How To Blow Dry Straight Hair – Follow These Steps

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Straight hair is an effortless hair type because it requires less work to get it look nice. Blow drying your hair straight might seem like such an easy job to get done with but you might end up getting disappointed with the results if you don’t give it your all. You will need the right tools for example the comb or brush you use to blow dry curly hair is not the same that you will use to blow dry straight hair. Well, I will quit all the talk and get direct into the how you can have your straight hair blow dried at home.

  • Gather your tools: to blow dry straight hair the most essential things you will need include a good quality hair dryer, wide toothed comb, paddle brush or round brush and hair oil. Also keep in mind that for straight hair, a nozzle is much required as it directs heat to a specific area unlike a blow dryer with no nozzle. With all your tools ready your blow drying experience will be more enjoyable and much faster.
  • Prepare your hair: the first thing to do when preparing your hair is to free your hair from any dirt and dust using quality shampoo and conditioner. Do not forget that you want your hair straight so go in for shampoo that straightens hair together with conditioner which will not add too much volume to your hair.
  • Get rid of excess water: blotting your hair with a towel is one simple way in which you can remove all that excess water from your hair but to avoid making your hair frizzy or making it break be careful with how you use it. Ensure to just pat your hair with the towel just to remove most of the moisture but avoid rubbing and twisting hair in the towel.
  • Comb through the hair: for the safety of your hair and much better results after blowing drying you must detangle your hair early enough. After removing most of the water, use a wide toothed comb to gently comb through hair and remove most of the tangles. Detangling hair during the blow drying process is very harmful to your hair and never use a narrow toothed comb to comb through wet hair.
  • Spray hair with a thermal protectant: heat released by the blow dryer can cause damage to your hair which so applying a thermal protectant before blow drying helps to reduce the damage that might be done to your hair. Alternatively you can apply leave-in conditioner in case you don’t have a thermal protectant reason being blow drying hair without any product at all is way too dangerous.
  • Dry hair to about 80%: to make your job of blow drying hair straight easier it is best if you first of all rough dry without paying your attention to one particular area but all over. This simply means drying hair in an uneven pattern to remove most of the water leaving hair just damp. Don’t concentrate on one specific area but keep the blow dryer at a distance away from your hair and use your fingers to comb through while blow drying, this will help to make hair dry much faster all through. At this stage it will be easier to detangle your hair without hurting it compared to any other stages after this.
  • Work on small layers of the hair: to make your hair straight it is best if you begin from the layers down at the bottom, gathering smaller layers up wards to the top until you get all the hair dry. As you work on the bottom layers, first pin hair that you are not working on to prevent it from interrupting your blow drying session. Only unpin hair that your will be working on so as to make each and every strand of your hair sleek straight and totally dry.
  • Put the paddle brush to use: take a small section of hair, wrap it around the brush and with a lot of gentleness brush through hair from the roots to the end of the strand. This is very important in making your hair straight, don’t grab very big sections of hair as they will be hard for you to dry and keep in mind that you should not pull your hair too much.
  • Start blow drying: turn your hair to the best heat setting which is in most case the medium one as it dries hair well without burning it too much or leaving it wet. For some people who have very curly and thick hair, you can as well opt for hot setting it will help to make your hair straight.
  • Blow dry with the comb and blow dryer at the perfect angle: you want to make your hair straight so the blow dryer should be well angles so that when you pull through hair with brush, all strands are left with entirely no tangles. The brush and blow dryer move hand in hand so don’t use one of them and leave the other behind, hair will not come out as straight as you want it to be.
  • Take another stroke or pass: the first stroke will definitely not make your hair sleek straight and completely dry, you will have to make not less than three passes in order for your hair to come out have that attractive straight appearance.
  • Make use of the cold setting to prevent frizz: adjust your blow dryer to the cold shot setting and blast over the hair to ensure it falls flat and avoid the risk of hair becoming too frizzy. Just like you did while blow drying, you also need to blast hair with the cold shot from roots to ends.

In conclusion, you can blow dry your hair straight but if your hair is too curly you will need some extra effort as it will not be that easy to make sleek straight. Blow drying along might to get your hair as straight as you want it sometimes which means you will have to use a flat iron after blow drying. Also to make your hair look even better apply some shine serum after blow drying hair straight.

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