How to Be an iOS Developer

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All Apple-devices use an iOS-system and require iOS-Application to operate. So, an iOS-Developer is an expert who creates great apps for Apple App Store. In fact, iOS-Developers can work on either their own Apps or even for companies depending on what they prefer but you should know that there is a job out there for you in this fast-growing App field. All in all, to become an iOS developer you have to start learning how to code and also get some education in computer science or other computer-related degrees.


How To Acquire An Education In Computer And Coding:

  1. Try to start learning to code as early as possible: Today, there are several different ways of learning coding outside school or programs that you have to pay for. So, go online and search for websites and Apps that provide games meant to teach the basics of coding and in-case you are still a student then consider joining an after-school coding program. In fact, the earlier you begin to learn how to code, the better.


  1. Go for computer and design classes in high school: If you want to become an App-developer, then it’s a good idea to start getting familiar with computers as early as possible. So, consider taking any classes on computer-science that your school offers as electives and also enroll in some design or art classes because they will help you with the creative side of App-development.


  1. Acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science: Although most developer jobs don’t strictly require a bachelor of science (BS) in computer science but having this degree will greatly help you. However, no-matter which degree you pursue, try to be sure to take at least a few courses in programming and computer operating systems. On the other hand, most job listings for iOS developers may require either a BS in computer science or at least 3-5 years of work experience in App-development. On top of that, try to take courses in art, design and communications in-order to develop on your creativity, communications, writing and interpersonal skills.


  1. Get a Masters in computer science for greater prospects: Going for a Master’s degree in computer-science will allow you to continue developing skills you learned as an undergraduate. Additionally, it will even give you a chance to have more in-depth, personalized study on a particular topic of choice and Master’s-degree is required by most iOS developer jobs and acquiring one will set you apart from the competition. Lastly, when deciding on which program to apply for, talk to your undergraduate advisor or favorite computer-science professors for best results.


How To Learn The Necessary Developer Skills:

  1. Learn “Swift” programming language: Swift is actually a language developed by Apple specifically for building Apps on their platform. In fact, Swift is the best option if you’re dedicated to iOS and you can even find free tutorials for learning both basics and more advanced features of this language online. However, some tutorials will require payment up-front and they will actually be more interactive and in-depth compared to free-trials.


  1. Practice programming and get familiar with it: After acquiring a BS or MS in computer science, try to spend some years developing your programming skills. This is very crucial because programming is a complex subject and requires you to put in some work in-order to become a great programmer and an effective iOS developer. On the other hand, consider going online to find tutorials in basic and advanced programming and at this point you should be able to understand the basic syntax and constructs of Swift and Objective-C. Additionally, you should also have some knowledge on object oriented programming (OOP) which requires the use of JavaScript. Lastly, you will need to understand how to use algorithms to make your apps and software run effectively.


  1. Get Familiar with iOS systems and its requirements: The iOS platform contains its own unique technologies and features which all require specialized skills to use. So, the exact topics you’ll need to spend the most time mastering will depend on what kind of Apps you want to develop. However, for a basic foundation you will need to have some familiarity with; Xcode and Interface builder, Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, View hierarchy and Auto Layout, Git, Containers, storyboards and transitions.


  1. Make research on job-listings to keep up-to-date on what you need to know: Most companies usually provide potential employees with a list of skills they would need to have to get hired. so, while still developing your abilities, browse job listings for positions you would be interested in and in-case you see a new skill haven’t encountered yet then note it down and later use online-tutorials to learn it. Additionally, you can even get in touch with the career centers at your undergraduate and graduate institutions to see what skills they recommend for you.


  1. Build an iOS app: Consider going to an App Store and look at trending-apps, editors’ picks and lists of top paid and free apps. Afterwards, read the ratings and reviews section to lookout for what users like and don’t like about these popular-Apps and then think of how you can fill a void in the App Store with your own App. Additionally, try to create a responsive-App that can be used on both iPhones and iPads. All in all, building a great iOS-App will help to get your name out there and even land you a great job.

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