How To Care For A Beard

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Taking proper care of the beard is very important yet it’s widely neglected or ignored in the lives of men. In fact, although a beard may still look attractive without proper care, a scraggly-beard or beard full dandruff is not healthy to have and that’s why you should try as much as you can to keep your beard in good condition. all in all, here are some of the few steps that you can follow in order to care of your beard in order to keep you look neat and re-presentable in the public.


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  1. Trim the beard a specific length: you can actually trim your beard to a desired length in order to achieve that look you want. But it’s recommended to trim your beard in multiple directions in order spot out all the stray hairs so that you can be able to cleanly and evenly groom your beard. However, there are 2 options that you can use to trim your beard and these include using an electric-shaver or a pair of scissors depending on what you prefer.
  1. Decide if you still want to have some areas shaved: while growing a beard, not all men not all men trim off the neck beard when it’s to groom and style your beard. However, it is recommended to trim-up the boundaries until you notice that the beard frames out your face well and it’s also good practice to shave often. Additionally, try to ensure that comb your beard down so that the hairline being shaved looks consistent no matter which way the wind may blows the beard. On the other hand, having a completely unshaven, untrimmed and unwashed is one nasty look while having completely shaven, trimmed and washed beard is another different and outstanding look hence it’s upon you to choose from which way to keep your beard.
  1. Keep the beard clean: washing your beard is very important because if you don’t clean it, then people will actually see the zit food may have left beneath your beard which is not good. This is why it’s recommended to wash your face thoroughly with soap and water every morning and at night when going to bed in order to keep your beard in a good condition. However, when cleaning your beard don’t use hair-products that are too strong but try to use something simple and gentle on your beard to remove any oils and dirt that may have built-up. After, washing your face, make sure you dry it thoroughly with a clean towel because it’s not advised to leave your beard wet.
  1. Apply some aftershave: after cleaning and drying your face or beard, it advised to apply an aftershave to the areas that have been freshly shaven but you should try to use quality aftershaves without overpowering scents. This is because real men don’t need powerful scents to smell great but will smell great with light, manly scents and that’s why you try to acquire an aftershave with a light scent of cedar, orange, sandalwood or tobacco. In fact, you should also know that the fewer the ingredients in an aftershave the better and try away from aftershaves with weird chemicals because you may end-up irritating your skin. Just get something that can astringent, sterilize and moisturize the skin for best results. In conclusion, studies have also proven that women prefer the natural smell men so try not to apply products with powerful scents onto the skin.
  1. Use some beard-oil within your beard: it is always good to apply a few drops of beard-oil onto the skin and then work it slowly and gently into the rest of the beard. Oiling the beard is a good practice and great men have been doing it for centuries. This is because a quality beard-oil keeps the whisker-ends from becoming like tiny razor-wires and even helps to condition the beard so that it can grow strong. Additionally, good beard-oil also prevents dandruff from accumulating within your beard and even keeps the face and beard from getting as oily.
  1. Decide whether you need to wax the beard: you should decide if you actually need to wax your beard but this does not necessarily mean hair-removal. This type of waxing is especially useful for men looking for longer mustache hair but don’t want it to curl under their lips. In fact, a small portion of wax will help to keep the hair growing in the right direction and even adds shape to longer and wild beards. But try to purchase a wax that is gentle on the skin and hair for best results.
  1. Try to maintain your beard: it’s recommended to maintain you beard by simply repeating all the steps listed above. but the most important steps is to keep your beard clean by washing it thoroughly with water and soap and applying a beard oil to keep the beard well moisturized and conditioned. It’s also to keep your beard well-trimmed in order to achieve a manly look and try to apply an aftershave with a light scent in order to smell great and to minimize effects caused by shaving like; razor burns and bumps.



  • Try to avoid using beard-oils which contain olive-oil because it does not absorb easily into the skin and hairs hence leading to breakouts. Go for beard-oils that contain ingredients like; almond, jojoba and avocado-oil because these can easily and rapidly absorb into the skin thus keeping your skin and beard in an excellent condition.
  • Always clean your beard with clean water and quality facial-soap or shampoo in order to thoroughly remove any massive zit that may have been left behind by the food you eat. But always remember to thoroughly dry your face and beard with clean towel after washing it in order to keep it looking healthy.
  • Lastly, its recommended to use a beard-trimmer to trim and style your beard because it features multiple length clippers or combs that can enable you achieve the beard-length you want and even beard-trimmer are a quick way to groom your beards compared to other ways like using a pair scissors.

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