Hoover Wind Tunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bag Less Upright Review – Model Uh70120

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Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright Review 2

The hoover wind tunnel t-series rewind plus bag less upright, UH70120 has over 5700 reviews which is enough proof that this is one of the most bought vacuum cleaners. This vacuum is embedded with all the great technology to ensure that suction is consistent throughout your cleaning session.

It is a light weight machine that you can easily carry to different parts of the house with great ease and has five position height adjustments to effectively clean all floor types and adjust easily to different positions. For thorough house cleaning the UH70120 comes with all the necessary equipment that you will need to make your home a new place to live in. different from other vacuums that come with very hard to clean filter, this vacuum cleaner is designed with rinsable filters therefore maintenance of the machine is not such a bother. You will have to try it out personally to enjoy its impeccable performance.


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  • Needs low maintenance, the vacuum cleaner is made with a bag less design so no buying bags every other time, permanent HEPA filters and rinsable filters that will only need replacement after two years. All these make the cleaner very cost efficient as you will have to spend very little money on maintenance unlike other vacuum cleaners.
  • Easy storage, you can keep this vacuum cleaner anywhere in the house due to its portable design and it has such a light weight will enable you place it anywhere you wish.
  • Simple emptying, first of the all the cleaner has a huge dust cup that does not easily get filled up then you don’t have to use your hand to empty it. You just have to press a button to dispose off all the trash, it is that simple.
  • It can easily be used to clean large spaces, besides the vacuum cleaner having great portability that will enable you maneuver over large spaces with ease it also has cord that is long enough, 27 foot cord. This is way you do not have to plug the vacuum in and out hence making the process much faster.
  • It comes with a handful of attachments, this makes it much easier to clean even hard to reach areas. You do not have to kneel down on the floor to stretch and access under and around furniture, the cleaner has enough tools to help you clean such areas thoroughly well.


  • It has no switch off for the brush roll, this makes it quite difficult when you are changing from cleaning carpets to bare floors and also there is no on and off button for the height adjustment function.
  • You have to clean the filters frequently for the vacuum to work efficiently, the moment you take long without cleaning the filters it will lose suction power.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright Review 1



Features overview:

  • System check indicator: the UH70120is very unique, it is engineered with a system check indicator that lets you know when to clean the filter or check them out for any problems. This will make your filters last much longer since you are alerted when to stop and see if they are still in perfect condition to continue with the cleaning session.
  • 27 foot cord with cord rewind: you are now saved from the burden of winding the cord each you have to use the vacuum cleaner due to this vacuum’s automated cord. All you have to do is gently touch the pedal for the 27 foot cord will be activated and for easy storage, you just tap the pedal again for the cord to withdraw.
  • Strong cleaning power with light weight:this hoover wind tunnel T-series weighs only 16.5 pounds so can easily move it to different parts of the house. Much as it has a really light weight, the vacuum cleaner has exceptional cleaning power that will not leave even the slightest dust particles in your home.
  • Power hand tool: accessing all areas in the house that seem very hard to reach and cleaning more of a frustration for you has been sorted. The vacuum comes with a power hand tool that you use to clean such areas for example corners of the sofas, book shelves and is also perfect for use on car seats.
  • Amazing filtration: the vacuum cleaner has been designed with one of the best filtration systems ever, it utilizes both HEPA filtration and rinsable filters. The rinsable filter places at the top of the duct cup can be washed however you must cautious to ensure it does not soak and dries perfectly well. The HEPA filters should be just wiped clean and will need replacement just once in every two years. The HEPA filtration l also captures the finest dust particles as well as allergens.
  • 2 year warranty: the producer of the UH70120 offers customers a warranty of years, if your vacuum fails to work as expected you can return it and have it changed that’s in case you bought the vacuum from an authorized dealer.
  • Easy belt change system and brush roll access: to check any problems with the brush roll will be a walk over since accessing it is extremely simple. And whenever you feel the need to change the vacuum’s belt you will not to go to the specialist because you can do it on your own following the easy instructions in the manual.
  • Special features: the vacuum cleaner is designed with two very unique and special features that is to say the no scuff bumper which prevent you furniture from being damaged by high speed vacuuming and brush view window that keeps the brush roll in perfect condition by removing and residue or hairs that may deter its functioning.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright Review 3

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Product quality:

With a whole bunch of attachments and innovative technology, the hoover wind tunnel t-series rewind plus bag less upright, UH70120 vacuum cleaner has been made to provide you the best solution to make your home thoroughly clean. The vacuum cleaner is designed with a system check indicator to update on the condition of your filters so that you can know when they need cleaning or replacement, it also has a really fabulous filtration system infused with both HEPA filters that absorb allergens making it ideal for people who have allergies and washable filters. More to that, the cleaner comes with all the necessary accessories for thorough cleaning results such as the crevice, power hand tool, dusting brush and many others that will help you access even the most difficult areas to reach. It’s no scuff bumper will ensure that you furniture is well protected from high speed vacuuming.

The UH70120 is made for any home with pets because it has very strong suction and cleaning power that will not leave even a small strand of pet hair on carpet. It does not even matter if you different floor types because the vacuum cleaner has an automated 5 position height carpet adjustment which cleans all floor types effectively and with a lot of ease. With the vacuum’s 27 foot cord you will be able to clean large spaces efficiently and not hustle winding the cord since it is automatic with just a gentle tap on the medal.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright Review 4

Who does it benefit?

  • Works well for people with allergies: it has a very superior and permanent HEPA filtration system that absorbs all allergens as you clean. If you have any kind of allergies you do not have to worry about them anymore as

What else do you need?

Hoover UH70120 Vacuum Cleaner Belt H-38528-058: this fits perfectly on the UH70120 and will helps to keep your vacuum in perfect condition over a long period of time. A good vacuum cleaner belt determines how well or effective the cleaner will be on different floor types.

Genuine Hoover T-Series Primary Rinsable Filter: you will have to change your filters at least once in every two years so will definitely need the rinsable filter when time for replacing the one you buy the cleaner with comes.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright Review 2

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