How To Brush Teeth Without Toothpaste

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Brushing with toothpaste is the most commonly used method to clean the teeth and mouth but it’s not that 100-percent safe. In case you want to avoid using commercial toothpaste entirely while brushing, there are several safe and easy home-made alternatives or methods that you can use to clean your teeth and mouth. These home-made can be made from readily available ingredients but there are also other methods that you can actually use to good mouth health and all these are going to be listed within this particular article.

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  • Get the required ingredients: before you start preparing your homemade toothpaste, you actually need to get and purchase the ingredients needed and these include; baking-soda, water and any edible flavoring like salt.
  • Mix the ingredients: basically, most homemade toothpastes involve a basic mixture of baking soda, sea-salt, hydrogen-peroxide and a few drops of essential-oil. Any basic toothpaste mix involves: a half cup of baking-soda, a teaspoon of sea-salt, a mixture of home-use peroxide and water but make enough to get the mixture wet in order to create a paste. However, you may choose to avoid any of the ingredients used above in case you feel uncomfortable using any of them or even replace them with an alternative.
  • Add few drops of any essential-oil: these essential oils are not that cheap but do a great job in the creation of any DIY products. In fact, if you consider using an alternative product, then invest in some quality essential-oils. Additionally, in order to give your toothpaste a nice flavor, try using peppermint, orange or any other flavor of your choice.
  • Mix the toothpaste in container or jar with a lid: try to get a container with a lid and then shake the mixture to ensure a thorough mix and then your solution with the lid on. In fact, this mixture will be fine every time you use it as long as it’s kept safely and properly.
  • Consider using a remineralized alternative: in case you don’t like using hydrogen peroxide to mix-up your toothpaste, then leave-out the peroxide but replace it with a mineralizing components which can strengthen in order keep them clean and healthy. Likewise, brushing teeth daily with a remineralized mixture can have the same healthy benefits of using toothpaste but without the harmful ingredients. This mixture will actually include; calcium-powder or calcium-magnesium, coconut-oil, baking-soda and xylitol powder.



  • Use sea-salt: using sea salt is a completely simple and natural alternative to clean your teeth. This involves dipping a toothbrush into fine-grain, sea-salt and after brush your teeth. However, sea-salt can be somehow abrasive hence you should consider dissolving only a half of a teaspoon in some warm water because this will make it a bit more palatable or friendly to the teeth as you brush.


  • Use hydrogen-peroxide or baking-soda: the foundations of most homemade toothpaste recipes lie in these 2 elements. In fact, these ingredients can work by themselves when it comes to cleaning teeth but try to use a smaller amount of either or both to clean your teeth. However, avoid using baking-soda for an extended period of time because this can have an abrasive effect on the teeth. Likewise, there is also danger in using hydrogen-peroxide with amalgam dental-fillings but it’s actually safe to use them for once in a while but not regularly.


  • Try using diluted natural-soap: this may sound weird but there are actually some popular brands of soap that are perfectly viable alternatives to toothpaste. This method works in such a way that you get some liquid-soap and then dissolve some in clean-water then dip your toothbrush in the mixture and begin to brush your teeth. However, you should know that this can taste soapy but will work perfectly when it comes to cleaning your mouth. On the other hand, try using a peppermint-scented soap in order to disguise the soapiness so as to achieve a more familiar toothpaste brushing experience. Additionally, there are also additive-free soaps on the market and these will work perfectly for people concerned with using commercial toothpastes that contain fluoride.


  • Use coconut-oil: coconut oil actually tastes great yet it’s antibacterial and antifungal. This oil is even a good base to build from and it can be used as essential-oil when it comes cleaning your teeth and mouth. Additionally, coconut-oil is versatile whereby it can be used for cooking, used on the skin and hair.


  • Use only a toothbrush: this will involve getting your toothbrush wet or even use it dry in case you find yourself in need of cleaning your teeth yet you don’t have the time to mix-up a toothpaste alternative. In fact, most of the advantages of brushing come from using a toothbrush only and this implies that it’s just enough to get the job done. However, you will not get that fresh-feeling mint or a refreshing-breath while using a toothbrush only but the teeth will be cleaned.



  • Chew on a neem stick: trying to chew a neem-twig or on miswak-sticks is commonly used throughout Middle-East in order to keep the teeth clean and to achieve a fresh breath. This process involves chewing the bark-off the end of the sticks and then separate the fibrous into bristles by chewing the pulp. Afterwards, use the resulting bristles to clean the teeth but be very careful in order to avoid injuring your gum while brushing. Additionally, chewing neem sticks is a good method of quitting smoking which is harmful to your dental health. This implies that by chewing neem-stick you will be able to keep the mouth clean and also get rid of the smoking habit.
  • Try irrigating your mouth using a water-pick: a water-pick is a pressure washing tool for the teeth and it’s commonly recommended by orthodontists in order supplement brushing when patients are out-fitted with braces. However, you don’t need to have braces to take advantage of a water-pick because this method can also be used to clean in-between your teeth like flossing.
  • Do some oil pulling: oil-pulling is actually an old technique used to detoxify and clean the teeth and gums? This method involves swirling a small amount of oil around the mouth in order to rejuvenate the cells and to remove any toxins. In fact, try using coconut-oil or any natural-oil like; olive, grape seed or almond oil to swirl around the mouth for about 15-20 minutes every morning before having breakfast. Spit the out afterwards but don’t swallow it because it’s not healthy because the oil contains toxins that you should get rid of.

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