How To Blow Dry Hair

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After purchasing a blow dryer most people actually think that the blow dry they do at home will produce perfect results like the one done in the salon but this is not the case, sometimes the results are just frustrating. Blow drying is actually not that difficult but there are some simple details that you ought to know in order to have your hair shiny and looking healthy after a blow dry. Blow drying is one of the fastest and easiest ways that you can get your hair dry, much as many people claim that it is not good to blow dry your hair on daily basis but when you have the right tricks and you follow them correctly you will definitely not have any damage done to your hair. Proper blow drying is essential for the safety of your hair and if you want to have that gorgeous hair that will grab your lots of compliments everywhere, then take a look at my steps and tips of how to blow dry hair.

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  • Start with clean hair: no matter how great blow drying skills are, you will never get perfect results if you blow dry dirty hair therefore the very first step to achieving the perfect blow dry is to clean your hair. If you are going to blow dryer your hair needs a lot of moisture so you use moisturizing shampoo to prevent your hair from looking dry after the blow dry. Shampoo that is too strong tends to wash out all the moisture in your leaving it at great risk of getting damaged by blow drying.
  • Use a towel to get rid of excess water in your hair: you don’t need your hair dripping wet for the best blow drying results, you should use a towel to remove most of the water. You have to be very careful with how you use the towel, rubbing at a very fast speed or rigging your hair in the towel will cause frizz, split ends and even make your hair lose texture so the best you can do is to gently blot or pat your hair the towel after all it is just to get rid of any excess water to make hair completely dry.
  • Section up the hair: blow drying your hair as a whole will leave some parts partly dried which is not good for your hair that is why you need to divide up your hair into various sections. For those that have short thin or fine hair, you could just divide it into two sections but for those who have extremely long and thick hair it is best to make even up to 6 sections. This will not only make hair dry properly and fast but also make the job much simpler for you.
  • Start blow drying from the bottom layers at the back: start from down at the roots of the hair but leave a few inches away from the scalp otherwise you will get burned. Move the blow dryer downward instead of going upwards to avoid over straining your hair. Keep the distance from the scalp so that moisture can move from down the scalp all the way down to the hair strands.
  • Continue to the next section:take very little time on each section in any case keeping the blow dryer in one particular area for too long will burn your hair and you don’t want that to happen. You need to move the blow dryer in different parts without concentrating too much on just one spot.
  • Leave hair slightly dump: one really big mistake that people make is to blow dry hair until it is 100% dry but that is not how you should do it. Leave just very little moisture in your hair that will not take later that 10 minutes to dry out naturally, it is always best to leave the remaining 90 or 95% moisture to air dry. This helps to reduce on the damage caused by heat from the blow dryer and prevents hair from becoming frizzy.
  • Leave the hair to cool: after all that heat you just put on your hair, it needs some cool air to refresh, meanwhile you can use your finger or a wide toothed comb to remove any tangles. Finish up your blow dry by applying just a little bit of moisturizing spray or serum to give hair that shiny and attractive appearance.

The best blowing drying tips

Following the steps that we just looked at above is just part of the job but here are some other tricks that will make an expert at blow drying your hair without causing it any damage kind of damage.

  • Do not hold the blow dryer too close to your hair, always keep it some inches away about 8 inches, more than 8 inches away will not get hair dry the way you want and close than 8 inches puts your hair at risk.
  • Blow dry hair straight from the roots to the ends, do not dry hair from the middle of the strand or from the ends upwards. The best way to achieve smooth, shiny and healthy blow dried hair is starting from the roots to the end of the hair strand.
  • Keep moving the blow dryer to different areas to evenly distribute heat to all the parts of the hair, you should not only concentrate on one area to avoid burning your scalp and hair.
  • Do not ignore the job of heat protectant, they are very good at giving your hair a protective layer from any kind of heat damage.
  • Always use the low heat setting, the heat releases by the blow dryer is too strong for your hair and can easily cause damage to. To limit heat damage, it is much more advisable that you use the blow dryer on low heat setting.
  • You should never blow dry your hair straight from the shower or as soon as you have finished shampooing, at this stage it will still be too fragile to stand any heat. It is therefore best if you give your hair some time (about 15-20 minutes) to relax after washing before your blow dry.

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