Edge Safety Razor Review

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This Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl is a wonderful and traditional double-edge safety razor that has been fitted with the latest precision Double-Edged razor blade head which makes it popular among men who shave with safety razors. It is also a good razor for sensitive skins, but when using it, you have to leather up with a shaving cream; this will reduce on your chances of getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome

The razor itself is nice and easy to use because the balance and weight it offers is absolutely perfect. Its handle is a little bit longer than that of other safety razors on the market and this is really a great feature for men who have large hands. However, it requires the user to learn a few steps regarding the proper angle and razor usage in order to reduce on the chances of getting skin irritations. The solid weight of the safety-razor enables it to cut through any thick beard. I recommend it to all men.


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  • The good: This razor is suitable for use on all body parts. It does not matter what and where you want to shave, it will leave no hair standing. You can even use it to shave your pubic area or bikini.
  • The bad:  If you’re a beginner, it might take you a few strokes to learn how this double edge razor works, otherwise, once you grasp the technique, you will be ready to go.


Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor


Features overview:

  • It Has a Classic closed comb head: This Edwin Jagger De89lbl’s head has closed comb design and this helps to protect the skin from the blades while shaving hence offering any man with a closer shave with less skin irritation. This head is even equipped with expertly engineered caps which also do a great job when it comes to protecting the razor after use.
  • It’s made of solid brass: This razor is made of a high quality solid brass material coupled with a highly polished chrome finish. This makes it very strong and durable. It will always look new even after years of use.
  • Has a plated solid-brass tubular handle: The long tubular handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold while shaving, it does not matter whether you’re shaving while in the shower or not, you will always have the same feeling and results. For those who love branded products, you will fall in love with Edwin Jagger’s razor; he has stamped the brass handle with his logo which adds to the beauty of the razor.
  • Traditional lined pattern detail: It is designed with an awesome traditional lined pattern along the handle and this offers the user with a firm grip especially when shaving wet. So it will not slip away from your hands while wet shaving, the lines on the handle where crafted for this type of job. Over 1270 men have tested its performance and they give it a thumb up.
  • Each Edwin Jagger DE safety razor comes with 5-Derby safety blades: It’s quite impressing that they give you free sharp derby blades to start with. This makes it the best safety razor on the market. It is always good to give clients something free, it creates both confidence and relation between you and your clients, I guess this is the reason why most men prefer Edwin Jagger’ Razor. You will only spend money when buying the razor. You can use Derby blades for a week and then buy new ones on Amazon. A full packet of Derby blades doesn’t cost more than $10.
  • Easy to clean: After having a great close shave, your beards / hair will get stack in the blade section, this should no worry you, simply run water over the blades via the tap, that will clear all hair left in the blades. Let it dry before storing for next day use

Product Quality:

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome

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  • This Edwin Jagger DE safety-razor is really of high quality, it features a standard chrome finish which gives it a glow look. This chrome plate is not for beauty only, but it also protects the razor from rusting. This means if you leave it in a wet shower the all week or month, you will find it in the same state, may be you will need to replace the blades, but the razor its self will be in good shape.
  • The ergonomics of this razor are also great whereby if it’s used at the right shaving angle, you will be able to achieve a closer and comfortable shave even in the tricky areas like under the chin / armpits.
  • It’s handle features vertical lines which make the razor easy to use while in the shower.

Who Does It Benefit?

This safety razor will benefit men who are just new in the double edge shaving industry because there is a small learning curve when it comes to mastering how to use it , though it will still take you some time to achieve a very close shave with less irritation. on the other hand, the razor will even benefit men who are used to wet shaving and trust me any man will like the shave that this razor will offer him while wet shaving.



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If you have been using electric shavers in the past, you will tell the difference between this safety razor and an electric shaver, it does not matter whether the shaver features some high end features, it will not get close to what this DE89LBi does. If you think I’m joking around, try to use it and give us a feedback using the commenting box below.  I have read my reviews about electric razors, but most users complain that they can’t get that super close shave, all they get is something close to pure shaving, what a waste of money, yet this affordable tool can do all the miracles.

What I need

  • 1Badger shaving brush: This is a necessity when it comes to shaving with a razor. You have to use a brush to apply shaving power on your skin before shaving. But at the same time, you will use it to remove hair from safety razor blades, this will keep the razor sharp all the time. However, these brushes come in different sizes and their price differs as well, so its better you opt for what is the best.
  • 1Double edge razor blades: Edwin Jagger De89lbl razor  uses double edged razor blades but in to achieve a very close and clean shave, it would be best for you to acquire razor blades that are of high quality like derby extra double-edged razors blades.
  • 1A good shaving cream: If you want to wet shave, shaving creams are always needed or necessary because they prevent the razor from getting direct contact with the skin. When you leather up with a good shaving cream, it will make the beards / hair very soft, so when you start shaving with Edwin Jagger De89lbl razor, it will move smoothly on the skin without getting stuck, this will prevent any irritations and nicks that might have occurred if you never used a shaving cream.

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