HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor Review – Is This the Best Head Shaver

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The Head-Blade ATX All Terrain Head Razor was made to specifically shave the head. This shaver looks like a small toy or mini vehicle that has got a razor blade on the behind or at its back end and includes a 4 bladed cartridge. With this razor, one has to move or wheel over on the head with a soft rubber finger grip and make several movements as he shaves.

HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor 2

This shaving-tool provides a fast, simple and nick shave on the head. When one is shaving, it does not require one to make an ordeal filled cuts on the head since it runs smooth and the small wheels have got their grip on the head for a closer shave.This Head-Blade ATX All Terrain Head Razor is specifically designed for simplicity while shaving the head and reduces on the time one would spend with other straight regular razors. Apart from the head, it can also be used to shave one’s face and the other body parts thus simplifying the whole shaving process.

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The head-blade ATX all Terrain head razor is an easy to use shaver for the head which offers any man with a very close shave. This razor makes shaving of the head so interesting, simple and fun for the user since it is simple to maneuver and gives smooth results.  Every man will enjoy every bit of movement made on the head with this shaver.

This razor makes shaving much faster than the regular razors as it has a 4 blade replacement option for the user and it provides limited chances of one cutting himself when using this kind of shaver


The size of this shaver may tend to be small for some users and they will find their fingers kind of too large to fit inside it hence making it difficult for them to use. The blade tends to also give some users a hard time each time they have to pull it because they prefer pushing it to pulling.

HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor

Feature overview:

  • Designed for the head;the headblade ATX All Terrain head razor was specifically designed to shave the head in a fast or simple. It was designed in such a way that there could be reduced interference like the likes of cuts on minor injuries that may be sustained through other regular razors. It was made to be fast, easy and also interesting or fun to the user.
  • Mini ATV with razor blade: This ATX All Terrain just looks like a mini ATV that has got a mini a razor blade found at the back of the has got wheels at the back end which have a grip and able to move over one’s head and take off the hair. It is pulled as it does its task of shaving off the hair.
  • The soft rubber finger grip: The headblade ATX All Terrain head razor has got a small hole that with a soft rubber finger grip. This is where one enters his finger every time he is to make any shaving on the head or even the body. It carters for almost all fingers and the spacing is quite enough for any size unlike those with really big fingers who may find it hard to insert and even remove them when they are done with the shaving.
  • It is usable on other body parts.This model of headblade was designed for the head but it can go an extra mile and also shave some other body parts. This can be used to shave on the legs for example those with some fur on their legs and arms can really like the work done by this small shaver. It gives a closer shave and when used well, it simplifies all the hardship that one would go through while using other models of shavers.

HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor 3

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Product Quality:

  • The headblade ATX All Terrain head razor gives one a closer and smooth shave and this is achieved through the back-end wheel that gives a good grip on the scalp thus allowing the shaver to perform as expected.This blade also does not cause or bring any sort of irritations or any sort of issues when used properly hence one does not have to worry of any after-shave issues like rushes and cuttings since these are minimized in the way the shaver was made.
  •  This ATX All Terrain shaver comes with a four blade cartridge system that isreplaceable and this makes work easy since one can decide to change the blades at any time when the old cartridges run out or go blunt.The shaver blades do not limit one on the type of blades to replace as long as they can fit into the shaver and do the work well. This means that one does not have to mind about looking for the similar ATX blades but rather fix in any brand at his disposable for example, one can use the Gillette Sensor blades since they are even cheaper than the ATX blades and still get the shaving done. All in all, this is an ergonomically designed shaver that will offer any man with simple, quick and smooth shave.

HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor 2

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Who Does It Benefit?

  • Anyone who requires fast and regular shavings: Anyone who has issues with his fast growing hair has an advantage here simply because this shaver makes work fast and yields good results within the shortest time possible. Since it will not demand for any charges or even power supply, it becomes cost effective to even one who is not in good position to purchase a rechargeable shaver yet it will do the same job as required.
  • Any man can use it. The shape, structure and the way of usage of this shaver really makes it an all-rounder. It can be used by the young guys as well to do their personal shaving. The ATX All Terrain shaver does not require any bit of professionalism to be used due to the simplicity involved when shaving. One can take a quick and neat shave on his own without having to call in for extra help or effort which actually benefits many users of this shaver.

What I need

  • Shaving cream: For an excellent shave with good results, one may be interested in adding in a few items to the shaving process and a cream is one of them. There are several creams on the market but we all have what works best for us and an example of the headslick shave cream, the Every Man jack cream and others can make it happen for the task to get done. These will give additional smoothness to the head and a great feel and touch.
  • Shaving system cartridges: After using of the shaver for some time, the blades will definitely require to be replaced with new ones as the old ones tend to run blunt and kind of unpleasant to the skin. Here one will need to replace them with new ones. One can go for a pack of Four blade cartridges or even the headblade HB Fourblade shaving system cartridges. These when replaced will give a new and pleasant feeling to the user with a fresh new shave for better results.

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