How to Be a Mobile Application Developer

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Today, mobile-phones are becoming are very important in our everyday lives and that’s why many application-developers in this area are rising. In fact, getting started as a mobile application developer is easy if you are focused and know what you want. So, below is a quick guide that will help become a credible mobile-developer quickly.


How to Gain Education and Experience in Mobile-App Development:

  1. Go for a computer science degree: Although a degree in computer science is not strictly necessary for mobile-App development, it will help to give you a foundation in the field. Additionally, most companies will prefer a person with at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science if they are going to hire you as a developer. So, try to specialize in mobile application coding while you are in school. On the other hand, there are also other degrees relevant in this field like software-development but you may also go for a certificate in mobile app development.


  1. Select one of the major platforms: There are several major mobile-platforms available today which include; Android, Apple, Windows, Symbian and RIM (Blackberry). So, you may decide to learn to code all these platforms or just choose one platform that you understand best. For example, Android has the dominate market today but Apple is also not far behind. So, one of these 2 platforms would be a good choice for you start your mobile-app carrier.


  1. Use online App-development programs: For example, Apple offers an iOS Development Center that can allow you to view tutorials and videos in-order help you begin learning coding. Likewise, even Android has a similar App-center which is just perfect for Android Developers Training. However, you don’t have to rely on just official streams because there are many websites across the web that offer free App-development classes and tutorials like;W3Schools, edX or Coursera and you may even pay for some classes in case you want to take coding to the next level.


  1. Consider taking classes in marketing: You can take marketing-classes at a community college at a cheaper price or even take classes via online sites such as Coursera in-order to develop your marketing skills. This is very important because you will need to market your Applications to the public after developing them or else the public will never know your Mobile-App existed.


  1. Go for businesses classes: Business-skills are greatly needed just as marketing-skills. In fact, business-classes will help you learn how to properly monetize your Mobile-App and how to create incentives for people to spend more while using your App.


SECTION-2: How To Practice Your Skills In Mobile-App Development:

  1. Develop your own mobile-App: If you prefer being hired by a company, then you will need to-do some practice in a meantime by simply developing your own Mobile-App. This will provide you with evidence to prove your work when searching for a job. However, if you have enough funds and marketing-skills, you may consider pushing your mobile-Apps until you reach your target.


  1. Come-up with a great idea for an App: Today, the greatest numbers of mobile-Apps are games because they help people pass time. However, you may decide to develop an App basing on any available problems. So, the first step should be determining where there is need and then consider what problems an App could help solve. Once you have got a great idea, start mapping-out your App. For example, Apps like DocScan and Scannable were developed to help people scan and store documents on their Smartphones instead of using computers.


  1. Focus on usability of the Mobile-App: Your developed Mobile-App should be very easy to use the customers. So, this can be achieved by creating a simple landing-page with clear buttons for easy navigation coupled with great contrasting colors. Additionally, make your mobile-App very easy to understand so that the user doesn’t need to refer anywhere else to figure-out how the mobile-App works. In fact, users should be able to figure out how the mobile-App works by simply looking at its controls.


  1. Get some help if needed: Although you may have the coding skills, you may lack the required designing skills or skills in any other particular area. So, consider hiring people on or collaborating with people who may agree to share a portion of the profits as payment. On the other hand, if you are not sure of where to hire or get help, then consider checking freelancing sites like; or because they feature professionals from different fields.


  1. Test your Mobile-App for Bugs: Newly developed Apps usually contain bugs and this is why you will need to play-test your App before releasing it. In fact, you may have your friend test the App to see if there are bugs so that you can fix them. Additionally, testing the App will also teach you about what works and what doesn’t work within a mobile-App.


  1. Convert the App to other mobile-platforms: Once you have learned how to build an App on one platform, you will need to convert it to other mobile-platforms. This is a very important step because you may miss-out on customers if you don’t offer the App on different platforms that all customers may use.

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