How Do Vibration Platform Machines Work

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Vibration Platform Machines are actually becoming increasingly popular today especially in gyms and this is mainly because they can help you tone and define muscles faster compared to other exercises. Additionally, health-experts also claim that vibration-plates reduce on the workout time by almost two-thirds compared to other exercises and this actually makes vibration platform machines perfect for people who struggle to do workouts or those who find it difficult to fix-up time for workouts in their busy daily schedules. On top of that, NASA has even fully studied and tested vibration platform machines and it says that these machines are a possible antidote to muscle-atrophy and bone-loss that astronauts usually suffer from when in space. Lastly, vibration platform machines offer various fitness benefits which include; healing back-pains, increased muscle performance, increased bone-density and a lot more. So, below is a summary of how a vibration platform machine works or operates:



Vibration platform machines actually operate by shaking or vibrating your entire body as you stand over them and they usually vibrate in 3-directions for about 20 to 50 times per-second. While vibrating, the user will enjoy a sensation of riding roller-coaster but when standing and this will in-turn cause the body’s skeletal muscles to stretch and contract. In fact, this vibration-effect will also help to engage more muscles than voluntary movements only. Some fitness experts say that vibration-plates increase on the gravitational-forces on the body and this means that they increase the effectiveness of exercises performed when standing over them. In fact, vibration-plates are non-aerobic exercises whereby they are somehow similar to weightlifting.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to work-out on a vibration-plate and you really want to achieve maximum effectiveness, then you must consider using it in a proper way by simply working with a trainer in the beginning in order to get and utilize proper techniques. In fact, some high-end vibrating-platform machines come equipped with a virtual-coach who helps to guide the user through a platform-workout. However, you should know that these machines don’t vibrate in the same direction whereby some work by moving up-and-down while others pivot like a seesaw.

Additionally, researchers have proven that a vibration-platform can be used on its own, used with on-platform exercises and also be used with a combination of off-platform workouts in order to enhance on athletic ability. in fact, scientists claim that vibration-platforms can help reduce on someone’s weight by almost 11-percent their initial body weight and this actually makes the workout-machine perfect for women who would like to lose weight without working-out so hard.

Lastly, although vibration-platform machines offer several advantages, they also have a negative side whereby some doctors claim that vibrating-platforms can bring about joint-damage and nerve-damage if used for a longer period of time. Besides that, the effects of vibration-platforms are also felt for just a limited period of time and some studies show that vibration-platforms are of no benefit at all.


Whole-body vibration is actually a good workout that will help you lose extra-weight and improve on your fitness levels. However, you need to-do the vibration-exercise in a proper way in order to benefit from it and below are some of the steps that you can follow in order to achieve an efficient and effective whole-body vibration workout:

  1. Acquire a vibration-platform or use the one at the gym: you actually need to acquire a new vibration-platform for home-use at any fitness-store incase you have the money but if you don’t have the money and space at home then consider going to a local-gym and use the vibration-platforms you find there.


  1. Place the vibration-platform in room with ample space: after purchasing a vibration-platform, find a place at your home with enough space and then place it there. Such a room can be a garage, fitness-room, bedroom or any other area with enough space but make sure that you keep your kids away from using this machine.


  1. Begin a whole-body vibration workout: a whole-body vibration workout can actually be done in various ways which may include sitting, laying or standing on a vibration-platform machine. In fact, as the machine vibrates, it will transmit energy to your entire body forcing the muscles to relax and contract for a good number of times per second. Additionally, the vibration-activity may make you feel like too-much pressure has been exerted onto your body.


  1. Stay on the vibration-platform for about 15-minutes: fitness-experts recommended staying on a vibration-platform for about 15-minutes a day when doing a whole-body vibration workout. in fact if you do this for only 3-times a week then you will be able to achieve weight-loss, improve on flexibility, reduce on muscle-soreness, enhance on blood-flow, build-strength and even reduce decrease on the stress-hormone (cortisol). Additionally, all vibration-platform machines vibrate for 20-to-50 times per second and this means that you should not too long when sitting or standing on these machines.


  1. Ask for help or supervision when exercising: incase you’re new to using a vibration-platform machine then consider asking for help from a fitness-expert. In fact, research proves that when whole-body vibration is performed correctly and under medical-supervision, it will reduce on back-pain, improve on balance and even reduce on bone-loss. On the other hand, some models of vibrating-platforms are equipped with a virtual-coach that helps to guide the user through vibration-platform workout.


  1. Switch-off the vibration-platform and get away from it: after being massaged on a vibration-platform for about 15-minutes, get-off the machine and then consider doing other exercises in order to complement a vibration-workout. So, you can go for other activities like walking, biking, swimming and much more.

Note: vibration-platform machines will help the user to improve on his/her fitness levels and lose-weight but remember to include physical-activities coupled with a healthy-diet to your daily routine. Additionally, you should also consider doing aerobic and strength training activities in order to compliment your whole-body vibration workout but remember to seek for medical advice form a health-professional before going for a going for a whole-body vibration workout.

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