Here Is How You Can Use Whole Body Vibration For Weight Loss

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Whole-body vibration training has actually become a recommended and respected form of therapeutic exercise today because this treatment helps to solve several health-issues and among these includes weight-loss. In fact, whole-body vibration training help to contract and expand muscles continuously and this in-turn sends extra oxygen into the cells hence relaxing and stimulating the entire body. In the process, your body and muscles will be healed from certain diseases while losing extra weight. On the other hand, whole-body vibration training is also part of passive-exercises because it allows the user to achieve an intense workout with doing physical activities or exercises. Additionally, someone can just stand over a vibrating-platform or perform other exercises squats, lunges, push-ups and many others while the platform sends vibrations through your body. All in all, below are some of the steps you can follow when using a whole-body vibration machine for weight loss:


  1. Consider purchasing a vibration-platform: if you have some money, then you should consider acquiring your own vibration platform and then place it at your home so that you can be able to use it whenever you want. however, if you’re not financially-stable then consider using a vibration-platform form a local gym but you will have to pay some small fee every time you go to use a vibration-platform.


  1. Position the vibration-platform in stable position: take your whole-body vibration platform and then place it in room with ample space. Make sure that the vibration-platform rests on a flat and stable surface so that you can be able achieve optimum stability when using it for weight-loss.


  1. Set your vibration platform: before you start using a vibration-platform, you will have to first switch it on and then set it. So, set the amplitude or number of vibrations per second that a machine will have to operate at. In fact, a vibration-machine measures amplitude in hertz (Hz) whereby 20Hz represent 20-cycles of vibrations per second within your body. Additionally, the higher the vibration amplitude and frequency, the higher the exercise’s intensity will be. However, studies show that the recommended amount of vibrations to exercise on vibration-machine is within 25Hz to 40Hz.


  1. Step onto a vibration-platform machine: after setting-up the amplitude at which you’re to vibrate when using a vibration-platform, step onto this machine and press the start button and from there you will begin vibrating for specified amount of time. In fact, you need to get timer in order to know when to stop using a vibration-platform. Additionally, if you’re a beginner to whole-body vibration training then it’s recommended to stay on a vibrating-machine for about 5-10 minutes and you can increase on the time as you get used to this vibrating-machine.


  1. Try performing various exercises when using a vibration-platform: as you work-out on a vibration platform, try performing various suggested exercises over it in order to work-out your muscles and this will in-turn help to reduce on your body-weight in the long run. In fact, consider performing weight-reduction exercises like squats and lunges but make sure that you don’t such exercises because you may place excessive stress onto your joints.


  1. Consider working-out on a vibration-platform daily: studies show that 10-minutes of whole-body vibration trainings or exercises for 3-times a week on a regular-basis helps to greatly reduce on your body-weight. However, you will need to facilitate your whole-body vibration trainings with other challenging exercise like squats and lunges for best results. Additionally, you need to also carry out some cardiovascular-exercises coupled with a healthy-diet in order to achieve your weight loss goals.


  1. Always step-off the vibration-platform after the set workout time: after working-out on a vibration-platform for about 10 to 20 minutes, always step-off this machine in time because if you try to over-work yourself when on vibration-platform then you will have to strain your muscles and joints and this can actually cause serious injuries to your body.


  1. Rest abit and try doing cardiovascular exercises: you also need to rest abit after using a vibration-platform so that your body can regain its energy and afterwards try doing cardiovascular exercises like jogging, walking, biking, swimming and other activities that help to work-out your body naturally. Try doing carrying out cardiovascular exercises for at least 3-4 times a week and you begin to gradually lose weight over a given period of time.



  • Vibration-platform trainings help to amplify stimulus without even increasing on your physical-effort. This means that a vibration-machine offers the user with most of the movements so that he/she does not have to-do any physical exercises like jumping or even follow any complicated procedures when using a vibration-platform yet that person receives an effective workout experience just like someone doing regular exercises like running, jumping, etc.


  • Improved muscle strength: Whole-body vibration trainings also help to increase on muscle strength and power because this type of exercise increases stimulus within your muscles and nerves hence making them more active and stronger.


  • Improves on blood circulation: become vibration-machines increase on stimulus within your body, this will help to increase the rate at which blood flows throughout your body. By increasing the of blood, your body will be capable of flushing-out waste materials and even provide extra oxygen in order to speed-up on the healing of injured body sections.


  • Improved bone-density: studies prove that vibration-trainings help to improve on bone-density especially for amongst old people and astronauts.


  • Increase on metabolism: vibration-machines also help to extremely workout your body and this will in-turn help to optimize on the body’s ability to burn calories hence improving on the metabolism process. In fact, an improved metabolism will help to flash-out toxic substances for your body in order to keep you looking healthy and fit.


  • Improved body balance and flexibility: since vibrating-machines make your body feel unstable, the body will produce a hormone which helps to stabilize it and this in-turn helps improve on body balance. Additionally, these vibration-machines help to improve on the health of joints and this will improve on someone’s flexibility especially amongst adults.

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