Honda HRR216K9VYA Rear Discharge K9 Lawn Mower Review

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The Honda HRR216K9VYA is an advanced self-propelled rear-discharge lawn-mower that is equipped with a variable-speed smart-drive system inorder to enable the user to mow efficiently, effectively and comfortably without getting worked-out. In fact, the Honda HRR216K9VYA lawn-mower features a 3-in-1 cutting system with a clip-director and this system actually enables you to choose between mulching, bagging or discharge when mowing while the integrated Honda-GCV160 engine with an Auto-choke system makes starting this lawn-mower very easy. On the other hand, this lawn-mower is equipped with a 2-position adjustable handle that is also foldable inorder to ensure easy-storage while the incorporated 8-inch ball-bearing wheels are designed to maneuver through different types of grass and terrain. On top of that, this lawn-mower features 6 cutting-height adjustable positions coupled with a large 2.4 bushel-bag inorder to facilitate for more efficient mowing-routine. Lastly, the Honda HRR216K9VYA lawn-mower also features several safety-features which include a Zone-Start Safety System and a Manual Fuel Shut Off whereby all these are meant to protect the user when under contact with the lawn-mower.

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What We Like:

  1. A 3-in-1 cutting-system with a Clip-Director: the Honda HRR216K9VYA K9 Lawn-Mower features a 3 in 1 cutting-system that enables you to mulch, bag and discharge with no-tools required. In fact, you can easily slide the integrated Clip-Director inorder to switch between mulching, bagging or discharge and with just one touch. Lastly, this lawn-mower also features a new rear-discharge design that facilitates for improved bagging while mowing.


  1. Adjustable Smart-Drive™ technology with Variable-Speed Transmission: with the Honda HRR216K9VYA lawn-mower, you can easily adjust the mowing-speed to your stride by simply rotating the integrated Smart-drive control into 5 different adjustable positions thus achieving optimum comfort while mowing. In fact, this lawn-mower features a great variable-speed system that ranges from 0-to-4 mph and it can easily be controlled from the handle.


  1. Honda MicroCut Twin-Blade system: the Honda HRR216K9VYA K9 lawn-mower features an exclusive twin-blade MicroCut System that uses 4 cutting-surfaces inorder to provide ultra-fine clippings thus facilitating for superior-mulching and more clippings per bushel-bag. In fact, this Twin-blade system will facilitate for a perfect cut with less work and less-time emptying the bushel-bag.


  1. Honda Roto-Stop® Blade-Brake system: the Honda Roto-Stop Blade-Brake system allows you to stop and start the blades with the engine still operating. This implies that you will be able to step-away from this lawn-mower without having to switch-off or restart the engine when you get back.


  1. A Reliable Honda-GCV160 engine: the Honda HRR216K9VYA lawn-mower is integrated with a reliable, easy-to-start, powerful and fuel-efficient Honda-GCV160 engine that designed to perform consistently and efficiently while mowing. In fact, this Honda-GCV160 engine is tested and proven to provide several years of reliable service even with regular mowing and it’s also certified to meet 50-state EPA and CARB emission levels thus making it safe for the environment.


  1. Honda Auto-Choke System: the Honda HRR216K9VYA K9 Lawn-Mower features an auto-choke system that facilitates for quick and easy starting on the engine. In fact, with this system no engine-choke is required inorder to start-up the engine thus making the Honda HRR216K9VYA very convenient to use.


  1. An adjustable 2-Position, EZ-Fold Handle: this lawn-mower is equipped with an Easy-fold, Quick-release handle that facilitates for easy height-adjustment and storage. In fact, with this Honda HRR216K9VYA K9 Lawn-Mower you can easily adjust the handle to 2 comfortable mowing-positions or fold it over for convenient storage. On top of that, the handle of this lawn-mower features a comfortable foam-grip which actually enables the user to operate the mower for a longer-period of time comfortably.


  1. 6-Position Cutting-Height Adjustments: the Honda HRR216K9VYA K9 Lawn-Mower offers the user with 6 Cutting-Height Adjustments ranging from 1.1/8-inches to 4-inches. So, you will have to use the integrated convenient height-adjustment lever to set a desired mowing-height depending on your lawn-conditions.


  1. A heavy-duty, 16-Gauge, Stamped-Steel Deck: the Honda HRR216K9VYA features a 21-inch, heavy-duty, 16-guage steel-deck that is very durable and capable of lasting for a longer period of time even when using the lawn-mower under harsh-conditions. On top of that, this steel-steel deck features a rugged-design that makes it capable of passing through the roughest terrains while mowing.


  1. 8-inch wheels with rear ball-bearings: the Honda HRR216K9VYA K9 Lawn-Mower is equipped with large, 8-inch wheels with rear ball-bearing in order to facilitate for great maneuverability, smoother-drive and increased durability of the lawn-mower.


  1. A 1.9 bushel grass-bag: this Honda HRR216K9VYA lawn-mower is equipped with a large, easy-off 1.9 bushel grass-bag that takes some time to get filled with clippings while mowing. In fact, this bushel grass-bag is well-balanced inorder to facilitate for quick and easy emptying hence saving you a lot for time and effort.


  1. A Flywheel brake safety-system: the Honda HRR216K9VYA is also equipped with a Flywheel brake safety-system that helps to quickly stop the engine when you let go of the flywheel brake-lever.


  1. A Manual Fuel Shut-Off Valve: lastly, the Honda HRR216K9VYA K9 Lawn-Mower features a manual shut-off valve that can easily be shut-off in order to facilitate for easy storage and transportation of the lawn-mower. In fact, you can even shut-off this valve in case you’re going to carryout maintenance tasks on the lawn-mower.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It feels heavy to carry or move for transportation-purposes: this lawn-mower actually features a heavy-duty steel-deck and this actually implies that it’s not that easy to carry or transport when. In fact, you may need extra-help form other people inorder to easily carry this lawn-mower when it’s not under operation.

Our Verdict:

All in all, the Honda HRR216K9VYA K9 is a great self-propelled Lawn-Mower that uses a variable-speed smart-drive system inorder to enable you to mow comfortably and effectively if you own a small or large yard. In fact, this lawn-mower features a 3-in-1 cutting-system with a clip-director which enables you choose mulching, bagging and rear-discharge while the integrated Honda-GCV160 engine with an Auto-Choke System makes the lawn-mower very easy-to-start and reliable no matter the lawn-size. On top of that, this lawn mower is equipped with an amazing Twin-Blade MicroCut System coupled with awesome safety-features which include a flywheel brake safety-system and a manual fuel shut-off valve.

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