Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender Review

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Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender Review

The Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender is multi-tasking blender that has been made to specifically make your time in the kitchen worth spending. This quality home appliance is not just good but perfect at preparing a really wide variety of things. The blender is excellent when it comes to blending all those classic beverages that you love so much and uses the same excellent talent for preparing different foods take for example purees and salsas.

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The machine is very simple to operate due to its clear control panel that features only 4 buttons clearly indicating what function it is engineered to perform, you will not even need to be an expert to use this machine. Whether you want to prepare food like dice, chop and grate or you simply feel like making a milkshake, you will easily do it with this 58148A power elite blender. To simplify cleaning the blender, it has been made with a dish washable glass jar and removable blades, so you will not have to go through too much of a hard time with your gorgeous blender.


  • It is super easy to clean this blender, majorly because it has removable blades n dish washable safe glass jar. This will make it easy for you to blend staff as many times as you wish as you do not have to worry about cleaning the blender.
  • It blends and serves in just a minute, with this blender’s exceptional features blending is very simple as well as serving due to its unique and patented spout that pours liquid without any mess.
  • The blender has a thermal shock glass jar that can handle any kind temperature changes, this is what makes the blender better than all those other blenders with plastic jars.
  • This Hamilton blender is not just good at making cold drink or beverages like milkshakes but also has exceptional performance when it comes to food preparation.
  • It is very simple to use the blender, with just 4 clearly indicated button you get to choose among the different functions that the blender has been designed to offer, after all the buttons have all been labeled well.
  • This is a very sturdy and durable blender that will last quite long, each other time you use this blender will feel like the first time since it is made with great quality.


  • Adding something when the blender has already started is very difficult this is because the opening on top is quite small, so you can all add liquid easily since larger staff will not go through easily.
  • You will not be able to get very smooth results unless you keep adding more liquid to your mixture when you are blending.


Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender Review



Features overview:

  • 12 blending functions:if variety is what you are looking, then you better have it with the Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender. It has been designed to provide you 12 blending options, that is why it has been called multipurpose.
  • 700 watt peak power motor:this blender’s motor is not just durable but it is also tested to blend over 8,000 cold drinks, now how cool can this blender really be?
  • 4 simple control buttons:now this is what I love most about this blender, there is nothing as interesting as an appliance that you can pull out of the box and operate it there and then, well this is what you get when you purchase this incredible blender. It is designed with four simple buttons with each of the buttons indicating a particular function that it is designed to accomplish. All you have to do is press a button and you will have the blender doing exactly what you want it do.
  • Patented pouring spout:the 58148A power elite multi-task blender is designed with a very unique pouring spout the releases liquid right inside you cup, there is absolutely no mess causes when you are pouring staff out this blender.
  • Wave action system:this kind of system will ensure that you have consistent and super smooth results every other time you use the blender. The wave-action system that this blender features uninterruptedly pulls your ingredients into the blades for the smoothest results without any ice lumps.
  • Thermal shock jar:how hot or cold what you are blending does even matter when you are using this Hamilton beach 58148A Blender reason being it is designed with a thermal shock glass jar which has been tested to withstand all kinds of temperature changes. You move straight from crushing ice to blending very hot staff.
  • Dishwasher safe:your hygiene always comes first and since a blender can be really difficult to clean, the 58148A is here to make your blending time enjoyable without you worrying about cleaning time. It has a dish washer safe glass jar which means cleaning the blender will not eve take up a full minute of your time.
  • Patented ice sabre blades:unlike all those blenders that do not offer you the ice crushing option, this power elite multi-purpose blender is designed to crush ice in the simplest and fastest ways. This is all thanks to its sabre ice blades that are extremely powerful.
  • 5 cup capacity:its glass jar measures 40 oz. which is enough to 5 cups of whichever beverage you might have brewed with this blender.
  • 2 speed settings:any good blender should be offering you the user at least two speed settings which are high and low because these setting are equally important depending on what you will be blending. In some instances you will have to use both of them by starting with one and later the other. This exactly why the Hamilton Beach 58148A has both high and low speed setting.
  • 3 year warranty: just so you know, there is definitely no reason as to why you should be doubtful about the quality or functionality of the great blender that is why it has been backed by a 3 year limited warranty. Just in case you do not like something about the blender, feel free to immediately communicate and have your issues about this appliance sorted.

Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender Review

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Product quality:

Offering 12 blending functions and excellent quality that has been backed up by 3 years limited warranty, you sure have no reason to think twice about trying this appliance out. The Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender features a 700 peak power motor that is durable and blends 8,000 different cold drinks, it is further given patented sabre blades for ice crushing. To operate this blender, you do not need kind of expertise because it has 4 clearly indicated buttons that you can choose from for the blender to do as you wish. With a unique no-mess pouring spout, your blending are will always remain as clean as you found it before the process.

Each time you use this blender, you are assured of nothing but really smooth results without any ice lamps for the reason that the blender use wave action system to continuously pull your mixture into the blades. The blender also comes with a 40 oz. thermal shock jar that has been tested to perfectly withstand extreme temperature changes which means that with this blender you can easily switch from crushing ice to blending hot things. The 5 cup capacity is very easy to clean since the glass jar it uses is dish washer safe and its blades are removable to make it even simpler to clean then and leave the blender sparkling clean for next use.

Who does it benefit?

Excellent blender for cold drink fanatics: if you fall under this category of people then you will lobe every bit of this blender not just because it can crush ice with ease but because it has been designed with a very powerful peak motor that has the ability to blend 8,000 cold drinks. Now with much variety, you can always have that particular cold drink whenever you wish.

What else do you need?

Glass jar: glass jar last longer than plastic ones but they can easily get broken so you ought to have a spare glass jar with your just to be ready for any damages. You do not have to throw your blender away just because its glass jar is cracked or broken.

Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender Review

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