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Receiving an good night’s rest is actually very essential for your health in either a short or long term and this is why it is very important to choose a mattress that will compliment your body’s physical-needs and sleeping-patterns. You can also decide to consider other factors like; your partner’s preferences, your budget, the mattress-size and many others while choosing a mattress to purchase. In fact, this article will offer you with some of the best information on different types of mattresses, how to choose or buy a mattress from the mattress-store and how to make sure the mattress you’re purchasing is perfect for the bed-frame just before making final decision/purchase.



  1. Get to know about different mattress options: do some research on commonly available mattress-options on the market. In fact, mattresses actually range from classic firm/plush options to high-tech, mechanically operated mattress-beds with remote controls as listed below;
  • Basic firm/plush mattresses: basic plush/firm mattresses are made from variety of materials and are sold at different prices. However, mattresses made of organic/ natural-fibers tend to have a higher price-tag. But the good thing about these basic-mattresses is that the user will be able to choose from an extra-firm, plush and extra-plush mattress texture depending on how hard or soft you would like the bed to be.
  • Memory-foam mattresses: these mattresses are actually made out of material that molds to the shape of the body when sleeping on top and they even hold this shape while sleeping. This type of mattress will actually be a good option for people who tend not to move around a lot during the night. Additionally, these mattresses tend to retain body-heat and this means that they will work for people living in cold regions.
  • Sleep-number mattresses: these are high-tech mattresses can actually be made soft or harder by simply pressing a button. They are also usually divided into different-zones so that your partner’s side may have a different-level of firmness than your side.


  1. Look into the mattress brand-names: at times mattresses with brand names tend to be better than their counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean that you should overlook cheap, non-brand mattress makes because not all well-known brand name mattresses are of quality. So, the best thing to do is to test the different brands of mattresses in-person in order to figure-out which mattress feels best on your body. On top of that, you need to understand that high-coil count does not necessarily mean that a mattress is of higher-quality.


  1. Understand your physical sleeping needs: your should actually some physical elements like; your sleeping-position whereby you need to determine whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper because some mattresses are designed to accommodate specific sleeping positions. Consider your mobility issues because some mattresses are actually designed to make getting in and out of bed much easier. Lastly, you need to measure yourself and sleeping partner in order to get the right length/height of the mattress to purchase.


  1. Set your budget before going to shop a mattress: you will need to set your budget before you go shopping because some mattresses actually cost a lot while others are cheap and you can get then under 500-dollars. So knowing exactly how much you are willing to spend on mattress before going to the store will help to eliminate confusion and even prevent you from being convinced into purchasing a mattress which is out of your price-range. Additionally, mattress stores tend to sell a lot of extras like; mattress-covers, pillow-tops, bed-frames and many more hence you need to know exactly what to buy before steeping into the store.



  1. Check-out different mattress-stores: go online in order to get information on mattress-store in your region/area and then plan on visiting more than one of these stores. This will actually help give you a broader view of available mattress-options. In fact, if you happen to prefer a mattress at the first location, then you can always go back and purchase it.


  1. Test mattresses in the showrooms: in order to get a better feel for different mattress-types, you will have to test out mattresses of varying levels of thickness and firmness. In fact, if a mattress does not feel comfortable in showroom, then don’t expect it to feel better at home. Additionally, first test-out expensive mattresses in order to experience what a high-quality mattress feels like and after compare with lower-end mattresses until you find a mattress that meets your requirements in terms of comfort and price. Lastly, try to spend at least 1-minute lying on each mattress in order to get the actual feeling of the mattress.


  1. Negotiate if necessary: feel free to negotiate when purchasing a mattress because most mattress sales-people tend to be open in lowering the price or adding a few extras in order to make a sale. In case you are paying a full-price, than ask the salesperson whether he/she will include a box-spring, bed-frame or a pillow-top. On top of that, make sure that the mattress comes with a good warranty or trial-period so that you can be able to return it to the store in case you change your mind or if it turns-out to be defective. Lastly, most mattress-purchases include a free-delivery and this means that the mattress store/company will have to drop your newly bought mattress at your door-step or even install it on the bed-frame.



  1. Make use of the trial-period: it will take a while for your body to get accustomed to a newly-purchased mattress, so you need to start paying attention to the way a new mattress makes you feel about 3-days after purchase. In fact take note of how many hours of sleep you get on a new mattress, how you feel during the day, how your back is supported or feels when sleeping on the new mattress and whether you toss, turn or sleep soundly on this mattress during the trail-period so that you can make a good-decision.


  1. Return the mattress if necessary: in case you happen not to sleep well on your newly-purchased mattresses, then its best to return it to the mattress-store for a replacement. However, you will have to start the process of choosing a mattress again while taking into consideration the factors that made the returned-mattress inappropriate for your personal-needs.

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