Hard Mattress Vs Soft Mattress

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No one can guarantee that they have the best mattress because we all have different needs for our sleep. Some people prefer the comfort and lavish feel that comes with sleeping on a soft mattress while others mind more about the firmness and support that the mattress offers which they can basically get from a hard mattress. But then again there is that percentage of people who are not sure about which mattress to look out for but by the time you are through reading this post you will be well conversant with all that. Both soft and hard mattresses have advantages and disadvantages so we are simply going to see what makes a hard mattress better than a soft mattress or what makes a soft mattress better than a hard mattress.


Pros of hard mattresses

There are different reasons that make hard mattresses a better choice but this also depends on your condition, sometimes your health may not allow you to sleep on a hard mattress. Also remember that if it is your very first to sleep on a hard mattress you should give yourself time because it will not be an east transition. Below are the pros of hard mattresses

  • Added support provision:most studies have shown that when a mattress has less cushioning it is more likely to provide more support. This is what makes hard mattresses better than soft mattresses as they assist in proper positioning of the spine. This simply explains why doctors go ahead and advise the most expensive mattress is not the best mattress but one that will keep your body in perfect condition.
  • Improved circulation of blood: hard mattresses resist all the pressure inserted on them by your body so that your body can bare all that pressure by itself in turn that resistance is what makes your sleep better. As your body holds all the pressure your muscles, tendons and veins are allowed to relax hence better blood circulation.
  • Prevent the lower from collapsing: unlike soft mattresses that simply contour to the shape of your body, hard mattresses just provide more support to the lower which prevents it from collapsing. This also ensures that all your air path ways are not blocked so you can breathe in more oxygen. One of the best ways to have a good night sleep is through proper inhalation of oxygen.
  • Allow the use of pillows: if your sleep becomes more comfortable when you have a pillow then a hard mattress is definitely the way to go since it allows you to sleep with your pillows anywhere you want whether it is to support the legs or the neck.

Cons of hard mattresses:

  • Very hard to adjust to: if you have been using soft mattresses before it will be almost impossible for you to adjust to sleeping on a hard mattress. This comes with body pains and aches on different parts of the body but as time goes by you eventually get used to the practice of sleeping on a hard mattress.
  • They are not good for some conditions: for people that have scoliosis, arthritis rheumatism hard mattresses are definitely a no go. If you suffer any of these conditions and sleep on a hard mattress you will just be worsening your condition.
  • They don’t offer difference in firmness: whether you want a very hard mattress or a slightly hard one, there is absolutely no way you can know the difference since they are all the same unlike soft mattresses that give you the freedom to choose the firmness that you want.
  • They are not easy to find: this is due to the fact that many sellers never advertise hard mattresses for what they really are, everyone calls them soft so people usually buy them thinking they are soft.
  • They easily get slumped: unlike soft mattresses that do not easily slump, hard mattresses get hollows after a few years of pressure due to the pressure your body weight inserts on the mattress.

Soft mattresses

This is the more commonly used type that every would actually love to have only that they are not that cheap which limits some people from using it otherwise almost everyone would love to enjoy a soft mattress.

  • Perfect solution for back pain and elderly people: taking away the old belief where people thought that soft mattresses elevate back pain, lately doctors have discovered that soft mattresses can also be of great help in getting rid of back pain. And when it comes to elderly people that have pains all over the body, a soft mattress would be a perfect solution.
  • Offer different levels of firmness: with a soft mattress it is very easy to customize your sleep as you can easily choose between the kind of firmness that you wish to have. People who tend to suffer back pain can choose medium firmness while those that are in for luxury can go in for the very soft mattresses that are not that firm.
  • They are overly comfortable: you can sleep in any position you want and get the comfort you want to have when you have a soft Whether it is on your stomach, your back or the side you will still have the most comfortable sleep.
  • Provide maximum support: some actually think that sot mattresses do not provide enough support but with the high density foam that they have they are able to provide enough support and make the mattress very durable.

Cons of soft mattresses

  • Poor spine alignment: since the mattress changes according to your body weight it is very easy for the spine to go out of alignment.
  • They are extremely pricey: anyone can be a witness to the fact that soft mattresses are the most expensive compared to hard mattresses that can be afforded anyone even those that do not earn a lot.
  • They stop being satisfactory after some time: the more you use the mattress the softer it gets which means that they will eventually cease to be as satisfying as they were before.

In conclusion, your body condition greatly determines the kind of mattress you should sleep on, paying a lot does not mean you are getting the better mattress because how much satisfying the mattress is, is what will determine if it is the perfect mattress for you.

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