How To Add Buttons In WordPress Without Using Short Codes – Short Course

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Today, most people are not very familiar with using different programming languages like Html, css, java, php and a lot more. So, this is the main reason as to why WordPress uses plugins to add tables and buttons instead of short-codes which can be very confusing to some people. In fact, there are a lot of plugins out there which enable WordPress-users to add buttons to posts and pages using short-codes but these codes are actually difficult to remember and at times hard to configure. So, in this article I will show you how to add buttons in WordPress without using short-codes and I think this will work perfectly for even WordPress beginners who have less or no knowledge about programming.

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How to install and use the “Forget About shortcode Buttons plugin” to add buttons into WordPress:

  1. Search for “Forget About shortcode Buttons” plugin: after logging into your WordPress account, you will need to go to the Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New and then search for plugin called “Forget About shortcode Buttons”. In fact, this plugin will appear in the search-results shortly after as shown in illustration below:


  1. Install and activate the “Forget About shortcode Buttons” plugin: after seeing this plugin in your search results, click on “Install” so that the plugin can get installed onto your WordPress account and afterwards click on “Activate” in order to make the plugin active and ready for use as shown in the illustrations below.

When the plugin has been installed, press on “activate” as shown in the illustration below:

Note: you should know that the “Forget About Shortcode Buttons” plugin requires WordPress 3.9 or a higher-version. So, if you’re using an older version of WordPress then you will need to update it to a newer-version before installing and activating this plugin.


  1. Add the button to a new post or to an existing post: once you have activated the “Forget About Shortcode Buttons” plugin, create a new post or edit an already existing post and then add the button where you want it to be. In fact, you will see a new button-icon in the visual-editor labeled “Insert Button” as shown in the illustration below.

Additionally, the “Insert button” icon only appears after activating the “Forget About Shortcode Buttons” plugin and if you just install and don’t activate the plugin, then you won’t find the button-icon in your visual-editor.


  1. Editing the button before inserting into the post: when you press on the “Insert button” icon, a new window will open-up and it’s within this area that you will have to add your button-text and URL, choose a text-color, button-color, button-type and button-size. As shown in the illustrations below.

Illustration-1 (General Properties):  the settings that you will find in the properties-section have been featured here;


Illustration-2 (icon-section): here you will be able to navigate the “icon-section” in order to find an icon that matches your button-description. In fact, you will even be able to choose the icon-type (wed, media, form, currency, brand, medical, Dashicon, etc) and also decide where to place the icon (before or after the button). Lastly, you may even deicide to check “None” so that no-icon appears around your button. So below is an illustration of how the icon-section looks like.

Illustration-3(template-section): the template-section will actually be empty in case you haven’t created and saved any buttons. In fact, once you create a button and press on the save-icon then the created button will be saved into the template section. In fact, you will be able to easily access the created button in this section without re-doing it. So, the template section is very essential especially if you’re going to use a similar button on different pages or posts. So, below is an illustration on how to access the already created and saved buttons.


Illustration-4 (choosing the text-color and button-color): if you’re looking for where to choose the text-color and button-color from, then below is an illustration of where to go in order to select the preferred text and button colors.

In fact, during the color-editing process you will be able to see a live preview of your button and once you’re satisfied with what you have done then you can proceed to the next step.


  1. Inserting the button: when all the necessary settings have been done, you will need to click on “insert” button if your adding a new button and incase your inserting an already existing button from the templates section then you will have to click on the “update” button as shown in image below.


Below is a button that has been inserted into my post/page. In fact, if you click on this button then it will take you the link entered in the URL-section under the editor-section.


  1. Re-editing an active button: after placing your button into a post/page, you will need to align that button using the align-function in the post-editor. Additionally, double-clicking on the button will help to bring-up the button-editor inform of a popup-window so that you can be able to re-edit the button as you like. Likewise, the cursor over the button in your post/page will help to bring-up an editor-icon that you can easily click-on in order to make any necessary changes to the button. All in all, the “Forget About Shortcode Buttons” is an easy to use WordPress plugin that will enable you create several nice-looking button within posts/pages thus saving you a lot of time and stress that may have developed from using complicated shortcodes.



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