How To Choose A Carpet Cleaner

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In case have got a dirty carpet, then there is certainly a wide-range of cleaning-options that you may use to clean it and these include purchasing a carpet-cleaning machine, renting a carpet-cleaner or hiring a pro. However, in this article I’m specifically talking about carpet cleaning-machines and there are actually commercial carpet-cleaners and home carpet-cleaners hence it upon you to select a carpet cleaning machine that will meet your cleaning needs/requirements. In fact, commercial carpet-cleaners are built to clean or remove dirt/stains from huge-carpets like those in hotels while small carpet cleaning-machines are basically meant to remove dirt/debris from home-carpets. Additionally, a commercial carpet cleaning-machine is a bit expensive than a home-use carpet cleaning machine but below are some of the factors that you may consider in order to select the right carpet-cleaner for your needs:

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  • Examine your carpet-cleaning needs: before you purchase a carpet-cleaner, consider the type of carpet that the carpet-leaning machine will be used on. In fact, a low-pile carpet may require a different carpet-cleaner than a high-pile residential carpet. Additionally, examine the type of debris/stains that the carpet-cleaner will remove or clean-up when making your selection. Lastly, you should also determine the square-footage of the carpet that will be cleaned on a daily basis before purchasing a carpet-cleaning machine.
  • Determine a motor-size of the carpet-cleaner: you need to determine the carpet-size and nature of debris/dirt to be cleaned and then decide to buy a carpet-cleaning machine whose motor is large and strong-enough to handle such debris/stains. In fact, commercial carpet-cleaning Machines are best at lifting embedded dirt because they have larger and more powerful motors compared to home-use carpet-cleaners.
  • Consider the size of the carpet-cleaning machine: full-sized carpet-cleaning machines do a better job when it comes to removing dirt/stains from the carpet compared to small-sized/portable carpet-cleaning machines. However, portable carpet cleaners are very convenient and easy to carry around when cleaning compared to larger carpet-cleaners.
  • Take weight into account: you actually understand that full-sized, powerful commercial carpet-cleaning machines are much heavier than residential carpet-cleaners. However, there is also a difference within commercial carpet-cleaners and in case you’re cleaning a wide-area daily, then you will have to consider a carpet-cleaner that is easily movable and not so heavy. Additionally, you should carry and push the carpet-cleaning-machine before making a purchase especially if you will be carrying it up and down the stairs.
  • Make some research on different brands and models of carpet-cleaning-machine: Bissell and Hoover are the 2 largest-manufacturers of carpet-cleaning-machines and these companies also recommend using their cleaning-solutions in their cleaning-machines for best results. In fact, the good thing is that most of the manufacturer cleaning-solutions are tested and perform very well in terms of removing dirt and stains from the carpets. However, there are also brands of carpet-cleaning-machines that you can purchase and they will also work perfectly well and these include; Stanley-Steemer, Rug-Doctor’s Mighty Pro and much more.
  • Check for the size and type of tanks used on carpet-cleaning-machine: carpet-cleaners with separate tanks for hot-water and cleaning-solution actually make refilling much quicker because you usually have to refill water more often while smaller tanks may require frequent refills.
  • Take not of the included accessories: you should actually carpet-cleaning-machines with extra-attachments if you would like to clean upholstery and carpeted-stairs.
  • Figure-out whether the speed-range meets your carpet-cleaning needs: in case you will be vacuuming more than 1-type of carpet-surfaces, then acquiring a carpet-cleaning-machine with wide-range of speed options might be preferable. In fact, the low-speed option will be best for cleaning thick-carpeting and the higher-speed option will work perfectly when cleaning thin-carpets.
  • Test-out the carpet-cleaning-machine: you should go to a store which allows customers to physically handle/test different carpet-cleaning-machines in order to determine their performance with your cleaning needs. On top of that, you should also check-out the different controls and their locations on the carpet-cleaner in order to determine the overall convenience and ease-of-use of the carpet-cleaner.


  • Ask about the manufacturer and in-store warranty: you must know your options when it comes to the product-warranty. commercial carpet-cleaners are big products and potentially vulnerable to breaking-down and this is why it’s very important for you to know what parts and services are covered if any damage occurs and for how long this can provided or fulfilled. Additionally, check the carpet-cleaner’s warranty or manufacturer’s website for suggestions on how often you should use the carpet-cleaner. Otherwise you may end-up damaging the carpet-cleaner and void its warranty.
  • Consider the price of the carpet-cleaning-machine: full-size carpet cleaners are a bit expensive and may take-up a fair amount of closet space. Likewise, compact carpet-cleaners are more affordable than other types of carpet-cleaners and they are even much easier to maneuver around than full-sized models. However, some compact carpet-cleaners won’t clean as well as most full-sized models and you should actually remember this when making a purchase.
  • Consider the cleaning-technologies equipped into the carpet-cleaner: carpet-cleaners with a moving-brush tend to give a more aggressive scrub than those without a brush or with a fixed brush only moves as you push the carpet-cleaning-machine. Additionally, a carpet-cleaner designed with a separate soap-dispenser will automatically dispense the right amount of detergent with water for through cleaning of the carpet and then shut-off in order to allow for rinsing with fresh-water. On the other hand, some carpet-cleaners have tank indicator lights that alert the user when the cleaning-solution tank requires refilling or when the dirty-solution tank needs emptying.
  • Consider the hose-length of the carpet cleaner: a carpet-cleaning-machine that is equipped with a long vacuum hose can reach hard-to-reach areas like stairs compared to one that is equipped with a shorter-hose. So, try to consider the length of the hose depending on the carpeted area you will be cleaning before buying a new carpet-cleaner.



  • Always wear hearing-protection when using a carpet-cleaning-machine for an extended period of time because this will help to guard your ears from the distorting noise that comes out of the carpet-cleaner.
  • Try not to walk or place furniture on a wet-carpet until it is completely dry. This because placing objects over a wet-carpet may generate fresh stains over it.
  • Make sure you vacuum the carpet before you begin cleaning it with a carpet-cleaning-machine. Additionally, in case there are some remaining stains within your carpet, then try inquiring on spot-removals in order to get rid of all these spots.
  • Some stain-removers and cleaning-solutions used in carpet-cleaners actually emit fumes and this means that you should try opening windows and turning-on a fun when cleaning your carpet. This is very important especially for people who experience respiratory allergies/problems like asthma.

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