Hamilton Beach 31230 Set & Forget Toaster Oven Review

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Hamilton Beach 31230 Set - Forget Toaster Oven Review 2

In case you tired of using cumbersome, full-size toaster ovens that heat-up the whole kitchen and even overcook food, then opt for a smaller, space-saving oven like the Hamilton Beach-31230 Set and Forget Toaster-Oven because it will solve all your cooking-problems and even fits perfectly on any counter top in the kitchen.

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The Set & Forget Toaster-Oven actually features a various cooking-options yet it takes up less counter-space and this actually makes it a perfect kitchen appliance because it will do whatever you expect from it. Additionally, this Set & Forget Toaster-Oven is first of its kind on the market with an in-built temperature probe which helps to accurately cook meat at the exact temperature and time. On the other hand, the Set & Forget Toaster-Oven is just a fraction the size of a convectional-oven but a bit larger than a typical toaster-oven. In conclusion, the Set & Forget Toaster Oven is loaded with several features and accessories that will enhance on your cooking routine hence you should try to acquire one for yourself.


  • The Hamilton Beach 31230 toaster-oven offers perfectly cooked meat because it is equipped with patented built-in technology which senses and displays temperature of the meat while cooking hence eliminating guesswork while ensuring safe food-temperatures without overcooking.
  • The Set & Forget Toaster Oven features a large interior which lets the user to toast up to 6-slices of bread or bagel, bake a 12″-pizza and even cook an entire chicken. This actually makes the oven-toaster a perfect appliance for cooking almost anything without using a larger-oven.
  • This toaster-oven also has the capability to cook/bake the traditional way when the convection and probe settings are turned-off. This means that you be able to cook your food as desired in order to enjoy your meal.
  • The Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster Oven can also switch to warm-function when the set time or temperature mode is reached. This helps to eliminate over-cooking and occurrence of fire disasters due to burnt food.


  • The exterior build-quality of the Hamilton Beach-31230 Toaster Oven is poor probably because it was made in china. This means that you have to be very careful when using this oven because if you accidentally knock-it, dents will develop or it may even get damaged.
  • This toaster oven lacks an interior light and this makes seeing inside while cooking quite difficult. However, the interior is light-colored and this will kind of provide visibility during the day but not at night or when in the dark.
  • The Hamilton Beach 31230 Set & Forget Toaster-Oven can become very hot on top while cooking and this means that should avoid touching it so that you don’t get burnt. It is even recommended to wear gloves when using this toaster-oven in order to prevent any accidents of getting burnt.


Hamilton Beach 31230 Set - Forget Toaster Oven Review



Features overview:

