How To Choose A Sewing Machine

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A lot of things make a sewing machine a good one; but if you don’t know what these things are I am yet to give you some really helpful hints that will help you get into the market and choose a sewing machine with extreme confidence. Depending on what you want and how much you can afford; there is a sewing machine out there for everyone you just have to make up your mind to pick what you feel is right for you.

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  • Category of the sewing machine: many don’t understand when I say category but by the time you are done with this paragraph you will be more than certain about what I am saying. There are two major categories of sewing machine that is to say mechanical and computerized sewing machines, all the other types that you have had about fall under one of these categories. Mechanical sewing machines are usually designed with a light weight, they can perform a good deal of basic sewing tasks, they have a powerful motor and come at a really low price. Such sewing machines may not come with so many features but for someone who want a basic sewing machine they are definitely the way to go.

On the other hand computerized sewing machines have a whole lot of features, do everything automatically so they are effortlessly, these machines can really be fun to use but you will have to pay a large price for all that fun. Whether you want a mechanical sewing machine or high end computerized sewing machine is not big issue but your budget will determine which of the two you can take home.

  • Number of stitches: now what you want to use your sewing machine for will determine how many stitches you want the machine to have. for a person who wants a machine just to sew simple clothes or mend damages even two stitches are so enough while for a fashion designer that wants detail to make different designs and experience a lot of skill with the sewing machine even 50 stitches might seem few. Therefore think hard about the tasks that you want to use the sewing machine for and they will help you determine the number of stitches your sewing machine should have.
  • Size of the motor: one thing that most people don’t actually know is that the most powerful motors are actually bigger and heavier which means that the sewing machine will be able to handle all sizes of fabric whether thin or thick. However if you don’t have plans of working on any heavy fabrics then you can go ahead and choose a sewing machine with a smaller motor.
  • Size and weight of the sewing machine:if you are sure you will only be sewing from one particular place then you will find no problem with a big and heavy sewing but if you are planning on moving the machine from one place to another whether it as far as class or as near as the cupboard the best sewing machine will one that is small and lightweight.
  • Level of noise production: there is no way you can concentrate to making the best sewing project if your sewing machine makes a really loud and irritating noise. This noise at times is not only uncomfortable for you but also for people next to you which is why you need to always look out for a sewing machine that produces very little or no noise at all.
  • Level of skill and desires: these two factors are very important in helping you choose the best sewing machine. For someone that is used to sewing, has a lot of skill in achieving different sewing projects then you will definitely want a sewing machine that will allow you put all your skill to use. On the other hand if you have never used a sewing machine before, going in for a manual machine when you completely have no idea about what to do is more of a waste of money. With that I come to a conclusion that computerized sewing machines are the best both for experts and first time users.
  • Price of the sewing machine: like I always for any product for everyone so you just have to name your price however your desires also determine how much you will have to pay for a sewing machine. If you can afford one of those super exciting sewing machines with many feature and stitches and you are sure you will be using the machine for very many tasks then it is best to invest a good machine. However your budget is not so big, don’t over strain it just buy a sewing machine that fits your budget.
  • Accessories: always go an extra mile to find out which accessories or attachment the sewing machine comes with, because you don’t want to get home and look for something that you want to use and it’s not available. Or what you could do is look out for a sewing machine with accessories that easily accessible, if it does not come with them then they should be easy to find in any store or shop.
  • Make comparisons before you buy: it is your money that you will be investing so it won’t hurt to spare a few minutes off to research about what you want to buy. If you find a sewing machine that you would like to buy then first research about it on the internet compare its price from different sellers then you can go ahead a purchase when you are completely satisfied with it.
  • Ease of use: if you are a first timer endeavor to choose a sewing machine that will not take you forever to understand or at least it should come with a clear manual that will help you get started. Even experts at sewing don’t want a machine that will give them hard time use.

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