How To Buy A Coffeemaker Or Espresso Machine

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Buying a coffee maker or espresso machine may seem like something very simple not until you take home a coffee maker that makes the worst coffee and stops working after just a few uses will you know that you need a buying guide before going to buy one. Due to the great advancements in technology every other day, new coffee maker brands come up so there are so many different types of coffee makers on the market, this means that choosing the best coffee maker to buy has become even more difficult. If you go to buy a coffee maker or espresso machine you must have know-how on which coffee maker will fit your desired needs for example if you have a huge family you will need a coffee maker that can brew many cups of coffee but if you live in a small apartment with just your fiancé or girlfriend then there will be no need for you to buy a very huge coffee maker. With that in mind I can now give provide with some tips here and there that will help you choose the best ever coffee maker.

  • Weight and size of the coffee maker or espresso machine: this is one of the most important things you should look out for when buying a coffee maker, if you have enough space and you are not planning to shift the coffee maker from place to another then there is no problem in buying a large or heavy tall coffee maker. However if you do not have enough space and have to move the machine from the kitchen to wherever else you want to make your cup of coffee then you must buy a light weight and small coffee maker that you can easily move around easily.
  • Simplicity of use: there is no sense in buying an extremely expensive coffee maker with settings that will take you forever to understand, it is always best to buy a coffee maker with very easy to understand setting is the best to buy. In fact if you can get one that is automatic, it is the one you should buy so that even if it is your first time to use it, you find no difficulties at all.
  • Auto shut off feature: coffee maker with an auto-shut off feature last longer reason being they are design to turn themselves off after the set amount of time from the time you brew the last cup of coffee and save energy. So if you tend to forget to turn off the machine then it is best to buy a coffee maker or espresso machine with this function.
  • Water tank: there are several issues to consider when it comes to the machine’s water tank since it is a very major part of the entire machine. First of all look out for a coffee maker or espresso machine with a large capacity water tank so that you can brew very many cups of coffee at ago and make not re-fill the water tank every now and then. Also transparent or clear view water tanks are more preferable because that let see how much water is remaining in the water tank. A machine with a large and high volume water tank will best suit your large family. Also, a coffee maker with a removable water tank will be super easy for you to clean.
  • Thermo block: this is a function that heats water to optimum temperature for extracting the best coffee or espresso flavor. It also helps to prevent you from heating water beyond required temperature that would rather make your coffee bitter. Such coffee makers will help your make a cup of coffee at very fast rate and with the best flavor.
  • Bar pressure: a machine with good bar pressure will make the best crema to your espresso and extract the best coffee flavor reason being coffee grounds are being steamed at the right haste. The best coffee maker or espresso machine to buy is one with bar pressure between 9 and 11 or 15 and 19.
  • Mechanical valve: of late many of the coffee makers produced come with a mechanical valve which controls the rate at which water flows. High quality machines come with a valve that upturnswater flow when it is being delivered hence brewing coffee at a faster speed and immediately you are through with extracting your coffee it will turn off, these are definitely the best machines to buy.
  • Wattage: I would personally recommend that you buy a coffee maker or espresso machine with high wattage since it will boil water a much faster speed so that you can as many as cups of coffee as possible and in the least possible time. Coffee machines just like other electric appliances, the higher the wattage the faster water gets boiled.
  • Steam arm: if you want to make a wide variety of milk based coffee drinks, then it is best to buy a coffee machine or espresso with a steam arm.
  • Filter holder: this part of the coffee maker holds coffee ground therefore it must be warm most of the time, I would therefore advise that you buy a coffee maker with a brass filter holder because they have the ability to hold heat for much longer compared to aluminum filter holders.
  • Automatic switch on: with a coffee maker that is designed with an automatic switch off, you will just have to place your ingredients, close the lid and wait for your cup of coffee, it is that simple so it is better to buy a coffee maker with this feature especially if you are good at forgetting to turn on your coffee machine or just have bad eye sight in the morning.
  • Number of cups it can brew at a time: some people are not so good at taking coffee so if you are one of those then just buy a single cup coffee maker buy if you take many cups of coffee and plan on sharing coffee with other friends then buy a coffee machine that can brew very many cups at once.
  • Quality of the machine: this may not be that simple to know if you have not used coffee makers before but search on the internet, read through different customer reviews to have a clue on what the best coffee maker is. A good quality coffee maker will always brew the perfect cup of coffee, offer long lasting performance and have great durability. This will definitely be the best investment to make for your home.

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