  • Patented Temperature probe: the Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster-Oven features a built-in temperature probe which senses and displays the meat’s temperature while cooking hence eliminating guesswork and even ensures that food reaches safe temperatures without overcooking. In fact, this unique temperature-probe ensures that meat is cooked to perfection whether you are roasting a chicken or pork-loin. Additionally, in order to use this feature you simply need to program the oven to a desired meat-temperature and then insert the internal temperature-probe in the middle of the meat and Once the internal-temperature is reached, the cooking-cycle stops hence providing meat that is accurately cooked to the right temperature and right time.
  • Wide, non-stick interior: the Hamilton Beach 31230 oven has a large interior that enables the user to toast up to 6-slices of bread or bagel, bake a whole 12”-pizza and even cook an entire 7lb. chicken with ease. Additionally, this oven’s interior is light-colored and nonstick hence this makes monitoring food and clean-up much easier.
  • A timer: This toaster-oven is designed with a 2-hour timer coupled with a built-in automatic shut-off. Additionally, this toaster-oven can switch to WARM-mode when a specific set time or temperature is reached. In fact, all these features make the toaster-oven safe to use because they eliminate the occurrence on fire accidents while cooking.
  • 6 cooking-options: The programmable settings on this toaster-oven offer up to 6 cooking-options to allow for custom cooking and these options include: TOAST, BROIL, BAKE, PROBE, CONVECTION and WARM. In other words, someone can choose from any of these cooking-options depending on what he/she is cooking and they will be able to achieve perfect results.
  • LED display: the Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster-Oven features an in-built LED display coupled with a digital touchpad that has large text making the Mode, Function and Time settings easy to program while cooking. The led-display shows the cooking mode, time and temperature of the food you’re cooking so that you can be able to make adjustments if needed for best results.
  • Convection feature: the Hamilton Beach 31230 comes with a convection setting and this helps to continuously circulate air around food to ensure even browning and a crispy exterior. Additionally, this convection-setting can thoroughly cook food on the inside while making the outside of your food crispy and golden.
  • 2-rack positions: this toaster-oven features a broil-rack with 2 rack-positions in order to ensure versatile cooking. This means that you can cook different foods at the same time by simply using the both slots on the broil-rack.
  • Covered probe-jack and storage-compartment: there is actually a covered probe-jack and storage-compartment underneath the digital display of this toaster-oven. In fact, the probe is stored in this covered compartment below the digital touchpad hence making it easy to access when needed or stored when you don’t need it.
  • Rear bumper: the Set & Forget Toaster-Oven features a rear-bumper which allows for airflow between the back of oven and the wall. This actually ensures proper air-circulation while using this toaster-oven to prepare your meal hence eliminating any heat or fire accidents.
  • It comes with extra accessories: this toaster-oven comes equipped with useful accessories which include a baking-pan, broil-rack and slide-out crumb tray. All these facilitate in the preparation of different foods depending on the users preferences.
  • High build quality: the Hamilton Beach 31230 toaster features a metal construction exterior and interior which is durable enough to resist heat and will last for a long period of time. Additionally, this toaster-oven is light-colored and nonstick inside and makes it easy for the user to see what he/she is cooking and even makes cleaning the oven much easier after use.

Hamilton Beach 31230 Set - Forget Toaster Oven Review 3

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Product Quality:

The Hamilton Beach-31230 is a good-quality toaster-oven that enables the user to perfectly cook meat every time by using its built-in temperature-probe. This oven also features programmable settings of temperature and time which allow for custom cooking of any food while the digital touchpad includes several options that can be used while cooking. In fact, the LED-display and digital touchpad feature large texture making it easy for the user operate the toaster-oven. This oven even features 6 cooking-options which include; bake, toast, broil, probe, warm and convection whereby each of these options will be of great use depending on what you’re preparing.

On the other hand, the convection feature circulates air around food being cooked to ensure even browning and a crispy exterior while the light-colored, nonstick interior of the toaster-oven makes it easy for the user to monitor food and to easily clean the oven after use. Additionally, the oven has a 2-hour timer which is incorporated with an automatic shut-off function that turns off the oven when the cooking process is completed. The broil-rack on this oven features 2 rack-positions to ensure versatile cooking while rear-bumper allows for airflow between the back of the oven and wall.

Hamilton Beach 31230 Set - Forget Toaster Oven Review 2

Who does it benefit?

  • Benefits people looking for a toaster-oven with a wide interior: the Hamilton Beach 31230 Set and Forget Toaster-Oven features a large interior that will enable the user to toast up to 6-slices of bread or bagel, bake a 12″-pizza and even cook a whole 7lb. chicken. Additionally, the interior of this oven is also light-colored to food-monitoring easy and it is nonstick to ensure easy clean-up.


  • Great toaster for people with limited kitchen space: the Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster-Oven space saving kitchen appliance that will solve all your cooking problems and even fits perfectly onto your kitchen counter. In fact, this toaster-oven offers several cooking-options, it’s energy-efficient and takes up less space compared to larger ovens.

Hamilton Beach 31230 Set - Forget Toaster Oven Review 4

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What Else Do You Need?

  • OXO Good Grips Cutting-Board: this is a 15-by-21-Inch Cutting-Board that will enable you to chop-up ingredients to be used while preparing food. This cutting-board is hard-enough to resist sharp knives and hard foods hence it will be of great use when preparing your food and ingredients.
  • 101 Things to do with a Toaster Oven: this is a food-recipe book that shows you the different recipes you can prepare while using a toaster-oven.

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