Fisher Paykel DD24DCTB7 DishDrawer Review

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Fisher Paykel DD24DCTB7 DishDrawer Tall 24 - Black Semi-Integrated Dishwasher Review

The Fisher Paykel DD24DCTB7 DishDrawer Tall 24″ Black Semi-Integrated Dishwasher has been designed specifically for any one that cannot stand the sight of dirty dishes on the sink. With its extra ergonomic design, this dish washer will make cleaning dishes the best chore you ever have to do. It has extra wide drawers that can accommodate even the largest size plates including those that are 12 inch so there is definitely reason holding you back to have dinner parties in your home when you have this dish washer that makes clean up so easy.

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Additionally this tall dish washer is also designed in a way that it even accommodates extra-long stemmed glasses as well as king-size platter. Using its fast flow through detergent dispenser and superlative cleaning temperature, the DD24DCTB7 will give you the best performance you can ever get from a dish washer.


  • The fish Paykel DD24DCTB7 dish washer is extremely convenient as it is made with all the best ergonomic features to cut down on bending while using it and also make it possible for even people with disabilities to use the dish washer.
  • It offer exceptional and superior performance it smart drive wash mechanism, nine wash options, flow through detergent dispenser and 163 °F cleaning temperature that is very perfect at getting even the filthiest dishes clean.
  • This dish washer offer 100% guarantee that all dishes will be safe so you do not have to worry about any breakages or damages. This is because of the improved racking that includes adjustable racks, cup racks, pitch adjustable tines all these help you to perfectly load items into the dish washer hence minimizing chances of dishes getting damaged.
  • It also is also very easy to operate due to the simple controls, concealed wash programs and one button start, it is very understand how the dish washer works.
  • The dish washer minimizes wastage of water and energy since each of the 9 wash cycles has an eco-option.
  • The dish washer operates when it is very quiet, there is no irritating noise even when it is running.


The manual that comes with this dish washer is not very clear and is incomplete which makes a great disadvantage for first timers that always want to refer to the manual before using a product.



Fisher Paykel DD24DCTB7 DishDrawer Tall 24 - Black Semi-Integrated Dishwasher Review



Features overview:

  • Nine wash options: all types of utensil can perfectly get cleaned if you are using this fisher Paykel dish washer since it has a really wide variety of washing options. Whether it’s fine/crystal glass or heavily filthy pans and pots, this dish washer gets them all clean with just the touch of a button and such a wide range of wash settings. These options range between heavy and delicate with each of those having an eco-option which ensures that less water and power is being used.
  • Independent drawers:this dish washer is ergonomically designed which explains why it is very exceptional, it is more like a double dish washer in one since it has two separate drawers that function independently. This simply means that you can have two different wash cycles operating concurrently hence the ability to accommodate a great load of dishes.
  • Smart drive wash mechanism:to prevent breakage or damage of any items this dish washer is designed with smart drive mechanism which utilizes a brushless DC motor acting both as a wash pump and drain pump so there is less movement of parts to offer more reliability. The DD24DCTB7 semi-integrated dish washer offer excellent clean and takes perfect care of your dishes since its arm spray rotates at diverse speeds depending on a particular selected wash cycle.
  • 7 place settings per drawer:each of the drawers has 7 places in which you can perfectly arrange different items. The top drawer has adjustable racks that are large enough to hold even the largest plates (13 inch) together with the longest stemmed glasses while the bottom is designed to hold 11.5 plates and larger platter such as pans, cook ware and pots.
  • Keylock and child lock:you can now have a dish washer in your home and not worry about the safety of your children because these lock keys ensure that the hands of your little ones are completely safe.
  • Memory of last used cycle:if you have no time to reset the dish washer or simply have forgotten which cycle you used last time, this amazing machine makes it much simpler for you since it is programmed to keep permanent memory of the last cycle used.
  • Flow through detergent dispenser: this type of dispenser thrusts water through detergent to make it dissolve totally just afore to the washing cycle hence exceptional clean every other time.
  • Intelligent water level and load sensing: the detects the amount of water needed to make your load clean while at the same time sensing the amount of debris to determine which cycle will be perfect to make dishes clean.
  • 3 stage flood protection: the risk of the dish tub getting flooded or over filled is really minimized which makes the dish washer even safer.
  • Fan assisted drying: it dries the dishes perfectly well so that as soon as you get them out of the dish washer they are ready to be stored.
  • Concealed control panel: using this dish washer is extremely easy for the reason that its control panel requires just a single touch to program.

Fisher Paykel DD24DCTB7 DishDrawer Tall 24 - Black Semi-Integrated Dishwasher Review - 1

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Product quality:

If you are a fun of holding dinner parties in your home then make it fun with the Fisher Paykel DD24DCTB7 Dish Drawer Tall 24″ Black Semi-Integrated Dishwasher that makes cleaning up all those dinner dishes very easy and less time consuming. This machine has been designed with two independent drawers which are both wide enough to accommodate a really wide load of dishes of any size. Both the drawers operate independently so you can use two different wash cycles all at the same time. It also features smart drive wash mechanism which ensures better dish care since it utilizes an exceptional brushless DC motor acting both as a wash pump and drain pump so there are less parts in motion. In addition to that is its spray arm that alternates at different speed depending on the particular wash cycle. With over 9 wash settings ranging from delicate and heavy, this dish washer can wash everything from fine glass, crystal as well as pots and pans that are extremely stained.

It is always worrying and dangerous to have machines in your home when you have kids but this is totally the opposite with this dish washer reason being it is made with not just a key lock but also a child lock to keep children very safe. It does not matter how big the load you want to clean is because this is a really huge dish washer with 7 place settings in each of the drawers to accommodate the entire load you need to clean. More to that is its flow through detergent dispenser that perfectly dissolves detergent when water is being pumped, you are guaranteed of fresh smelling dishes all the time.

Who does it benefit?

  • Most perfect dish washer for people with disabilities: now this is the definitely that most convenient dish washer to have if you happened to have any disabled person in your home. This is simply because it is designed with ADA compliant features and design which is low enough that such needy people
  • Great for homes with kids: the dish washer is made with a child lock which ensures that your kid’s hands are safe enough so if you have many children in your home this is definitely the best dish washer for you to buy. This dish washer simply give you every reason to give it a try.

What else do you need?

Cascade Actionpacs Dishwasher Detergent: you must always use detergent designed to be used in the dish washer to avoid damaging your dish washer. So this detergent is very easy to use and has inbuilt rinse to ensure that your dishes are spotless clean and left without any water spots.

Fisher Paykel DD24DCTB7 DishDrawer Tall 24 - Black Semi-Integrated Dishwasher Review

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