How Do You Find a High Paying Technology Job

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These days, following a career path in technology can be a smart employment decision for you since there are several technological-jobs rising every year. In fact, as the technological landscape changes, IT-consultants, software-engineers, security administrators Application-developers are also rising in number and this implies that as a student you will need to work harder and also choose an education that will afford you the best opportunities under the tech-field. Additionally, after graduating, you will need to target high-paying jobs and below are some of the steps that will help you find some of the best and high-paying technology jobs on the market.


How To Acquire The Right Technology Education And Experience:

  1. Select an educational path according to the technology jobs you expect to achieve positive-growth: You will need to acquire education in technology jobs that expected to grow in the future. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics lists most jobs and their expected growth in the next 8-to-10 years. However, you should know that the expected growth industries change a little every year especially in the technology-sector where new platforms and programs create new types of jobs. So, try to make intensive research on high-growth technological-jobs and also try to discuss with people you know under the technology-sector.


  1. Complete your education: Although there are some technology jobs that don’t require a 4-year degree, you need to know that 4-years are the standard duration for engineering, administration and software development programs. On the other hand, you may also consider going for degree-programs in Management Information Systems (MIS), Computer Science or Software Engineering. However, there are some jobs that may require a 2-year degree and these include; graphic-design, web-development and computer-support-specialties.


  1. Go for intern to get experience: You will also need to work in open-source platforms or go for intern in-order to get experience. In fact, you will have to express how you are a better choice than other applicants for the same job and also try to present your projects or research in-order to gain an edge over other competitors.


  1. Select a job-path basing on its starting salary: There are many great technological-jobs on the market today but IT-auditors, data-modelers, software-engineers, network-security-administrators and data-analysts can earn the highest starting salary with up to 6-figures. So, if you find a high-paying job that you like then works towards it by taking necessary electives while in school and choose jobs that give you experience in the field.


  1. Acquire about 2-to-5 years of applicable experience in your field: Getting 2 to 5 years of applicable experience in your field will actually help to increase on your salary. So, consider applying for an entry-level job as an assistant analyst, junior web developer, data manager or assistant applications developer in-order to gain enough experience for becoming a great software-developer, data-modeler or IT-auditor. In fact, some IT-jobs like applications and cloud architects require up to 8-to-10 years of applications development experience.


  1. Stay updated with trending technology-information in your field: staying updated with the most current technology information in your field will help you gain a competitive-advantage over other applicants in need of the same job. So, try to read technology websites and journals so that you can discuss new technology thoughtfully.


How To Implement Technology Employment Strategies:

  1. Go to technology-hubs to increase on your salary and job prospects: Moving to technological-hubs will help to increase on your salary and job prospects. For example, Silicon-Valley will always have a high number of tech-jobs but there are also other growing tech-hubs that you can move to which include; New York City, Portland-OR, Denver-CO, Salt Lake City-UT, Minneapolis-MN, Boston-MA, Baltimore-MD, San Diego-CA, Seattle, WA, Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL, Dallas and Austin-TX and Atlanta-GA.


  1. Search and find a technology-recruiter: Technology-recruiters (head hunters) are still being used widely in the technological-sector. In fact, most major companies like; Apple and Google always use recruiters to find employees rather than posting listings in a traditional way. Recruiters actually do the work of seeking out high-paying jobs for you and are rewarded by receiving a fee for finding excellent employees. So, try to market yourself to multiple recruiting companies based in your area.


  1. Upload/Post your resume online: Recruiters usually look for tech professionals on Monster, Career-Builder, Craigslist and other websites. So, post your resume online and try to optimize it by including words like; “resume” in the body of the document. Additionally, remember to also include all applicable experience and educational-level.


  1. Make research on jobs from the highest-paying tech companies: The best way you can start in technology with a high-paying job is by aiming to work for companies that offer high starting and median salaries. So, search for jobs within these companies on their websites or by contacting their human-resource department and talent acquisition managers.


  1. Try to move to management or senior level positions: seeking and applying for a promotion internally will help you get a management or senior level positions at any company. This will actually help to increase on your salary without even looking for another job in a different company.


  1. Go for a master’s degree in computer science or business administration: Acquiring a master’s degree in computer-science or business-administration will help you move up to an administrative or architect role more quickly thus leading to an increase in your salary.

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