Goplus 500w Folding Portable Electric Treadmill Review

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Goplus 500w Folding Portable Electric Treadmill Review

The Goplus 500w is portable, foldable treadmill that is very easy to operate and can be conveniently used at home in order to help keep you looking physically-fit, decrease on stress-levels and even prevent several diseases. In fact, running on this treadmill for about an hour will help to burn up 705-to-865 calories thus keeping you looking healthier and happier than ever before. on the other hand, the Goplus 500w treadmill is very affordable yet it features an attractive design, consumes less space, consumes less power and even features an integrated clear LED-display which helps to track and readout your workout results. Additionally, this tread features a great 500watt motor that gives-off extremely noise coupled with a safety emergency-stop key for optimum safety while using this treadmill. All in all, this is an awesome home-use treadmill that will provide anyone with an effective workout experience yet it’s even more affordable compared to most treadmills in its range.

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What We Like:

  1. Multi-function display: the Goplus 500w treadmill features a clear and bright LED-display that helps to track someone’s progress while having a workout. In fact, this LED-display will show you the speed, distance and calories-burned as you workout. On the hand, this display also features quickselect buttons which enable the user to adjust on the speed and other setting conveniently while having a workout.


  1. An emergency stop switch: while using the Goplus 500w, safety is guaranteed because this treadmill is equipped with an easy-to-reach emergency stop-switch which will help to stop the treadbelt incase the user gets an accident while using this treadmill.


  1. Ergonomic foam-handrails: the Goplus 500w folding treadmill features ergonomically designed foam-handrails which offer optimum safety, comfort and balance when having a workout. in fact, with such foam-handrails the user will be capable of having a workout for an extended period of time in order to burn-up more calories so that the user meet his/her fitness goals.


  1. A great low-noise motor: this treadmill is also equipped with an extremely low-noise 500Watt motor that is powerful enough to run for longer hours in order to provide the user with an effective workout that meets his/her fitness-goals. On the other hand, because of the quiet drive-motor equipped into this treadmill, you be able to work out while watching TV or when on the phone without experiencing any noise-distractions.


  1. A SpaceSaver design: the Goplus 500w treadmill also has a simple and compact space-saving design whereby it can easily be folded down for storage and it even integrated with rolling-wheels at the bottom which facilitate for quick and easy transportation when the treadmill isn’t under usage. in fact, this treadmill features folding dimensions of 50-inches by 24-inches by 19-inches while its overall dimensions are 47-inches(L) x 24-inches(W) x 46.5-inches(H) and this actually makes the treadmill very compact and capable of fitting in smaller areas.


  1. 250-lb weight limit: the Goplus 500w foldable-treadmill is also designed to accommodate a maximum user-weight of 250-lbs and this means that all individuals with weights below 250-lbs will be able to achieve an effective workout routine on this treadmill so as to meet their fitness goals. However, the weight-limit of this treadmill is abit low compared to most standard treadmills on the market which can support people with up to 400-lbs. so, this means that if your beyond 250-lbs then you have to look for another great treadmill than the Goplus 500w.


  1. A heavy-duty construction: Heavy-duty steel frame: the Goplus 500w portable treadmill features a heavy-duty construction which makes feel very stable and durable compared to other treadmills in its range. In fact, this heavy-duty construction makes the Goplus 500w strong enough to support people with weights of up to 250-lbs while having a workout.


  1. An attractive design: the Goplus 500w electric-treadmill features a simple but attractive design which makes it look great within your house compared to most treadmills on the market. In fact, this treadmill doesn’t only look great but it’s also effective and efficient and will help you meet your fitness-goals.


  1. Easy to assemble: this treadmill is very easy to handle and assemble when out of the box whereby you can easily assemble it within a short period of time. Additionally, this treadmill features a compact-design when fully assembled and this means that it will fit into smaller-spaces thus making it a perfect fitness-equipment for people living in Small apartments and homes.


  1. Low-power consumption: the Goplus 500w actually consumes less-power compared to most treadmills on the market and this mainly because the Goplus 500w is equipped with a 550watt motor with a standard Voltage of 110-Volts. This means that it can be used anywhere around the world while saving on the money of electricity-bills.


  1. Compact design: lastly, this treadmill features a compact design whereby it has a great runway-size of about 39.75-iches by 13.5-inches which is just big enough to accommodate walkers and light-joggers. However, if you’re a sprint-runner or a tall person then this running-surface will not be enough for you.

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What We Don’t Like:

  • It doesn’t feel stable enough: the Goplus 500w is a lightweight fitness-machine that is not designed for heavy-use. In fact, this treadmill will not feel stable-enough especially for heavier people and even its track tends to slip when you attempt running on it.
  • A smaller running-surface: it is also equipped with a small treadbelt that features a smaller surface-area that is only perfect for walker and light-joggers but not good enough for runners and taller-people.
  • It lacks entertainment features: this is just a basic treadmill which even lacks an audio-port and speakers. This means that you won’t be able to connect your iPod or mp3 player onto this treadmill in order to entertain yourself while having a workout.

Our Verdict:

The Goplus 500w is an awesome foldable and portable electric-treadmill that features a simple but attractive design that looks great in any house environment. On the other hand, because of compact design of this treadmill, it will be capable of fitting in even the smallest areas within your house and this treadmill even consumes less-power compared to other treadmills in its range. It also has an easy-to-reach emergency stop-switch for optimum safety coupled with foam-handrails which ensure comfort, balance and safety while having a workout. However, this treadmill will not work perfectly for spring-runners and some taller people because on its smaller running-surface and this means that such people will have to consider buying another treadmill other than the Goplus 500w Folding Portable Electric-treadmill.

Goplus 500w Folding Portable Electric Treadmill Review - 3

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