How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps in the Bikini Area

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I will segment this post into two sections and these include: (1) Normal Treatment of Razor Bumps (2) Preventing Razor Bumps

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps in the Bikini Area


Shaving your Bikini area can be tricky and in most cases the best shaving tool you can use is a razor, they shave very first and they give a very clean and close shave, however, if you use a safety razor wrongly, you will stand a high chance of getting razor bumps. These bumps can be irritating because the skin around your bikini area is too soft, so you might find it difficult to wear very tight jeans or tight pants. But if you have them, you don’t have to worry, In this post, I will teach you tricks you can apply to get rid of these bumps easily and have a happy life.


  • Let your hair grow out before shaving: – This is a natural way of getting rid of these bumps; however, its impacts are not that instant. We all have different hair growth hormones, so some people might grow hair quickly while others will take a while. However due to intensive pain, you might get tempted and shave, this can turn out badly because once a razor irritates the bumps, you might get infections. Be patient, and let hair grow, bumps will break out on their own.
  • Don’t Scratch Affected area:- By all means this area will be itchy and I’m sure you can’t stand the irritation and discomfort, but if you scratch bumps, your fingernails might cause them to break, however, your fingers might be dirty and they end up causing infections, which might even be worse than bumps. So be calm and let nature take its own course.
  • Apply Tend Skin Care Solution for Razor Bumps: – This product contains Acetylsalicylic Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerin and Cyclomethicone. A combination of these ingredients gives Tend skin power to eliminate any razor bumps or ingrown hairs found on any part of the body. Before applying it to an infected area, test it in small amounts on a very small area, wait and see how your skin reacts, if all seems ok, go ahead a dampen a clean white cotton in Tend Skin solution and apply to the affected area. If use well, it will reduce on skin redness, razor bumps and any ingrown hairs that might have occurred after shaving with a safety razor.
  • Use Aleo Vera: – If you don’t want to use Tedskin, you can use Aloe Vera; it is a safe natural remedy for treating razor bumps. You can apply Aloe Vera while it’s in its natural state, of buy a Aleo Vera cream / solution.
  • Remove Razor Bump Scars with Retinol Cream: – This is a very effective cream, it will clear razor bump scars in a few weeks and your bikini area will look smooth and attractive as it used to look before. This cream is reach in Vitamin A and this is a very essential vitamin for your skin. You can apply Retinol Cream when going to bed after cleansing your bikini area. Some of the ingredients found in Retinol Cream include; Vitamin A / Purified Water / Coconut Oil / Stearic Acid / Vitamin E and so much more. However, physician advice women who are pregnant not to use Retinol Cream.
  • Go to a Dermatologist: – Once your razor bumps refuse to go, don’t insist, go to a dermatologist and get a check up, there could be something wrong, because these bumps can clear off naturally, that is after a while. So make an appointment with a physician and get an examination.


  • Get rid of all old razor blades: – If you use old rusty razor blades you will stand a high chance of getting razor bumps, this is because old razors harbor lots of bacteria, so once used on your skin, bacteria found on this old razor might find their way into your bikini area skin.
  • Don’t shave regularly:- Much as you want your bikini area to stay hair free, if you over shave it, you cause irritation to the skin which might results into razor bumps, so the best thing you should do is to skip some days without shaving, let hair grow out well and then shave it. I can predict how long it will take for your hair to grow out well, because our hair growth hormones differ from person to person.
  • Try to exfoliate: – Since this area is too sensitive, you need to exfoliate it gently, avoid using too much pressure, because you will end up hurting yourself. When you exfoliate, your skin will become clear, this process gets rid of dead skin cells on your skin and it opens skin pores which in return helps in the prevention of razor bumps or ingrown hairs. You can use ”Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub” coconut lime, it will extract all dead cells and condition your skin, the sugar grains found in this product will polish any damaged skin leaving you with a soft and smooth skin.
  • Don’t use too much pressure when shaving with a safety razor: – If you always use a safety razor to shave, try to be gentle when shaving your bikini area. Using too much pressure while shaving will cause irritation to the skin. So hold the razor gently and glide it over that bikini area smoothly. On the other hand, you can use a heavy duty safety razor like Merkur 34C HD Razor; its weight will help you clear hair around your bikini area without using too much force.
  • Don’t go over the same area more than once:- Safety razor are known for giving the best close shave, so you don’t have to shave the same area twice, because that second stock will pass over a bare skin and that will cause some serious irritations. The other thing you have to remember is to shave towards your grain. Follow the direction to which your bikini hair grows too. When you shave against the grain, you cause more irritation to the skin and this will result into razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • Wet shave: – You stand a high chance of getting razor bumps if you dry shave, the blade will have direct access to your bikini skin, pull & stretch it which will cause more irritation. Experts advise us to shave while in the shower or lather up your bikini area before shaving, this helps the hair to be shaved to become soft making it easy to shave, also the razor will not irritate your skin when you wet shave. But if it gets clogged during the shaving process, dump it in a mug of water and get rid of the shaving gel & hair and continue clearing your bikini area.
  • Use a good Shaving Cream: – We have many shaving creams in the market. The main purpose of using shaving cream is to soften hair and make them easy to shave. But you need to use a good shaving cream, because most them have irritating chemicals, In my opinion, I suggest you use Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream, it has been tested by many people and it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5, that makes it the best shaving cream for both women & men.
  • Rinse off shaving cream with cold water: – If you use cold water to wash of shaving cream, it will close skin pores and prevent any shaving cream residue or bacteria around your bikini area from entering that shaved area, by doing this, you will be preventing razor bumps from occurring.
  • Dry shaved area with a clean white cloth / towel: – After washing of sharing cream you need to dry that shaved area, because if left wet, bacteria will find refuge to that area, so it is better to remove the water with a clean dry cotton towel / cloth. But don’t rub; be gentle because area shouldn’t get an irritation.
  • Apply after shave: – This is optional, but I always use an after shave immediately after shaving, this calms down the skin and prevents razor bumps. Some people use lotion or spirit, you can use any of these after shaving. However, I can recommend ‘Proraso Liquid After Shave Cream, it’s worth trying.

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