Hamilton Beach 70725a 12-Cup Stack And Snap Food Processor Review

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Hamilton Beach 70725 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor Review - 3

When you have the Hamilton Beach 70725A 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor, the number of people you are cooking for does not really matter reason being it provides you with a function guide that directs you on which blade and button is suitable to use. Getting this processor to together takes just a few minutes as it is made with a very simple design that requires no locking or twisting to assemble. It goes on to feature a very powerful b450 watt motor offering all the freedom to slice, mix, puree and chop depending on what your needs are.

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Coming with a sealed bowl it is very fine for you to process liquids such as soups and sauces in large amounts and not worry about over flow of leakages and as you serve your whole family in large capacity 12 cup bowl there is definitely no mess caused since it has a pour spout. With the stack and snap food processor there is no chance of blades falling out as you pour food off due to the fact that blades tightly lock in the bowl. Time cannot be bought that is why this processor saves your time by minimizing the need for pre-cutting with its large mouth feed tube and easy cleaning since parts are dish washer safe.


  • It saves you the frustration of difficult food processor assembly, most appliances of the like are usually hard to assemble but the Hamilton beach 70725A food processor is an exception.
  • It delivers very many processing options, with the S blade and shredding or slicing disc there is a wide variety of choices you to use so it is all up to you to choose.
  • Proper use of the food processor is very simple reason being all attachments are perfectly labeled, the function which shows you which blade and button to use and a maximum liquid fill line that prevent you from filling the processor beyond required level.
  • It performs just as nice as it looks, besides giving your kitchen that really attractive appearance, this food processor also accomplished its tasks wonderfully it is simply worthy what you will spend on it.
  • It is strong enough for daily use, with a really powerful motor and sturdy construction, the food processor can stand being used on a daily basis.
  • It is very convenient especially if you want to process a huge bunch of ingredients, this is due to its large 12 cup capacity bowl.


  • Removing the blade is quite difficult which means it will waste some time when it comes to cleaning as you try to figure out how to remove them.


Hamilton Beach 70725 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor Review



Features overview:

  • Very simple food processor assembly:because of how hard and frustrating it is easy to receive an appliance and it takes you forever to assemble, the Hamilton Beach 70725A 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor is designed with the simplest assembly. There is no complicated locking, twisting and turning needed to put the device together, all you need to do is fit the bowl straight into its base and snap on the lid to start using the processor.
  • Simple locking clips: for safety reasons, the moment you place the lid on to the bowl it locks into place to avoid any accidents when the machine’s motor starts to operate.
  • Exceptional bowl features:this stack and snap food processor is designed with all the best features you would you want the bowl to have, to start with it has a maximum liquid fill line which that any liquids should not exceed therefore when you are preparing things like soup you will have to do it in batches. Holding up to 12 cups capacity, the bowl also has a seal that prevent leakages plus the S blade which remains tightly locked in as you pour off servings. The in-built pour spout leaves your counter clean with no messy drips.
  • Reversible shred/slice disc:this acts both as a slicing disc and shredding disc where by when it’s facing up, the slicing disc slices potatoes, apples among others while the shredding disc will shred carrots and cabbages.
  • Reversible S blade:this is a multi-purpose blade that accomplishes a series of tasks like chopping, grating, pureeing, mincing and mixing.
  • Large feed tube:there is absolutely no need for you to waste a lot of time cutting large items before feeding them into the processor yet it is designed with a feed chute that is wide enough to accommodate both small and large items.
  • Powerful 450 motor:it is all thanks to this powerful motor that the food processor can accomplish a really wide variety of tasks and accomplish them perfectly.
  • Cord storage:at the back of the food processor is where you will find its cord storage and it is where you should put all things that are not in use and keep your counter clean.
  • Dish washer safe parts:the bowl, lid and blades are all dish washer safe which makes cleaning of the food processor very easy.
  • Simple function guide: you do not have to guess what to do with your food processor anymore because the Hamilton processor features a function guide that directs you on which button to press and blade to use.

Hamilton Beach 70725 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor Review - 1

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Product quality:

The Hamilton Beach 70725A 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor completely eliminates guess work no matter how many people you want to cook using its function guide that indicates which blade to use and the button to press which makes the perfect food processor for both large and small families. It is designed with stack and snap assembly which is the easiest you will ever find in a food processor to ensure that you are not faced even with the slightest difficulty when it comes to putting the device together. With a wide variety of processing options, this is surely the best kitchen appliance you will ever have since it mixes, slices or shreds ingredients for all those best dishes, slices vegetables for your favorite salads, purees and chops. The Hamilton food processor is engineered to house both small and large items with its wide feed chute hence cutting down on the need for pre-cutting which wastes a lot of your time and making the process a lot more interesting.

It does not only stop at that, it also has some really exceptional bowl features that you will love like the maximum liquid fill line that prevent you from processing more liquid than the machine allows you to and a sealed bowl to ensure that there is no leakage during food processing. And with an S blade that locks into the bowl there will be no way it will fall out as you pour out your servings plus an inbuilt pour spout your servings area is always kept clean with no drips. If you are going to look for a better food processor you will not find one because this Hamilton Beach 70725A 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor has in one way or another won over all other food processors so it has no competitor.

Hamilton Beach 70725 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor Review - 3

Who does it benefit?

  • Convenient for both small and large families: it is now very easy for you to know which blade or button to use for whatever you preparing because of  this food processor’s function guide, it is therefore very easy to prepare food just for two or for a whole group of family members. Making the food processor even more suitable for larger families, it is designed with a really large bowl and very many processing options to ensure that you can easily satisfy everyone’s needs.
  • It is good for people that find a lot of difficulty in assembling appliances: many people find problems when it comes to assembling appliances so if you are one of those then this stack and snap appliance will absolutely work for you. It features the simplest food processor assembly ever with no twists or lock require, all you need is stack the bowl into the base and snap the lid and you will be good to go.

What else do you need?

  • Revolutionary 932°F Extreme Heat Resistant EN407 Certified Gloves: there is no better way to keep your hands protected from any burning than these super gorgeous gloves. The gloves are extremely comfortable and very easy to use as they quickly slip on and off.

Hamilton Beach 70725 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor Review - 2

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