HAMMERHEAD HLLT10 10-Inch Digital Level with Laser Review

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If accuracy is what you are looking for then the HAMMERHEAD HLLT10 Digital Level laser will definitely not disappoint you. This tool is designed with two different display modes including the regular accuracy mode which is for angles up to 1/10 degrees and the high accuracy mode which is for angles up to 1/20 degrees. It also flaunts a very large back-lit digital screen which turns upside down when level isn’t correct. This HLLT10 laser is perfect even for long distance leveling and alignment reason being it projects its laser dot visibility all the way to 100ft. the Hammerhead laser is also greatly loved because of the sturdy aluminum base with very strong magnets to deliver stiff attachment on flat surfaces. This tool has been found to be super accurate and precise hence enabling you to get excellent results with less effort. With such an efficient and well made tool, all measuring tasks will definitely be sorted.

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What we like;

  • Outstanding accuracy up to 0.05 degrees; the Hammerhead HLLT10 laser features digital accuracy of up to o.o5 degrees which gives you the precision to get your job done as perfectly as possible and exactly the way you had planned. Therefore if what you are looking for is the most accurate laser then you have definitely found yourself one with this HLLT10 laser.
  • Measurements records memory; because of this laser’s memory function, you are saved the burden of having to make new measurement all over again for each time you get to the job. It has the ability to memorize up to the last nine measurements you made. better yet you can set the tool to beep 90degrees, 45degrees, 0 degrees or the very last angle you saved. This also makes this laser much simpler to use.
  • Audible angle indicator; the Hammerhead HLLT10 is one of the easiest tools to use, it allows you can set the tool so that it identifies and audibly notifies you at 90degrees, 45degrees, 0 degrees or the very last angle you saved. This you will never make mistakes on which angles you want to use at a particular time.
  • Gravity sensor; for each time that the level is upside down, this tool’s display will also be turned upside hence making it much more convenient for you the user to go ahead with your job.
  • Crystal clear laser projection; the Hammerhead HLLT10 is ideal even for large scale projects reason being it has the ability to project laser dots all the way to 100 feet. For those of you who are looking for long range alignment, this laser will definitely work for you. It is not like those other lasers that can only reach visibility of 50ft.
  • Two display modes; this HLLT10 laser offers two display modes for you to choose from, one being the regular accuracy which is meant for measuring all angles up to 1/10 degree accuracy and the second one being the high accuracy that is specifically for measuring 1/20 degrees accuracy. It is very easy for you to read these measurements off the tool’s large LCD display and with these two modes you measure and save angles in percentage, degrees and IN/FT.
  • Sturdy aluminum base; it features a really long lasting aluminum base detailed with an incorporated ruler and very powerful magnets to deliver firm grip onto flat surfaces. This makes using this tool much easier.
  • Soft carry zipper bag; when you feel like going anywhere with your laser, it comes in a very convenient carrying case to make things easy for you. In this bag your laser will also be well protected and stored always.
  • Indoor and outdoor use; most laser work best if used indoors and only a few high quality ones like this Hammerhead HLLT10 laser can perform to expectation when used both indoors and outdoors. This tool will not limit you to only indoor projects but give you the flexibility and freedom to work from wherever you feel like.
  • Lightweight; with a weight of only 1.4 pounds, the Hammerhead HLLT10 is one of the lightest lasers you will probably find, this is why it is less tiring to use. Even when you are using this tool for long hour projects you will not find any difficulty in handling it.

What we don’t like;

  • Fragile battery slot cover; with such a well made tool you would expect to find and weak or poorly designed parts however the Hammerhead HLLT10 actually has a very weak battery slot cover. While you with this laser you always have to be extra careful about the battery cover not falling off because it can easily break leaving your tool’s battery exposed which is not good for its durability. The mere fact that the entire tool is well made it wouldn’t hurt to give it a compatibly stronger battery cover.



Given its high level of accuracy and ease of use the Hammerhead HLLT10 has turned out to be such great laser for so many professionals and for lots of leveling and measuring tasks. This digital level laser makes each and every task session and quick with its ability to store memory of the last nine measurements you used so you will not have to go through the whole process all over again. It allows you to set any angle as zero degree in case you need to use it as reference between two angles.  It offers you two display modes, the high accuracy mode and regular mode and a very large LCD backlit screen which inverts whenever level is inverted to enable you read from the right side every other time. The HLLT10 projects a laser dot all the way to 100 feet making it appropriate for long distance alignment. From many people that have used this laser before, I was able to realize that this is very outstanding when it comes to precision and accuracy, there is no way you will go wrong on your measurements.

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