Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Treadmill Review – For Serious Runners

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Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Treadmill

The Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 is advanced, mid-range treadmill from horizon which is equipped with a wide and extra long running-track, larger LCD-display and many built-in workout programs in order for you to achieve an effective workout routine. On top of that, this treadmill also features a unique 3-zone variable cushioning-system that provides the user with optimum comfort when working-out while the interactive technologies integrated into this treadmill like passport and ViaFit enable the user to enjoy his/her workout. On the other hand, the Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Treadmill features a Johnson digital-drive motor which is very quiet but very effective whereby it can run up to speeds of 12-mph so that the user can achieve an optimum workout routine. All in all, this is a great treadmill for home use but it’s slightly more expensive because it’s equipped with some of the best features on the market today.

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What We Like:

  1. It is foldable: the Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 is a foldable treadmill whereby you can effortlessly raise and lower this treadmill’s platform using the exclusive FeatherLight hydraulic folding system. In fact, the folding frame of this treadmill will facilitate for easy storage between workouts hence making this machine perfect for use in homes with little space.
  1. Heart Rate Monitor: you can also use the contact grips placed onto this treadmill to continuously check on your heart-rate while working-out on this treadmill. In fact, you will also be able to stay in your target-zone using the treadmill’s Cardio Compass display which works with your wireless heart-rate receiver in order to provide you with clear feedback when having workout.
  1. 35 Fitness Programs: this treadmill is equipped with over 35 programs which will assist the user in achieving his/her workout goals. These fitness programs actually include; manual-program, 9 calorie-programs, 10 distance-programs, 10 step-programs, 3 interval-programs and 2 custom-programs so that the user can always achieve a desired workout routine.
  1. ViaFit Connected Technology: the ViaFit technology will help send your home workouts from the treadmill to your fitness apps and tools so that you can be able to track your progress and even share it with your friends.
  1. Passport Ready: you can actually travel the world by connecting this treadmill to your home television using passport technology. In fact, passport technology will bring an effective workout experience to your home-TV whereby high-definition destination footages will be displayed on that large-screen TV and then synced to the intensity and speed of your workout. However, Passport-Player is sold separately and it comes pre-loaded with only two destination courses which include; Northern-Italy and American-Southwest.
  1. Johnson drive motor-system: this treadmill will also enable the user to maintain his/her workout rhythm because it’s equipped with a responsive digital-drive system which continuously re-calibrates with each footfall. Additionally, you will be able to use this treadmill in any room of the house because its motor runs at a low RPM and this minimizes noise and even enhances on the treadmill’s durability-levels. On the other hand, this treadmill comes with a lifetime motor warranty in case your buy it from a genuine store or seller.
  1. Variable responsive cushioning: The deck of this treadmill features 3 cushioned-zones which include the landing-zone, push-off zone and transition-zone. In fact, the landing-zone is located at the front-end where your foot lands and it equipped with a lot of cushioning in order to ensure maximum impact-reduction. The push-off zone is located at the back-end where you push-off with the feet in order to gain extra-momentum for your next stride. So, the push-off zone is equipped with minimal cushioning and it’s a lot firmer than the landing-zone. Lastly, the transition-zone which is located in the middle of deck is equipped with moderate cushioning so as to facilitate for an effective workout experience.
  1. 0-to-12% incline range: The Adventure 5 treadmill can actually be inclined up to 12-percent in order to increase on your heart-rate, speed-up your metabolism and to stimulate a wide-range of muscles within your body. In fact, setting a higher-incline when using a treadmill will help you achieve an optimum workout experience compared to lower-incline.
  1. Energy Saver Mode: The console of this treadmill can also go into sleep mode automatically incase its inactive for more than 15-minutes and this will in-turn help to save-up extra energy.
  1. Extra-wide blue LCD console: the Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Treadmill is also designed with an extra-wide blue LCD console or display-screen which measures about 7.5-inch. The purpose of this LCD-console is to provide the user with workout feedback on the time, incline, speed, distance, heart-rate, calories and laps taken during a workout. All in all, this LCD-console or display-screen looks is great but not luxurious.
  1. Built-in speakers: the user of this treadmill will also be able to enjoy his/her music during workouts because it features a built-in USB port for MP3-players and speakers that measure about 3″ x 5″ which have been built into its console.
  1. Longer running track: The Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Treadmill features a longer running-track compared to its predecessors and this is actually a great addition. In fact, this large walking/running area measures about 152cm x 51cm/60″ x 20″ and this makes it ideal for use by runners and taller individuals.
  1. Weight capacity of 325-lbs: the Adventure 5 Treadmill by horizon can actually support a user weight-capacity of 325-lbs and this implies that anyone with a weight of 325-lbs and below will be able to work out on this treadmill efficiently and effectively.
  1. Accessory holder: this treadmill is even designed with a convenient item-holder which will actually help to hold your bottle, phone or anything else while working-out in order achieve an efficient workout experience.

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Treadmill Review

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What We Don’t Like:

  • It only has contact-grips for heart-rate monitoring: the pulse-monitor (contact-grips) found on this treadmill are manual and is this is not good. In fact, contact-grips tend to be less accurate and convenient compared to wireless pulse or heart monitoring systems.
  • A weaker drive-motor: this treadmill is equipped with a 2.75-chp motor which is actually less powerful than the motors found in other treadmills of the same price-range.


Our Verdict:

The Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 is actually a premium quality treadmill that has been equipped with some of the best features but at a slightly higher price. In fact, if you’re looking for treadmill to use at home then the Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Treadmill will work perfectly for you but if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a treadmill then consider buying another great treadmill at an affordable price.

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