How To Be an Architectural CAD Technician

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An architectural computer-aided design (CAD) technician is a person responsible for turning architects’ sketches into computerized blueprints and plans. Additionally, an Architectural CAD Technician should also make any needed changes to the plans and perform administrative tasks like storing blueprints. In fact, an Architectural CAD Technician is an intermediate between architects who envision the designs and construction-professionals who make the designs a reality. Lastly, before you start working as an architect, you must become an architectural CAD technician and below are some of the steps that can help you become a good Architectural CAD Technician.



How To Become An Architectural CAD Technician:

  1. Go for architectural CAD technician post-secondary options: Research on architectural CAD technician post-secondary options that are available and after go for an associate’s degree in architectural technology that usually takes 2 years to complete and provides a technical foundation. So, taking courses like; building materials, architectural mechanical drawings, introduction to drawing, design and residential architectural CAD. However, a certificate in architectural technology is not but it will provide you with specialized training on fundamentals of CAD and 3-dimensional design coupled manual blueprint drawing and building construction. Lastly, a certificate will take you approximately a year to complete.


  1. Enroll for an architectural technology program: You will need to choose the colleges with best architectural technology courses that fit your goals and educational needs. Afterwards, apply for a desired architectural-program and if accepted, complete your program. Additionally, try to join college and professional organizations in architectural CAD technology in-order to network with professionals and other technology students. Lastly, make sure you go for intern at an architectural-firm or construction-site since intern is usually part of your college curriculum.


  1. Acquire a 2-to-4 year’s architectural technician apprenticeship: Consider applying for an apprenticeship at an architectural firm or construction site during the last year of the program. So, you should start apprenticeship after graduation while working under the supervision of an architectural technician or architect when completing tasks like; architectural-plans and blueprints.


  1. Search and secure a job as an architecture CAD technician: consider searching for CAD-jobs at architectural-firms or you may even seek a job at the place where you’re an apprentice. However, remember to include all your experience and certifications so that you can easily stand-out from other job-seekers in the same industry.


Tips To Consider When Preparing To Become An Architectural CAD Technician:

  • Get to know the options employers prefer before completing a degree or certification in architecture. This is very important because it will help you target the right architectural jobs on the market.
  • You should know that most employers prefer an architecture CAD technician with some work-experience more than education. So, the more internships, apprenticeships and freelance work you do the more experience you will get which will in-turn increase on your chances of getting a better job.
  • The American Design Drafting Association offers students with a chance to become certified with its Drafter Certification Examination. This examination is meant to test your architectural knowledge and it will greatly benefit you when looking for a job.
  • AutoDesk the creator of AutoCAD which is the software that you use as an architectural CAD technician actually offers you with 2-ways to become certified. In fact, once you complete the computer-based test you will be capable of becoming either a certified associate or certified professional in AutoCAD.
  • Colleges and universities typically don’t offer a bachelor’s degree in architecture technology but you can consider going for a 4-year degree program in architecture or engineering after completing an associate’s degree.

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