How to Buy a Treadmill for Your Home

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Many people today need treadmill for home-use due to the changing weather-conditions and busy workout-schedules. In fact, with a treadmill you will be able to have a workout at any time of the day no matter the weather-conditions and this actually makes it a very convenient fitness-equipment to have within your home. However, there many brands of treadmills with different specifications on the market today and this actually makes it abit hard to find or choose a treadmill that will enable you meet your fitness-goals easily. So, in this post i have decided to provide you with some of the steps that can guide you through the process of getting a good treadmill for home-use and you actually try to follow them.


  1. Determine your budget: you need to keep in mind your financial-limitations or budget before you begin looking for treadmill for home-use. In fact, most home-use treadmills are cheap because they are not designed to accommodate heavy-use but if you want to get a heavy-duty treadmill for home-use then consider spending some extra money on it. All in all, a good home-use treadmill that can be used for both walking and running will cost you around $500-to-$1000 so try to keep your within this price-range for best results.
  2. Determine what the treadmill will be used for: you need to think about how heavily you will be using the before making a purchase. So, if a treadmill will be used for walking or jogging then an simple and basic treadmill will work perfectly for you. on the other hand, if you’re going to use the intense workouts like running on a regular-basis then you will have to go for a more advanced and durable treadmill.
  3. Learn how to use the treadmill controllers: treadmills features 2 types of controllers which include analogue-controls and digital-controls. so, when buying a treadmill a treadmill for home-use get to the type of controllers its using and learn them first before you begin using it for best workout-results.
  4. Determine who will be using the treadmill: knowing the size and number of people who will be using the treadmill actually help to determine the size of the treadmill and size of treadbelt. For example, taller people will need a larger running-surface because they take longer-strides compared to short-people. Additionally, if multiple people are going to be using the treadmill at home, then consider buying a heavy-duty machine equipped with various workout-programs because it will be able to satisfy different needs and even withstand heavy-use.
  5. Determine the weight of people going to use the treadmill: you actually need to keep in mind the weight of people that will be having a workout over the treadmill in order to know whether you’re buying a basic-treadmill that accommodate regular weights or a heavy-duty treadmill that is designed to accommodate heavier people.
  6. Take note of the features on the treadmill: a treadmill designed for home-use should actually be equipped with great-features in order to enable the user a get a great fitness-routine. so, make sure that the treadmill your about to buy for home-use is equipped with a great motor, large-enough treadbelt, a cushioned-deck, shock-absorption system, an incline-option,  heart-rate-monitor, multiple workout-programs and even features a foldable design for easy storage in between workouts.


  1. Set the treadmill for appropriate use: you need to determine how your treadmill will be used and then set it according to what you’re going to do over it. So, if you’re going to walk, jog or run then set your treadmill accordingly in order to achieve an effective workout.
  2. Decide on the speed-range of the treadmill: you will need to set speed-range of the treadmill before you begin using it. So, if you’re going to use the treadmill for walking then selecting the basic-mode would be just perfect but incase you’re going to use it for running then the high-speed mode will work perfectly for you your fitness-needs.
  3. Determine and set your workout-time: you actually need to think about your workout-time when having a workout on a treadmill. For example, a normal workout on a treadmill will take you around 30-minutes to complete daily. But if you wish to get a more intense workout then consider working-out for more 30-minutes to make an hour of training but this should be done on a better quality treadmill.


  1. Try doing some online-research: once you get to know the type of treadmill you want and its features, consider doing some online research in order to get more information about a particular treadmill. Additionally, go to websites that sell and review treadmills because they will help you to compare prices and features thus enabling you to narrow down your options. All in all, you may consider buying a treadmill from an online-store although this is not a good option for some people because it’s recommended to first test the treadmill before buying it which isn’t possible when buying something online.
  2. Go to a local-store and test the treadmill: after getting more information about the treadmill you want to buy, consider going to any nearby sports-store selling treadmills and then try testing a selected treadmill. Some of the things you need to test include the running-deck size and its cushioning, motor drive-system, display-monitor, speed-range, incline-range and a lot more depending on want you need from a treadmill.
  3. Ask and learn about the warranty-policy: a good treadmill actually cost a lot of money and this means that it should last for years when under usage. So, in order to protect your purchase you need to make sure that the treadmill is backed by a great warranty that covers parts, motor and labor in any repairs for best results. Additionally, the best treadmills are backed with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor.
  4. Get to know about the delivery-options: a treadmill is actually a bulky and heavy fitness-machine that may not fit into your small-car. So, if you’re buying a treadmill from a store then consider asking for delivery-options in order to decide how your treadmill will reach home.

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