How To Become a Good a Software Consultant

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If you’re an IT-Professional who likes problem-solving and logical-thinking, then becoming a software consultant could be the right career choice for you. In fact, most sectors including; finance, government, automotive and aerospace sectors greatly rely on software consultants for technical advice. Additionally, consultants advise clients on how to configure large-applications, write-code or fix-bugs and they can even customize software systems for specific tasks. However, to become a software consultant you will need to acquire the necessary education or training and even market yourself effectively in-order to get clients.


How to Acquire The Right Education And Work-Experience:

  1. Learn about software-engineering, software-development & web-design: Understanding the fundamentals of software-engineering will help you see if this career is right for you. So, consider obtaining a Bachelor of Software Engineering (B.SE.) at an accredited college or university. On the other hand, you could also teach yourself through books, online tutorials or trial and error experiences.


  1. Seek an internship in software engineering: During studies or self-education time, consider seeking an internship or part-time job in-order to gain practical experience. Additionally, attend career fairs discussing about software engineering jobs and technology sector employees.


  1. Apply for your first software engineering job: Try to apply for an entry-level job software engineering in-order to prepare to become a good consultant. In fact, during this time you should work towards earning your software-engineering license which you can receive after passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Additionally, you can take this exam after 4-to-6 years of employment in-order to understand the foundations of software-engineering, development and troubleshooting.


How to Develop Your Specialty:

  1. Find your perfect niche: You should consider finding the right area of specialization within software-consulting so that you can provide something specific to customers. In fact, if you find a particular area of software-engineering that interests you, you will be more likely to enjoy the work. Some of the specializations you can pick from include; cyber-security, networking or systems engineering but you should also consider researching about which software consulting services are available near you and what is lacking in them.


  1. Try to network with other software engineers: You should consider attending conferences and networking events with other software engineers so as to build connections. In fact, you should pay particular attention to experts working in your specialty and even meet them after the conference for recommendations and advice.


  1. Develop your own software in a particular specialty: You should consider creating an application for something more advanced like; internet security software and then do multiple trials on it in-order to remove any bugs. Creating your own product will provide you with a finished project that you can show to prospective clients.


How to launch your Consultancy:

  1. Set-up your consultancy business: After completing your software, develop a company name and logo then use those items to market your consultancy. Additionally, you should set your hourly-rate and even create a billing system for easy payment tracking. On the other hand, do some market research to see what others charge in your expertise area and also consider your expenses.


  1. Market your software and consulting services: consider creating a website, brochures and business-cards. Additionally, advertise how your skills, experience and education can help any company and also demonstrate why your software is better than other software on the market. However, it will take you time to build your client-list and that’s why you should consider keeping your full-time job at first to ensure a steady income.


  1. Try broadcasting your success: You may advertise completed projects after seeking client permission. In fact, you can use a blog/website or conference papers to publicize your work. Additionally, you can also use social media websites like; Facebook or Twitter to advertise your success.

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